Author Q&A: Anne Elizabeth on Loving a Real-Life Navy SEAL and her Series Ender

The Power of a SEAL by Anne ElizabethWe’ve been loving Anne Elizabeth’s SEAL series, and we’re celebrating the final installment, The Power of a SEALout next week, with a chat with the author! We talked about Anne Elizabeth’s book, her real-life Navy SEAL husband and more! 

Tell us about your latest release.

This is the last book of my West Coast Navy SEAL Series, THE POWER OF A SEAL. Having an opportunity to bring together a seasoned and sexy Navy SEAL with a gorgeous and smart Vet from the Navy’s Marine Mammal Program was a blast! The heat, the passion, the intrigue, it was tremendous fun to weave together such a fiery story. The SEAL world and the Marine Mammal program created a fascinating overlap, and I’m excited to hear what fans think.

You have a real-life romance with your Navy SEAL husband. How has that influenced your writing of this series?

One of my greatest joys is my marriage to my husband, and I love the romance! When a SEAL gives you 100 percent of his focus — WOW! — it’s memorable! Also, having my husband involved in my writing process has been invaluable! He inspires my heroes, and he’s guided me on many occasions. Our number #1 goal is to share a slice of life while respecting and honoring the military.

What’s one thing you would most want readers to know about Navy SEALs?

Though I would never presume to speak for the community, I believe that Navy SEALs and their families are trying their best to do their jobs, raise their kids, and keep their marriages exciting. Through all the branches of the military, we tend to have similar issues and problems. In terms of service, it’s evident that a majority of operational souls strive daily to bring honor, courage, and commitment to their lives and jobs, and they should be thanked for their sacrifice and bravery. Unfortunately, there is always a small percentage of individuals who make mistakes, for whatever reason, and it’s heartbreaking for everyone.

You also have a great love of graphic novels. With the holiday season upon us, what graphic novels will you be buying for your friends and family?

I adore comics! On the top of my order list are: Alisa Kwitney’s Mystic U #1 (Alisa is a brilliant writer and keeps readers guessing until the end. I love her writing!) and Terry Moore’s ECHO (Friends keep taking my copies!). In addition, here are some fiction titles I just purchased: the soon-to-be released Alisa Kwitney’s Cadaver Queen (Harlequin Teen) and Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology. For kids, our grandson adores Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series and our granddaughter enjoys Melissa de la Cruz’s Isle of Lost series.

What’s the best book you read in 2017?

Wow! That’s a tough question. I have a ton of favorite authors, but in particular I’m enjoying Cathy Maxwell’s Marrying The Duke series and Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swensen. I’m also engrossed in my Poe and Hawthorne short story collections.

Anything you’d like to add? 

Many thanks to Kathryn Falk, Carol Stacy, the entire staff of RT, booksellers, friends, and fans for a wonderful journey! Writing this Navy SEAL Series through Sourcebooks has been an incredibly beautiful experience and I’m grateful for every moment. Many thanks to everyone for the cheers! My next comic, Zombie Power 5, releases Summer 2018. May all of your holidays be blessed with great happiness! Always remember to go for your dreams and to live boldly!

The Power of a SEAL will be available next week, and you can preorder your copy here: Amazon | | iTunes | GooglePlay | Kobo. And for more romantic reads, visit our Everything Romance page!

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