Celebrating the Awesomeness of Librarians: Happy National Library Week!

It’s National Library Week, and as book lovers — and therefore mega library fans — we feel like celebrating! Today we’ve got one of our very favorite librarians, Fred LeBaron, aka @flybrariman, who’s sharing with us the Top Five Reasons Why Librarians are Awesome. Take it away, Fred! 

Books! TFW you’re getting paid to buy all the books you love — with other people’s money! Responsibly of course (you know, just in case my boss is reading).

Woman spinning in her desk chair as dollar bills rain down in her cube
How we’d like to imagine librarians look at work when book buying.
(Don’t ruin it for us.)

Readers Our patrons are passionate about reading — it’s exciting to see them come a-runnin’ with their lists, their clippings, their word of mouth recs, so full of bookthusiasm and joie de livre!

Simpsons Mob

What do we want? BOOKS! When do we want ’em? NOW!

Librarians Today’s librarians might still be sporting cardi’s and a bun, but they’re just as likely to be tattooed and tuned-in to the zeitgeist. It’s a collegial group that’s interesting and interested in trends, tech and the latest in books, movies and TV. And wow, do they ever love to talk about all of it!

Amy Poehler in Mean Girls Being Awesome

Let a librarian tell you, Amy!

ARC’s Review Media Advance Readers Copies (physical or digital through NetGalley) aren’t just a nice perk, they’re a great way to read and review what’s new in the storied kingdom of booktopia. And keeping up with trade publications like RT, PW, LJ and the rest of the alphabet soup is a fun forecast of future reads.

Zoltar tells the future

Bookology At our library we like to call the process of helping readers find their match “Bookology: the science of good books.”  No millionaire matchmaker works harder at discovering and discussing tastes, past favorites, genres and characters than a librarian looking to hook you up with your next book best friend.

Book hugging Woman.

If ever there was a time to use this strange GIF, it is right now.

Thanks, Fred, for reminding us of all the reasons we love the library. Happy National Library Week to you all!

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