Eloisa James’s Wilde Scavenger Hunt — Win Her Entire Avon Backlist!

We’ve got an amazing prize to give away today — Eloisa James‘s entire Avon backlist. There are a lot of amazing romances on that list, people! We’re going to let Eloisa explain the rest, while we sit over here and sigh over how much we enjoyed Wilde in Love, her new series starter — out now. Take it away, Eloisa!


I’m so thrilled to be introducing my new series and the amazing, eccentric cast of characters that stars in it! The Duke of Lindow has an enormous family, that includes his third duchess, numerous children, a ward, a twin sister, and an elderly peacock, Fitzy, wandering Peacock Terrace. That’s it for animals—until Lord Alaric gives his beloved Willa an unexpected present: a baby skunk found on a traveling peddler’s wagon! 

I had no idea that skunks were such wonderful little animals until I began writing Wilde in Love! Sweetpea plays quite a large part throughout the novel.

5 Reasons to Adopt Sweetpea, a Baby Skunk

1.     Sweetpea was misnamed an “American sable” and being sold as a future neck scarf!

2.     She loves to play with shiny things and only puts tooth marks on some of them.

3.     She’s very fond of baths, especially if she can dive for dried peas (and eat them).

4.     She’s not aggressive, but she’ll defend her adopted mama at all costs.

5.     Her own mama is gone, so she found herself a papa instead—a rough and tumble tomcat

RT Book Reviews is kind enough to help me introduce the Wildes to the world. This blog is the final stop on the scavenger hunt, and if you follow this link to the contest form, you could win my complete Eloisa James Avon library (20 novels)! Good luck!

Wilde in Love is out now! Digital copies start at $6.99, grab yours here: Amazon | BN | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo. And for more romantic reads, be sure to check out our Everything Romance page!

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