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At BookThriller, we select the best deals on mystery and thriller books for our subscribers and feature them in a weekly newsletter. Our editorial team works with authors and publishers to promote books that are available at major online retailers if they meet our criteria.

Limited Time Free or Deep Discounts:

Books must be free or discounted by 50% or more. These must be offered for a limited time only (maximum time 1 week).

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We feature books and authors that are either bestsellers, written by acclaimed authors, reviewed favorably by critics and readers or published by top-notch publishers. Our editorial team uses a variety of sources to evaluate the quality of each listing we receive and ensure it meets the standards our subscribers expect.

Best Deals Available:

We feature the best eBook deals available. We do not feature a deal if a better price has recently been offered or if the book will be free in the near future.


We won’t feature the same book more than once every 3 months. We will feature an author once a month if it is associated with a new title.


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