Exclusive Excerpt: Kylie Scott’s Dirty

DIRTY by Kylie ScottWe’ve made it to Wednesday, which means we deserve a reward, right? Lucky us, Kylie Scott is about to make our Hump Day a whole lot hotter with an exclusive excerpt from Dirty, available next month!

When Vaughan returns to his childhood home, the last thing he expects to find is a jilted bride in his bathtub! But Lydia has bigger problems than being caught squatting. Finding out that your husband-to-be is cheating is bad, finding out that he’s cheating with the best man is … well, it’s complicated to say the least. But it seems that Lydia sought salvation in the right bathtub, because things get steamy…

I shoved my hand into his boxer briefs, sliding the palm of my hand over his dick. Soft, smooth skin over the most perfect hardness. It was official. My hand was in heaven. Seriously, who’d have thought salvation lay hidden in Vaughan’s pants? Not me.

I wrapped my fingers around him, stroking reverently.

With a groan, his head fell forward, resting against mine. Precum dampened my fingers, encouraging my hold, increasing my rhythm.

“Do not make me fuck you against this door, Lydia.”

Everything inside me squeezed tight. “God, that sounds good. Let’s do that.”


I slid my free hand into the back of his hair, pulling his mouth down to mine. The time had come to take what I wanted. Everything I wanted. And hell yeah, I was all over that.

With a growl, he attacked my mouth, kissing me ferociously. We each used our lips, teeth, and tongues. Desperate to get into each other any way we could. Wars had been less messy. His tongue tangled with mine, giving me a taste of him. But it wasn’t enough. It could never be enough.

Hips working, he fucked my fist. His cock growing harder and thicker. Much more of this and I’d come on his leg, he’d come on my hand. What an awesome idea. The thought alone nearly got me there.

So close.

Then in an almighty rush he pushed back, out of my grip, away from my mouth. Slightly dangerous, though I guess the man knew what he was doing. Maybe. Without his thigh propping me up, my ass almost hit the floor. My back started sliding down the door, knees wobbling. It took a while for me to stand back up.


Hand wrapped tight around his cock he stood, hanging his head. “Wait.”

Bra straps were sliding down my arms, the undergarment slowly falling off . I helped it along, well past caring about the whole body image thing. “But—”

“One sec.” He grabbed his jeans, rifl ing through the pockets. Out came a condom packet and he tore into it like a man possessed.

Yes. YES.

I shoved down my pan ties as he did likewise to his boxer briefs. It could have been a race judging by the determined set of his mouth, the fierce look in his eyes. With movements swift and sure, he donned the condom. Then he came at me. For a moment, I almost felt fear. Sweet and Fun Vaughan had long left the building. This man was someone else completely. I tried to back up but there was nowhere to go.

Our bodies collided, hitting the door. Hands grasped my face, maneuvering my mouth, holding it in position for a soul- searing kiss. Then he gripped my thighs, urging me up, taking my weight and wrapping my legs around him. It all happened so quickly. With one hand to my ass, he reached down between us with the other, moving his cock into position. The blunt head immediately started pushing in, parting my flesh, becoming one with me. All I could do was hold tight to his neck and take him.

Slowly but surely, he filled me. Only when his hips were flat against me and we were skin to skin did he pause. His lips brushed over my cheek, placing open- mouthed kisses along my jaw.

“Okay?” he asked, his body shaking with the effort to hold back, to wait for my reply.

In answer I turned my head, meeting his mouth with my own, kissing him stupid. And so it began. I can’t say I know exactly what it feels like to be nailed to a door. But the way Vaughan did it made for one hell of an experience.

He pulled back before driving deep into me, thrusting hard and sure from the beginning. There was no going easy. No gentle buildup. We were both too far gone for such things. Our skin slapped hard together, his balls tapping my ass. The thick length of him plunged into me time and again. With our teeth knock-
ing together, we had to stop kissing before someone got hurt. Sweat slicked our skins and the sounds of our panting filled the room.

In all honesty, we were kind of feral. Animalistic. Definitely dirty.

Fingers dug deep into my ass cheeks as he angled us right. So his pelvis kept making contact with my clit. Again and again, he hit my sweet spot, pushing me closer to the edge, sending me out of my mind. Electricity raced through me, blood rushing, every nerve singing. I’d never been so strung out, every thing tensed from top to toe, desperately in need of release. The strength of him holding me, the way his muscles stood out in stark relief. The scent of sex and sweat. It was all good and right. Even the occasional edge of pain. Vaughan pounded me into the door, stretching me, filling me beyond what I thought I could take.

Then his fingers tightened, gripping my butt cheeks bruisingly hard. Somehow, he changed what he was doing slightly. The angle or the manner of god only knows. But his hips smacked into me as he thrust hard, grinding his pelvis against my clit. Pressure built to the breaking point at the base of my spine, every muscle in me contracting. Once, twice, three times he did this and then my world turned to white.

Stars. Fireworks. Every part of me convulsing like I was shaking apart, exploding. Soon, there’d be nothing of me left. And still, he held me tight. My spine hit the door, making it rattle, its hinges squeaking. His body moving in mine, our body parts entangled to the point I didn’t think we’d ever part.

Dirty will be available in digital and print on April 19. Grab your copy: Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks | IndieBound. And if more hump day excerpts is what you crave, we’ve got you covered.

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