Bound Together: The End and the Beginning

BOUND TOGETHER by Christine FeehanChristine Feehan’s Sea Haven series has held a special place in our heart from the very first installment. Next week the Sisters of the Heart series will draw to a close with the RT Top Pick!, Bound Together, available March 21. We could totally sit here and talk about Blythe and Viktor’s love story for hours, but a true farewell to the series wouldn’t be complete without a few words from Christine …

I knew before I completed the first Drake Sisters book that there would be other series set in Sea Haven.  I knew that, one day, I would write the story that has become the final installment in the Sisters of the Heart series – Bound Together.  Maybe I didn’t know every detail of each story, but I knew this day would come.  And so it has.

Bound Together is first, a romance. The romance binds this book together just as magic binds the sisters.  Blythe was traumatized, betrayed and abandoned.  But, like women in real life, she picked herself up, dusted herself off and found strength in herself, and support from the women she would call “sisters.”  Blythe has her life organized, she knows what to expect, until Viktor rides into town and tells her that what Blythe thought was a fake marriage 5 years ago was actually real.  She’s his wife and he’s ready to claim her.  But first, he has an uber-evil villain to kill, a human trafficking ring to end and a town to save. I’m sure Blythe will totally understand. Yeah…right.

As the conflict builds we find comfort amongst the chaos.  That comfort comes from family.  Some family we’re born with and some are chosen.  This story brings back the Drake sisters, reunites the Prakenskii brothers, and gathers up our Sisters of the Heart for a dangerous showdown in our beloved town of Sea Haven.  Jackson Deveau is on the villain’s kill list and Elle Drake is the prize he’s after.  But, this villain may have underestimated the power of family and of combined magic.

The story has moments that are hard, heartbreaking and difficult.  Viktor’s chosen “family” make up his motorcycle club, Torpedo Ink, but they’ve all known each other since they were children.  Their bond is sealed in blood and pain and trust and their stories made me hope for each and every one of them to find happiness.  I address child abuse, surviving abuse and learning to find yourself and your place in the world after a lifetime of trauma.  There’s hope and there’s even some humor as Viktor’s club members find the Drakes and Blythe’s “sisters” are unusual in a lot of ways. 

Sea Haven attracts magic and I’m not ready to leave it yet.  Bound Together wraps up the Sisters of the Heart series, but it’s sort of a prequel to Torpedo Ink, the next Sea Haven series.  And where the previous series looked to empower women who’d been traumatized, Torpedo Ink will look at men who’ve endured abuse.  They have a couple of “sisters” in the club, but primarily the club is made up of powerful, sexy, mysterious, and yes…magical men.

Will you see some of the Drakes and the Sisters of the Heart in future Torpedo Ink books? Well, Sea Haven’s a pretty small town, so it’s completely possible.

Bound Together will be available in digital and print on March 21. Digital copies start at $7.99, grab yours here: Amazon | BN | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information on Christine’s new Sea Haven series slated to release in 2018! And if more otherworldly reads is what you want, be sure to stop by our Everything Paranormal page!

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