2015 RT Convention: Pitches from Future Bestsellers

We’re (mostly) recovered from the RT convention last week in Dallas. One of our favorite events all week long was Pitchapalooza, where aspiring authors have three minutes to pitch their book to an industry professional. It’s like agent/editor speed dating! So scary, right? We got some participants to tell us their pitches, so that we could share them with you. (Also scary! These ladies are brave.) Here’s just a sampling of what editors and agents heard last week. 

Chanta Rand
Chanta Rand
“Rise of a Queen”
Genre: Historical Romance, set in Medieval Africa

“A dead husband, an unconsummated marriage. She needs an heir — any man will do, even a drunken soldier. She sends her servants to the nearest town and finds a man. She coerces him to have sex with her, and she steals the one thing he cannot get back — his seed. Little does she know, he’s a powerful commander in one of the royal armies, and the arch enemy of her people. Months later, he tracks her down to find that she’s pregnant with his child. Impressed by her beauty and bravery, he decides to offer her marriage. She accepts because her ambitions far outweigh her passions. Unfortunately, these two are the only ones who want their clans to unite.”

S.M. Lumetta
S.M. Lumetta
“You are Here”
Genre: Contemporary (90,000 words)

“For an amnesiac clairvoyant whose visions promise a future with a contract killer, the phrase ‘love is blind’ may prove deadly when their pasts and paths collide.”

Amy Cefoldo
Amy Cefoldo
“The Human Project”
Genre: YA Fantasy

“Ali has never thought much about Earth, or the humanites who fill up that land. She’s only ever wanted to follow her parent’s footsteps, either her father’s, as a fairy warrior protecting her dimension, or her mother as a fixer, helping to heal her people. The day her assignment letter arrives, three little words change her future drastically: The Human Project. Now, as other people are gaining their warrior wings or learning about medicine, she is plunged into the world of power, secrets, new dimensions and English Comp 101.”

A.R. Draeger
A.R. Draeger
“Of Light Matter”
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

“The French-Indian War meets the U.S. Independence War — in deep space. A lovely, beautiful but jaded starship captain named Celeste. A son of a billionaire who smuggles onboard to avoid an arranged marriage. He’s seeking to make his way to a rebel outpost to join the uprising for independence. Throw in a couple of bad guys, and you have my sci-fi romance.”

Eli Easton
Eli Easton
“The Low Diet High Sin Club”
Genre: Contemporary BBW Romance

“Five women who met at Weight Watchers decide to quit and form a pact about how they’re going to live their lives, including exercising weekly, fixing each other up and going out dancing. Each book in the series is how each person finds the love of their life.”

Khloe Wren
Khloe Wren and Tamsin Baker 
“Mirror Image Seduction”
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense, set in rural Victoria (Shapeshifter)

“Cheetahs versus Lions. The cheetahs are impulsive, and will get the job done. The lions will sit back and plan. Neither are evil, they’re just rivals. The story starts off with a little boy lost in the bush, with a stormfront coming in. The lions insist on planning, the cheetahs run in and save him. The fallout is this four-year-old boy begins telling everyone how these cheetahs talked to him and saved him. A news reporter begins investigating — and she’s the mate to twin cheetah shifters. Only they have to convince her. 

Don’t these books sound awesome?! We honestly have the best readers. We wish all the best to all Pitchapalooza participants — don’t forget us when you’re a bestseller! For more aspiring author info you can use, go here

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