Exclusive Excerpt: Laura Kaye’s Ride Hard

RIDE HARD by Laura KayeEveryone loves a bad boy, and if he rides a motorcycle, even better! We already shamelessly ogled the cover of Laura Kaye’s Ride Hard for our April best book cover poll, and now we’re itching to take a peek at the pages within. Laura was kind enough to share an exclusive excerpt with us, and before you meet her at the RT Booklovers Convention in Vegas, we highly recommend giving it a read!

Dare Kenyon is President of the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club and he knows where his loyalty must lie. When Haven Randall appears in his life, frightened and in need of protection, he is compelled to respond to the spark between them. But Haven is hiding a dark secret …

So good, right? The book won’t be with us until later this month, but in the meantime we have this exclusive excerpt to tide us over:

One minute Dare was standing on the beach, trying to keep himself from giving in to Haven’s innocent playfulness. The next he was wet from forehead to knees from Haven splashing him.

She actually splashed him.

His reaction was pure instinct. He took off like a shot, bolting toward her like a wild animal after its prey. Haven’s beautiful face went from uncertain to startled to amused, and on a scream and a laugh she turned and ran, her feet kicking up water as she cut through the shallows at the secluded lake’s edge.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she yelled between laughs.

Dare just ran faster, not even caring as his boots hit the water. She didn’t have a chance in hell of outrunning him, and he wasn’t giving up the chase until he had her in his arms—and made her pay.

A burst of laughter exploded out of her as she veered back and forth, pleading words spilling haltingly from her lips. And then Dare clasped his arms around her upper body, hauled her in against him, and took them both down to the sand right at the water’s edge. He turned his body so that he took the brunt of the fall, bringing Haven down on top of him. The chase and the challenge and the closeness had him rock hard in an instant. Not surprising, since he’d been sporting a semi since she’d straddled his bike, spread her legs around him, and taken him into her arms.

“You splashed me,” he said, eyebrow arched, hand fisted around the long braid in her hair.

Wearing a grin so open and carefree that it made his chest feel suddenly too small for his heart, Haven nodded. “Oops.”

“You think that’s funny?” he asking, growing harder as she shifted her weight, making her belly grind against his hard-on.

A small gasp of recognition, and she bit down on her lip as the cast of her eyes went from playful to aroused. “A little,” she said in a breathy voice. She licked her lips. Dare couldn’t help but track the movement, and want to suck the trail of moisture she left there off the plump, pink skin.

What the fuck was he doing?

Haven’s hands gripped his shoulders, and she subtly shifted her weight again, pulling herself up his body—just a little, but enough that her lower belly now pressed and thrust against his cock. And Jesus if the need blazing out of those bright blue eyes wasn’t crystal clear.

For a split second, Dare thought of Haven’s list of things she’d never experienced, her lie of omission, the expression she’d worn on her face when he’d made her come before. And what he wanted to do ran roughshod over what he should do.

Startling a high-pitched gasp from her, Dare flipped their positions so that she lay in the soft sand and his body lay partially over hers. With his forehead against hers, he nailed her with a stare. “You sure you want to provoke me?” His left hand dragged down her body, over the small mounds of her breasts and the flat plane of her stomach. His fingers settled on the button to her jeans. “Because you realize now I have to exact my revenge.” He paused there, giving her the chance to tell him to back off.

She shivered beneath him. “I guess fair’s only fair,” she whispered.

That’s my girl, he thought, even though the sentiment was really problematic. On all kinds of levels. “You want me to stop, Haven, you just say the word.”

“Don’t stop,” she said, her lips parting, her breathing coming faster.

On a groan, Dare claimed her mouth with his. He tugged the button to her jeans free, yanked down the zipper, and pushed his hand beneath the snug material to find her hot and so damn slick.

Her tongue stroked against his, and he swallowed her moans as his fingers stroked her folds. She rocked her hips and parted her legs without him having to ask, pulling a growl of approval from low in his throat—and making him know that fingering her wasn’t going to be enough.

Not for him.

Not this time. And not that it had really been last time, either.

Dare wanted more of Haven. He wanted to taste her, drink her down, wear her on his skin. On his mouth.

Kissing her long and hard and deep, he gently withdrew his hand from between her legs and pushed at the denim around her waist. Haven clued in to what he was doing and helped him push down the material until she was bared to her knees.

And then Dare shoved down her body, gripped her hips in his hands, and planted his face against the triangle of blond hair at the junction of her thighs. His tongue pushed between her slick lips, and she nearly bowed up off the sand beneath him. Jesus she was magnificent and honest and responsive in ways that made him want more, want everything.

He held her hips to his mouth as she thrashed and jerked and thrust beneath him. He flicked his tongue against her clit, relentless and demanding. Her taste was all sweet female musk, and he relished every drop he drew from her. Haven’s body strained and her knees parted as much as they could, given the way he was holding and pinning her.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” she moaned again and again, her hand lightly falling atop his head.

“That’s it, Haven,” he groaned before plunging his tongue between her folds again.

“Dare,” she rasped, her thighs shaking, her fingers winding into his hair.

The sound of his name from her mouth made his balls heavy and full. Christ, he wanted to bury himself inside her little body and ride her hard, fast, deep.

An urge that got about a million times stronger when she bucked into his mouth, pulled his hair, and screamed his name in an orgasm that sounded so good it nearly made him come, too.

Fucking beautiful.

Shaking and breathing hard, several long moments passed before Haven’s muscles relaxed and her hold on his hair loosened. His scalp burned from the pull, but he loved every second of the way she’d both let go and held on tight. Held on tight to him.

That she’d let him expose her, that she’d trusted him to do right by her, that she’d given herself over so freely to him—it all blew his goddamned mind.

Haven pushed against Dare’s shoulders, and he let her force him up onto an elbow. Looking him in the eye, she scooted down and trailed her hand over his abdomen to his groin. With a shaky touch that said she wasn’t sure he’d like it, she palmed his cock through his jeans, rubbing and squeezing in a way that made him a little crazy.

He liked it, all right.

God, how he wanted to let her have her way, how he wanted to see exactly what she wanted to do, how he wanted her hands and her mouth and her body all over him.

Except there was that damn looming confrontation to consider, wasn’t there?

He stilled her hand. Pushed it away. Shook his head, hating the shadows of confusion and rejection that passed behind her eyes. But he couldn’t let her give him pleasure—well, any more than he’d already received from pleasuring her. Not when he was the one now withholding information.

What a fucking epic mess. One he’d just made messier, no doubt.

Way to go, Kenyon.

So instead of doing what he wanted, he did what he had to. Rose to his feet, helped her up, and turned his back while she righted her clothes. He heard her hand rubbing over her skin, and peeked over his shoulder enough to see that she was trying to brush the sand off her legs and ass.

Jesus, he really hadn’t given that much thought, had he?

Which made him an even bigger prick.

“Sorry I got you all sandy,” he gritted out, regret at his thoughtlessness pushing its way to the fore.

“It’s just sand,” she said in a small voice. A voice that made him want to tell her how much he’d loved eating her to orgasm, that made him want to explain why he’d kept them from going further, that made him want to show her some tenderness instead of reinserting the distance between them he should’ve left there in the first place. “I’ll, uh, just get my shoes.”

Looking to his right, Dare watched her trail down the empty beach, feeling like he’d wrecked the beautiful thing that’d happened between them—and knowing that his lack of willpower where she was concerned posed a problem he couldn’t let go unaddressed for very much longer.

Ride Hard will be available in digital and print on April 26. Grab your copy: Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks | All Romance | IndieBound. And for more romantic reads, be sure to stop by our Everything Romance page.


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