Exclusive Excerpt: Mia Gabriel’s Savage Nights

SAVAGE NIGHTS by Mia GabrielHappy hump day! We thought we’d ease some of your mid-week tension with a super-hot hump day excerpt. Sit back and relax with Mia Gabriel’s Savage Nights, available in February.

The Earl of Savage introduces Evelyn Hart to a wild world of unspeakable pleasure. But when the heart gets involved, what began as a game becomes so much more …

Because of the mirror, I could see how he was staring, transfixed, at my bottom and my quim and how he was teasing me with the paddle. His face was fixed, every muscle tensed with barely controlled lust, and his chest and shoulders were sheened with sweat as if he’d run a mile. 

His physical mastery over me undeniable, and yet I was the one who’d done this to him. It excited me even more, seeing him watching me, and seeing how his trousers were tented in front by his erection. 

“Try,” he said harshly.  “Tell me.”

I whimpered, twisting against my bonds.

“Tell me, Eve,” he said sharply.  “Tell me, or I’ll stop.”

“I – I like when you stroke me with the paddle, Master,” I stammered, my voice strangled.  “I – I like how you – oh!”

He cracked the paddle hard against my bottom with the most force he’d shown yet. 

“Five,” he said.  “Only one more, Eve.”

I was on fire, my flesh burning from the paddle and my sex and ass so tight and on edge that I knew it would take next to nothing to make me spend.  All of this felt so dark and dangerous and forbidden, so far beyond anything I’d ever imagined, let alone experienced, and yet I wanted more.

“Six, Master,” I gasped, begging.  “Six!”

The paddled cracked again on my ass, for the last time, and the best. I sailed forward from the impact and my sex convulsed with the first tremors of my climax. I felt as if I were flying, ready to sail on the waves of fire and pleasure.

But Savage grabbed the cord and hauled me to a stop.  He swore, and yanked the dildo from my quim.

No!” I cried frantically, in shock, writhing in my bonds.  I was raw with need, desperate for release, and now he’d stopped me on the very edge, leaving me aching and empty.  “Please, Savage, no!”

Gasping for breath, I lifted my head to search for him in the mirrors.  He’d thrown aside the paddle, now abandoned on the floor.  He was behind me, stripping away his trousers and his drawers in a single motion.  I’d a flashing glimpse of his cock, impossibly hard and jutting towards him belly, the head purple-red with desire.  He seized my hips to position me, centering that plum-like head against my weeping slit. 

It was the tiniest sliver of a second, and yet I felt my whole being balanced on his possession of me.  I’d never needed anything more than to have him join with me, to take him as part of my body.

And then I had him.

He held my hips and drove his cock hard into me.  Even though I’d been opened first by the dildo, his furious need had made his cock far larger than the ivory shaft.  As dripping as I was, I had to stretch and yield to take him, and it took several shoves before he was buried deep within me. 

I scarcely noticed.  I was overwhelmed with sensation.  I’d been primed to such a fever-pitch that I’d begun to come again as soon as he entered me, my sex unable to hold back.  With my eyes squeezed shut, I shook as my climax washed over me, and the convulsions that ripped through my body were so strong that they hovered on that finest of lines between pain, and exquisite pleasure. 

My cries mixed with his grunts, primal animal sounds that matched the force of our union.  Suspended as I was, I felt weightless.  He jerked me back onto his cock to match each of his thrusts, our bodies slapping loudly against one another. 

I could feel another orgasm building within me, or maybe it was the first one recoiling to claim me again.  I couldn’t tell, and I couldn’t care.  Because of my position in the swing, Savage’s large hands were everywhere on my body, touching me, marking me, digging deeply into my flesh to bend me exactly as he wished.  He spread the cheeks of my heated, paddled ass even further apart and found another inch of me that he could possess.  I cried out with the sense of fullness, of completion. 

This was what I’d wanted.  This was what I’d needed.

He reached beneath me to take my breasts in his hands, squeezing and tugging at my nipples and sending fresh bolts of sensation directly to my sex.  Gasping with it, my eyes flew open.

Before me in the mirrors, over and over, was the lewdest of tableaus: his cock, long and glistening with our juices, pounding into me and then drawing almost completely out before his hips flexed and jerked back into me again.  His handsome face was fixed and hard, so intensely focused that he looked ferocious.

No, he was ferocious as he slammed into me.  I was taut, tense, ready to break, and yet he fucked me harder, faster, hotter.  At last he reached around me with one hand, and his thumb dipped between us, gathering our juices.  He found my pearl, and relentlessly rubbed the pad of his thumb across it with exactly the right, maddening pressure to slide over the engorged, slippery flesh. 

It was, at last, too much.  I felt the wave of my climax break and explode, shattering me into countless fragments of pleasure and release.  I cried out as I rode it, rode him.  My fingers and toes curling helplessly at the empty air, and tears of emotion and release streamed down my face to drop unchecked on the floor beneath me. 

Abruptly he stopped, buried deep, and with a guttural roar he came, too, his spendings so copious that I could feel his hot seed fill me and spill over.  His hips continued to jerk, his fingers digging deeply into my hips, until with a final grunt, he was done.  With his cock still buried in me, he sagged forward and circled his arms around waist to rest his check against my back.  He was gasping for breath, utterly spent, and yet still he did not want to release me, nor did I wish to be released, not yet.

Savage Nights will be available in digital and print on February 2. Preorder a copy: Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks | All Romance | IndieBound. And if you’d like to check out more hot Hump Day excerpts (who wouldn’t?), we’ve got ya covered.

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