Bites of Morganville with Rachel Caine — and Giveaway!

Midnight Bites by Rachel CaineMorganville Vampire fans, we have a treat for you today! In celebration of Rachel Caine‘s Midnight Bites anthology, a collection of new and previously published tales starring the gang, we’re giving away three copies! Enter below, after you check out Rachel’s inspiration for the stories, so you know what’s in store. 

Dead Man Stalking

I decided to do an action-oriented story from Shane’s point of view. There was a running joke at the time that I should throw some zombies into Morganville, and while I didn’t succumb to the temptation in the books, I veered into it here . . . in a way.

All Hallows

What goes together better than Morganville and Halloween? Morganville, Halloween, Eve, Shane, a sinister stranger at a rave…

Drama Queen’s Last Dance

I love writing in Eve’s point of view, particularly when she’s snarky, and there is a lot of that on display here. There are also fancy gowns, jealousy, dancing, Michael in distress, DANCING OLIVER (I cannot stress this enough, because I always wanted to write that scene), and, most of all, a spontaneous proposal.


And now, we have our next original short story…and another one for Myrnin. Technically, it’s Myrnin and Oliver, who have a strange affinity, mostly because they’re both capable of being utterly weird and cruel when pushed, but also capable of kindness.

Signs and Miracles

This is a mystery story with Hannah [Moses] as our detective, unraveling the story of a girl left for dead and a mysterious peddler of anti-vampire drugs, with bonus Monica Morrell, being heroic against her will, mostly. Glimpses inside the Morganville Police Department we’ve not previously been able to see, too.

Anger Management

It occurred to me, post–Bite Club, that Shane might need some counseling for his anger issues. It’s common knowledge he has them, but they made an epic appearance in that book, and surely if he didn’t seek some help, someone would seek it for him . . .


This stand-alone story is set late in the series, but before the Daylighters show up, and it deals with something I’ve always wondered about. . . . We have vending machines for snacks, cold drinks, even hot drinks. Why don’t the vamps have one for blood?

Dark Rides

It was probably inevitable I’d get around to writing about carnivals and Morganville, right? Yeah. I thought so, too. But this one is unique, even so, in that I have Michael and Eve off on a mission together, from Amelie.

Pitch-Black Blues

Another brand-new offering! We get graveyards, corpses, mysterious alchemical machines, time travel (maybe), and the payoff on a romance that I built between Bitter Blood and Daylighters. This story occurs after the end of the series, so you may think of it as an epilogue of sorts.

A Whisper in the Dark

I really loved the idea that Eve’s background and family tree end up being the central focus of this story…It has a bit of a horror twist to it, but I think it’s still firmly within the Morganville county lines!

And One for the Devil

We end the collection with another brand-new look at Morganville…Claire and Myrnin (with bonus Eve) are always a dynamic combination for me; I love that his sometimes rash ideas balance out with her native caution. 

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Midnight Bites will be available in digital and print on March 1. Preorder a copy: Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks | All Romance | IndieBound. For more YA paranormal reads, why not check out our Everything YA page? 

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