5 Fanfics To Help You Cope With Zayn Leaving One Direction

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If you, like me, are still crying over life after Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction, you might be asking yourself “When does it end?”

My friend and I tried to reconcile that question while watching the Where We Are tour movie last night. Mainly we just kept wailing about how, “THIS ISN’T FAIR!” and “I HOPE THAT STUPID PAPARAZZI THAT CAUGHT ZAYN AND THAT FAN IS HAPPY HE RUINED MILLIONS OF LIVES!” amongst other things. We ultimately decided that in a past life we were evil emperors who had pillaged and massacred villages and our form of karmic punishment is now watching our favorite boy band meet its slow and painful end.

Whether you are crying over all of the emotional fan art on Tumblr, watching fan vids or breaking and entering into a Carvel to drown yourself in a vat of soft-serve ice-cream, I want to personally say that we will get through this together.

In an effort to bring us back to happier times I compiled a list of what I think is some of the best Zayn Malik fanfic on Wattpad and AO3.

1. He’s No Good is about Zoe Fray, a high school girl who moves to Bradford, England. Upon her arrival, Zayn Malik is quickly captivated by Zoe — although his bad boy reputation puts her off at first. Zoe looks past Zayn’s mischievous ways against all of her friend’s wishes and starts to trust him. However as time progresses she begins to wonder if Zayn really is nothing but trouble.

Why I love it: It reminds me a bit of Twilight — a shy new girl at a new school with the hottest guy around doting on her every word? Yes and please! Plus, she is magically ultra popular and all of the other 1D guys are also her BFFs.

2. It Started with A Tweet is about Audrey, a girl in high school whose life is dedicated to her YouTube channel — where she bears her soul singing and covering her favorite songs. One day, Zayn Malik notices Audrey’s cover of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” and tweets about how much he could not get the beautiful girl in the YouTube video off of his mind. Audrey didn’t even like One Direction, and now the cutest member of the band was after her? Told from alternating points of view, Audrey navigates the swarm of attention from One Direction fans, growing Internet success and her feelings for Zayn.

Why I love it: I just love that the way the two met was on the Internet — which is like every Directioner’s secret dream. I also really love the alternating points of view, so you get to hear Audrey’s hesitation and worry about it all, and Zayn’s pining for this beautiful girl he’s never met but feels like he knows through a digital screen.

3. Prince Zayn Malik is about Zayn, a British prince who comes out on the Ellen Degeneres Show and confesses his celebrity crush — Liam Payne of One Direction! Prince Zayn deals with what it’s like to be the first openly gay British Royal in the spotlight, as well as his romantic relationship with Liam Payne.

Why I love it: First, who does not love a bit of Ziam sexy fic? Second, I am obsessed with the idea that Zayn is not only a British prince but he decides to publicly out himself on probably one of the coolest Westernized talk shows in all the land. I absolutely adore the interactions between Zayn and Liam — the tender kisses, the inside jokes and the fact that their relationship just took off running as opposed to a slow burn. It really plays off of their “real-life” friendship quite a bit. Also, the special appearances by the other members of One Direction really lend a comedic quality to this fic.

4. AlteredUniverse: A Set of Zayn Malik Ficlets 

In this set of ficlets, Zayn Malik is the central character. There are many universes Zayn inhabits, from present day to fantastical. All of the ficlets center on Zayn and an alternating member of One Direction in a romantic scenario.

Why I love it: It is the perfect mix of lemon fic and tender heart-warming fic. I was really into Zayn changing from universe to universe — the imagination was absolutely limitless with these. Also, the fic length was key! Ficlets are great if you want to start getting into hardcore fan fic reading but want to start off with something short and sweet.

5. It Started With A Dare is about the faithful night Harry Styles dared Zayn Malik to sleep with Niall Horan, except something goes terribly wrong. Niall gets pregnant. Forced to live together and raise a family due to their parents’ religious beliefs, both Zayn and Niall figure out how to tame Zayn’s bad boy image and fall in love along the way. Bonus fic feature: tons of Larry shipping!

Why I love it: Although it is not the best-written fic, I really enjoy the premise of life-changing events happening due to a snap judgment — taking a dare. Then there is the male pregnancy, or “mpreg,” which is always endearing. The drama that ensues between all five boy band members is also enough to make you want to scream with teenage angst.

I hope that this awesome list of Zayn fic is enough to dry your tear eyes, and remember that even though Zayn might be gone from One Direction, he is always in our wildest fan-fiction writing hearts. 

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