2015 RT Convention Outfits: Trent

The RT Booklovers Convention is only a few short weeks away! Which means if you’re planning on attending the full week of books, babes (yes, we mean you) and shenanigans, you’ve got some packing to do! With a full schedule of panels, workshops, events — and, of course, parties, one outfit a day may not cut it. So bust out those extra large suitcases, because the RT staff is bringing you their dream outfits for the themed nighttime parties. Today we continue with some very dapper outfits from our Convention Coordinator Trent.

Taste of Texas Romance Rodeo – Wednesday, May 13th from 9 – 11:55 pm

As a Texan, I feel I had to do this outfit right! I went a bit vintage with a denim Wrangler shirt with pearl button snaps, but also gave it a bit of flair with a vest and True Religion Jeans. My favorite of these pieces are the Robert Wayne boots. To top it off is, of course, a cowboy hat! I’ll definitely be in something similar to this for the party!

Wild, Wild West Steampunk Party – Thursday, May 14th from 9 to 11:55 pm

Of all the outfits I got to put together, this is truly my dream outfit for this party. I love the steampunk aesthetic in clothing, as well as the genre, and decided to aim for a bit of subtlety with flair in creating this one. The shirt, vest, pants and boots were the basic elements, as I really wanted the accessories to be the true statement. A top hat with a feather and some two-tone goggles, watch gear cufflinks and a fabulous coat (which would stay on in the Texas heat just long enough to make a statement), all enhanced this outfit for me.

RT Book Reviews Awards Ceremony, Winners’ Reception After Party – Friday, May 15 – 7:00 to 11:55 pm

So for guys for an awards ceremony/party, the pickings are fairly uninspiring across the board. I decided to go with a modern cut charcoal twill suit, with a pop of color in the shirt. After that I decided to let the accessories set it apart with a Shakespeare tie, book-themed cuff links and a pair of slick Cole Haan Cambridge Double Monk shoes.

Heather Graham’s Lone Star Supernatural State – Saturday, May 16 – 8:30 to 11:55 pm

Knowing that as long as there was a paranormal element to the costume, really, anything can go at a Heather Graham party, I started with the mask. I’m also a big fan of maximizing luggage space and reusing outfit pieces to create different looks, and felt the top hat and the boots from my Steampunk outfit paired wonderfully once I found the Anime Steampunk Tuxedo. Simple yet elegant for a seated dinner event!

You can find all of Trent’s outfit details here. What are you wearing to all of the great parties at the RT Convention this year? Don’t forget to check out the agenda and plan your RT schedule! And you can find more outfit inspiration from our editors here.

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