Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway: Terry Spear’s Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing

Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing by Terry SpearsWe love discovering a great new paranormal series, which is why we’re pretty excited about Terry Spear‘s RT Top Pick series starter, out July 5, Billionaire in Wolf’s ClothingWe mean — is that a great title or what? There’s a strong she-wolf willing to do anything to protect her cub, a blackmailing sibling, lots of sexual tension — and world-changing secrets. This all sounds so good. We’ve got an excerpt for you to check out, and then you can enter below to win your very own copy! 

“Just remain calm,” Rafe said, his arm wrapped around the woman’s curvy body, hugging her close. Her breasts pressed against his chest as he let the rip carry them out. He had to remind himself he was just on a rescue mission, but that changed when he smelled her delectable wolf scent. Her soft, huggable body made his react instantly to the intimacy.

Her blond hair was wet and looked darker, cascading over her shoulders and sweeping up against him in the flow of the water, her dark brown eyes taking him in, her pink lips parted in surprise. But no more surprised than he was. He suspected she was just as shocked that he was a wolf as that he had come to rescue her.

“Are you from around here?” Lots of people who went to the beach regularly died from rip currents. They didn’t realize the danger until it was too late.

“No, I’m from Amarillo.”

That explained her lack of knowledge about the currents. “On vacation?” At this point, he could have swum out of the rip current with her and then let go of her. He probably didn’t even need to swim out with her. But this was just too damn nice, so he kept holding her close and treading water as the rip continued to pull them out.

“Uh, yeah.”

“Alone?” he asked, sounding a tad too hopeful. Hell, women were always after him because of his wealth, so he was always putting on the brakes. With her? This was a completely different story. Mainly because she was a wolf. And intriguing. Well, and for an instant, she had needed his rescue. At least as far as he believed. He liked feeling needed—and not just for his money.

“Yeah.” She seemed so hesitant that he thought she might be concerned about his intentions.

He couldn’t blame her one bit. Even though he’d like to think his intentions were perfectly honorable, his wolfish half was enjoying the intimacy between them a whole hell of a lot more than he should have been.

Still, she wasn’t trying to get away from him, and she fit so nicely against him that he wanted to take advantage of the moment. He wondered why she would take a vacation here all alone though, his cagey wolf side instantly coming to bear. What if she was involved with the male wolves who were spying on him? Maybe she’d been sent to do a different mission up close and personal—not just watch from afar.

“My name is Rafe.” He didn’t want to give his last name in case she’d heard of his wealth. But if she was with the men who had him under surveillance, she already knew who he was. If she wasn’t part of that group, he didn’t want his wealth to influence her. It had a way of instantly changing the dynamics. Not only that, but no one except for his friend, his brother, and a few other wolves he did business with knew they all were wolves. He liked to keep it that way. Otherwise, he could see single she-wolves stalking him next.

“I’m Jade. Thanks for your help. Do you think we’re safe now?” The twinkle in her dark eyes and the soft smile on her shimmering pink lips said she knew he was holding her close for reasons other than her safety now.


That earned him a bigger smile.

He smiled back. Well, hell, even if this whole thing was a setup, he had to admit he was enjoying the connection between them too damn much to care.

“So…do you do this often?” She had a sweetly alluring voice that he enjoyed hearing over the gulls and breakers closer to shore.

“Rescue ladies in distress? You bet. But never one quite like you.”

“A wolf, you mean.”

“From Amarillo.” His body was reacting way too much to hers. He hoped she wouldn’t notice, though he suspected she was noticing everything about his body as much as he could feel her nipples pebbling against his chest. Not that she seemed like the kind of woman who scared off easily.

“I think the current’s strength is dwindling,” she said, but she still didn’t make a move to pull away.

“You might be right. Are you doing anything for lunch?”

Her brows lifted marginally. “I have a date with the Crab Shack.”


She chuckled. “Yeah.”

“Mind if I join you?”

“What if someone else needs you to rescue him or her? I’d hate for you not to be here when disaster struck.”

“I’ve done my rescuing for the day.” He motioned to Derek, who was standing on the shore, arms folded across his chest, and smiling at them. “It’s Derek’s turn next.”

“Friend of yours, I take it?”


“Part of a pack?”

“Nah. Just my brother, Derek, and me. But we’re not a pack. You?”

“Yeah, but they’re back in Amarillo.”

“They’re not worried about you being out here all alone, getting into trouble in the ocean?”

“I’m sure they’d think I’d be just as safe playing in the water as I thought I’d be.”

“I take it you don’t have a mate. If you were mine, I’d damn well be out here with you.”

She laughed.

He waited for her to confirm she didn’t have one. He wasn’t getting mixed up with a mated wolf no matter how much he enjoyed being with her like this.

She was still smiling when she shook her head. But he swore her smile was a little pinched this time. He’d lived too many years not to be able to read people, though he couldn’t read her well enough to know why the mention of a mate bothered her.

He couldn’t believe someone as delectable as she was didn’t have a mate already. Unless she had lost him and the mention was troubling her. “Ready to have lunch? I think I can get us back in safely now.”

She laughed. “I just bet you can.”

He smiled at her.

“What about you? Have a mate?”

Her expression had turned impish. But he wondered—did she already know who he was? He would love to say something about being one of the most eligible bachelors around, just to judge her reaction, but he curbed the inclination.

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Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing will be on sale in stores and online July 5, and you can preorder your very own copy right here: Amazon, BN.com, iTunes, AllRomance, GooglePlay. For more paranormal reads you’ll want to try, why not check out our Everything Paranormal page? 

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