August Mystery Overview

Fighting crime and putting criminals behind bars is not just for superheroes. In fact, some of the most influential and important crime fighters don’t wear tights, have laser-vision, or fly. Agents, cops, and attorneys may not be typical superheroes, but they are the men and women leading the fight against crime. This month’s mystery recommendations […]

ThrillerFest 2013: An Interview With Bestselling Thrill Writer Michael Connelly

Master of the thriller genre, former journalist turned bestselling author Michael Connelly uses his experiences from working the “crime beat” for the Los Angeles Times in order to craft iconic characters — ahem, Harry Bosch, we are talking about you! — and gritty plots. With legions of fans, Connelly has transcended the written word and […]

ThrillerFest Asks If Young Adult Novels Are Meant For Adults

The lines between Young Adult and adult literature can be blurry, making it hard to distinguish audiences. But engaging characters and dramatic plots often results in books that everyone — no matter age — can enjoy. Still, the question remains: are teen novels meant for adults? ThillerFest authors tackled this question at this year’s conference. […]

Thrillerfest 2013: A Discussion with Michael Palmer

The annual ThrillerFest conference, hosted by the International Thriller Writers, came to town last week and featured a variety of thriller, mystery and suspense authors that gathered for days of jam-packed discussions, informative workshops, panels and signings. Bestselling and RT Top Pick! thriller authors Michael Palmer and his son, Daniel Palmer, never thought they’d end […]

Video Interview: Joe Hill

With his trademark mixture of thrills, horror and touch of the paranormal, it is nearly impossible to pin down Joe Hill’s writing. Today RT’s Morgan asks the author about his newest release NOS4A2, an absolutely captivating tale of a very bad man and the young girl who becomes trapped in his web. Hill describes his […]