Casey Dawes Shares Her Favorite TV Movies for the Holidays!

Montana Christmas Magic by Casey DawesWe love Hallmark and Lifetime movies, it is well documented. And let us just say that these channels shine during the holidays, when they run their original movies non-stop, and we watch them while baking and wrapping … and when we should be baking and wrapping … Today Casey Dawes, whose Montana Christmas Magic is out next week, shares her favorite TV holiday movie picks. Happy watching! 

Some of my top favorites are movies with small-town themes. Many, like my new romance, Montana Christmas Magic, pit the charms and excitement of big city living against the homespun quaintness of a small town lifestyle to heighten conflict between the hero and heroine. If you can’t get enough of small-town Christmas romances, here are my favorites!

The 12 Men of Christmas (Lifetime)

After her fiancé cheats on her with her boss, publicist E.J. Baxter (tiny Broadway diva extraordinaire Kristin Chenoweth) discovers the only place she can find a job is in Montana, far from her beloved New York City. She creates a calendar of hunky men to lure tourists to the small town, and loses her heart to a search and rescue volunteer (Josh Hopkins). When the city comes calling, she has to decide what’s more important — fund-raising bake sales or designer cupcakes.

Christmas Under Wraps (Hallmark)

When Seattle doctor Lauren (Candace Cameron Bure) doesn’t get the position she wants, she takes a “temporary” job in Garland, Alaska, a small town with a big secret. Garland is so small, the only way to get there is by airplane, and designer clothing stores don’t deliver, leaving her with flannel-lined jeans and homemade scarves. But there is one perk: handsome local Andy Holliday (yeah, it’s a bit on the nose) who opens her eyes to new adventures. When the opportunity to step into her old life arises, she’s torn between the dream she always had and the life that’s happened while she was making other plans.

The Christmas Card (Hallmark)

After his tour in Afghanistan ends, returning a fellow serviceman’s effects and a church group’s Christmas card brings orphan Sgt. Cody Cullen (John Newton) to Nevada City, California. (Made in 2006, this charming oldie but goodie is the rare Christmas movie actually filmed where it was set.) Although just passing through, he is on his way to a church service when he saves Luke Spelman (Ed Asner) from a car accident. Luke invites him to stay for the holidays and help with the family logging business while he recovers. Luke has ulterior motives—he prefers Cody to his daughter Faith’s fiancé, a big city wine broker. While the attraction between Faith (Alice Evans) and Cody grows, Cody isn’t sure this is the right place for him.

Christmas Land (Hallmark)

Successful business woman Jules Cooper (Nikki Deloach) inherits a Christmas tree farm and village (aka Christmas Land) in the Midwest from her grandmother. Although her first intention is to sell it, the townspeople and attorney Tucker Barnes (the positively smoking Luke MacFarlane from TV’s Night Shift and Killjoys) give her second thoughts. Her favorite memories are spending time at Christmas Land with her grandmother Glinda, the grand dame of the Christmas season. Selling makes economic sense—there is simply too much work to restore the village. But will her growing affection for the people she meets, especially Tucker, trump hard economic reality?

Montana Christmas Magic will be out next week! You can preorder your digital copy here: Amazon | | iTunes | Kobo | GooglePlay. Copies start at $3.68. And for more Lifetime goodness, click here

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