A Tropetastic Lifetime and Hallmark Holiday Movie Guide

The holiday season can get so busy. With shopping and parties and cooking and crafting and decorating — honestly I’m tired just thinking about it. But you know what makes all those December tasks a little more fun? HOLIDAY MOVIES ON HALLMARK AND LIFETIME! Sorry I’m shouting but I’m so excited for all the hijinx in perfectly decorated small towns. To help you out, I’ve examined all this season’s offerings and broken them up by trope. Set your DVR accordingly, and happy watching!

Christmas in Mississippi
Source: The Hallmark Channel

Return to Small Town

There’s nothing like a small town during the holidays, the decor alone is enough to make us want to head to my own picturesque home town. Or you can live vicariously via …

My Christmas Prince, December 3, Lifetime

Heroine goes home with European boyfriend who, you guessed it — IS A PRINCE!

Christmas in Mississippi, December 9, Lifetime

Heroine returns home to help with revival of town festival — and runs into her childhood sweetheart. All the heart emojis!

The Inheritance

We love so many romances with surprising, life-changing (with a side of hot surprise neighbor who is also your old sweetheart) inheritances, and this year you can also watch this trope via holiday movie!

A Christmas Reunion, December 10, Lifetime

Amy inherits her aunt’s (small town, obvs) bakery — and the other half belongs to her ex!

Christmas at Holly Inn
Source: The Hallmark Channel

Holiday Inn

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a romance trope, but Holiday Inn is one of my all-time favorite movies (we always watch it while making cookies and sipping egg nog), and these movies are take offs on that theme, and I am here for each and every one of them!

Romance at Reindeer Lodge Sunday, December 17, Hallmark Channel

This one also features travel hijinx (another holiday movie staple) and grinch-y protagonists!

Snowed Inn Christmas, December 16, Lifetime

You’re not going to believe me when I tell you this, but this one ALSO  features travel hijinx and grinch-y protagonists! Man, do I love these movies.

Christmas at Holly Lodge Sunday, December 3, Hallmark

Alison Sweeney must save her family’s lodge — from her love interest!

Christmas Getaway
Source: The Hallmark Channel

Travel Mix-Up

I’ve had my fair share of bad travel luck, and it’s never led me to handsome stranger or a life calling, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love watching it happen to other people. (I’d say a girl can dream but I feel like my husband and boss would disapprove?)

Christmas Getaway, Saturday, December 23, Hallmark Channel

A widow is double booked with a single dad! Love blooms.

Christmas in Evergreen, Saturday, December 2, Hallmark Channel

A veterinarian thinks she’s going to have an amazing Christmas with her boyfriend, but thanks to a storm and a closed airport, it seems that fate has other plans …

Which holiday movies do you have on while you bake, online shop, sip cocoa and more? Let us know! And for romantic reads set at all times of the year, why not visit our Everything Romance page?

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