Costume Creep-tacular: RT Editors Share their Favorite Costumes

It’s nearly mid-October — do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween yet? Here at RT, we’re always ready to help out, so we’ll be sharing costume ideas all week long! To start things off, the RT editors are sharing some gems from their costume archives …

I love October for two reasons: Halloween and…New York Comic Con, which is just the slightly nerdier version of Halloween. One of my favorite costumes ever, which I wore to last year’s NYCC, was my gender-swapped version of Adventure Time‘s Ice King. Ice King is a wonderfully strange, sad and compelling villain, whom I think about far too much. So I went out and found myself a royal blue ’80s prom dress on Etsy, cut up a platinum wig, applied some frosty blue lipstick and snagged a damn near exact 3D-printed replica of Ice King’s crown — the source of all his power and all his misery. I may or may not put on a costume this year, but I know I’ll never top my favorite baddie. — Regina Small

All right, so mine is not technically a Halloween costume, as this picture comes from the very first RT Convention I attended, in Houston, oh, about ten years ago. I knew this was the job for me because I didn’t really need to buy any accessories for the event, I just had to dig in my closet. Here I was dressed up for a shapeshifter party, and all I needed was my furry wrap sweater — which I had previously worn to a (very understanding) friend’s wedding — and my cat ears. With me is Megan Hart, who clearly brought her A-game to Texas. — Elissa Petruzzi

When I was 10 — let’s not talk about how long ago that was — I was a court jester for Halloween. My mom always made my Halloween costumes, either from scratch or from bits and pieces we found in the house; until I was older, I never had a store-bought costume. I always helped, too, though not much. But by the time I was 10, I was old enough to really pull my weight, and I was able to help pattern and sew this one. And I loved it! It was really cool, to me, to be able to go out in a costume I loved and to know I’d made it myself and it was totally one of a kind. As a bonus, my homemade costumes always got me a little extra candy from older ladies in the neighborhood, who were impressed that a kid my age actually had some sewing skills. (Thanks, Mom!) — Jennifer Peters

Though a fan of the original Addams Family, I grew up with the Christina Ricci and Angelica Houston renditions. I was enamored with the shenanigans in the movie — especially its awesome Gomez and Morticia tango scene. I shopped my closet for Wednesday’s look, pulling all of my internship staples together to create her black-clad ensemble, with her white collar thrown in for sophisticated measures. With a splash of “Wicked” on my nails, dark penumbras under my eyes (the ones that aren’t natural) and some pigtails, my All Hallow’s Eve look was complete. — Danielle Valente

I’m taking everyone back in time to the ’90s, when fashion was awesome and beloved children’s book character Amelia Bedelia reigned supreme. No this is not a Halloween costume, but it was my choice for Book Day at school. Everyone had to dress up as a character from a book and not to be outdone, I enlisted my mother’s help in making the best costume I could muster! We sewed the white apron together on my mother’s old-school Kenmore sewing machine, using white eyelet fabric leftover from her days working with a textiles company. A black skirt over an all black sweatsuit (why no tights, mom?) and black Mary Janes completed the look. Of course, I couldn’t be Amelia without her signature hat! That bad boy is made out of cardboard, construction paper and some elastic. Of course, Baby Born is in my arms, because it was the ’90s. — Kristin Wise

Inspired yet? Check back tomorrow as we share some more costume ideas! If you’d like to check out some spooky reads in the meantime, why not visit our Everything Paranormal page? 

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