A Look Inside Prague’s Sex Machines Museum

You’ve probably heard of New York City’s famous Museum of Sex, but did you know that Prague is home to the Sex Machines Museum? It’s exactly what it sounds like: four floors (with walls painted a sexy lipstick red) dedicated to showcasing the evolution of sex toys. It is the only museum in the world dedicated entirely to sex machines. If you write or read erotica — it is an awesome place to visit! Lucky me, I discovered this fascinating museum while honeymooning in Prague. Once my husband and I knew such a place existed, we obviously needed to take a tour. Join me as we walk through hundreds of years of pleasurable devices …

The first floor features a screening room where patrons gather to ogle silent, black and white erotica.

Sex Machines Museum Cinema
Sex Machines Museum, Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Stec

Did you know that the vibrator was once a medical tool used to treat symptoms of hysteria? Doctors believed that a woman’s uterus could inspire “hysterical” behavior. What’s the cure? An orgasm, of course!

Sex Machines Museum Vibrator
Sex Machines Museum, Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Stec

This is a cool one. Think of it as a sort of mobile peep show. A lovely lady would recline inside this plush box, and men could pay to peek through the windows.

Sex Machines Museum Peep Show Box
Sex Machines Museum, Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Stec

In need of a bit of, ahem, inspiration? This dildo is fashioned from an animal horn and has a picture frame attached at the base. Simply insert a photo of someone you love — or, hey, someone you’d like to spend some quality time with — and you can moon at their lovely face while you race to the finish.

Sex Machines Museum Dildo Frame

Sex Machines Museum, Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Stec

Fans of digital stimulation will especially enjoy this device. Slip your fingers into the straps and turn the bad boy on. The motor transfers vibrations to your fingers, turning your digits into an extremely stimulating and versatile sex toy. 

Sex Machines Museum Hand Vibrator
Sex Machines Museum, Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Stec

Using sex machines doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. This see saw requires two people to play. The seats are fitted with dildos that thrust as the plank rocks up and down. 

Sex Machines Museum See Saw
Sex Machines Museum, Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Stec

Sex machines are made from a number of natural materials, and in this case we’re looking at wood and lamb’s wool. The wooden box slides up and down a track, pleasuring the person perched at the edge. A lovely paint job and lamb’s wool “pubic hair” give this sex machine a more realistic look.

Sex Machine Museum, Sex Machine
Sex Machines Museum, Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Stec

Forget everything you know about the double-ended dildo. This ferris wheel is meant to be used with one, two or more partners. The wheel spins, distributing wooden dildos that are attached to hinges. Crouch on the floor below the wheel, stand up with your back to the wheel, or employ a chair to create new and exciting positions. The ferris wheel is all about versatility.

Sex Machines Museum Ferris Wheel
Sex Machines Museum, Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Stec

At first glance these machines look like strap-ons, but they are actually chastity belts — for men. The cup was designed to keep the man’s penis firmly pressed against his pelvis, while holes allowed him to urinate unencumbered. Unlike chastity belts for women, men’s chastity belts were not necessarily designed to discourage would-be lovers, but to prevent masturbation.

Sex Machines Museum Strap Ons
Sex Machines Museum, Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Stec

And finally, an actual, honest-to-goodness, motorized sex machine. A dildo is attached to a rod that is attached to wheels run by a motor. The wheels turn so that the rod thrusts forward and back, bringing the dildo with it. The machine’s thrusting simulates a more natural, human sexual experience. Except, you know, it’s a machine.

Sex Machines Museum Motor With Dildo
Sex Machines Museum, Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Stec

If you’re headed to Prague I highly recommend stopping by the Sex Machines Museum. It’s a fun, unique, and delightfully kinky way to pass an afternoon. For more information on Prague’s Sex Machines Museum, visit their website.

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