Elizabeth Michels’s Advises Her Rebel Heir — with Giveaway!

The Rebel HeirAuthors are known for putting their characters through the paces, but what would they do if they knew their hero and heroine in real life? That’s what Elizabeth Michels is pondering today as she talks about her latest release, The Rebel Heir. How would she guide Ash and Evie to happiness if she wasn’t the dastardly individuatl behind all their suffering? And after Elizabeth’s done musing, we’re giving away the first in her series, the RT Top Pick! The Infamous Heir. Take it away, Elizabeth!

I’m southern, and in the south we have a saying when someone’s life is so misguided that there’s no obvious place to begin commentary on it—bless your heart. And that’s how my latest, The Rebel Heir begins. Bless Ash and Evie’s pitiful, lost hearts, as Evie chases Ash into a dark library during a ball …

Ash is only at the ball the night he encounters Evie to steal the information he needs to make his scheme work while in town. And Evie only follows him when she spies him across the room so that she can have closure after he kissed her then disappeared last year. Little do they know, their paths forward are already intertwined. 

The beginning of a story when people meet each other is always interesting, but when those people actually met a year prior to the beginning of the story, it’s even more complicated. These characters begin this story very driven by rules. For Ash, con man extraordinaire, the rules he follows are of his own making: 1.) Don’t stay too long. 2.) Don’t become attached. They’re wise rules for someone who sells promises of wealth and hope in a bottle from town to town. But not very wise rules for living a full and happy life.

For overly perfect Lady Evangeline Green, the rules aren’t her own, but her mother’s. Every move she makes is governed by a rule. Where to stand in a ballroom, how to stand in a ballroom, how to smile, what to say, what to wear… And Evie can’t risk going against her mother’s wishes—not again.

I wish I could give these two a few words of advice here at the beginning of their story. I would use all the cliché words of wisdom about smelling roses and enjoying journeys. I would tell them to set aside all of the rules and revel in where they are, delight in who they’re with, and savor every day of their lives in general.

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The Rebel Heir hits stores September 6, and you can grab your copy here: Amazon | BN.com | iTunes | Kobo | GooglePlay. Digital copies start at $6.15. To check out all our giveaways, go here

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