Exclusive Excerpt: Stina Lindenblatt’s Heat It Up

Stina Lindenblatt's HEAT IT UPIt’s Wednesday and the struggle to focus is real. Luckily, today’s Hump Day excerpt is an excellent remedy for all of your midweek woes. Stina Lindenblatt’s Heat It Up follows a hot widowed hockey player who finds love again for the first time. We won’t have the book until June, and while we wait we will likely read this excerpt over and over …

Her father cheated on her mother and her boyfriend cheated on her and so Sofia finds herself in Finland, utterly shaken and unable to trust. Until she meets Kyle Bennett, a hockey player in Finland for a fresh start. Though neither expected it, they find it’s impossible to deny the scorching passion between them.

To the excerpt!

Kyle’s t-shirt joins the party on the floor with my bra and tank top. But then he hesitates, as if deliberating what we’re about to do. What the heck is there to deliberate? I want this, and judging from the bulge in his shorts, he wants this, too.

He pulls away and my body screams in frustration. I’m doing something wrong. That must be it.

I shift to sit and Kyle does the same. “What’s wrong?” I ask him.

Am I doing something wrong…or…are you feeling guilty because you’re still love in your wife?

He picks up the stack of cards forgotten on the table and shuffles them, not at all affected by the fact that I’m sitting next to him topless. Which I’ll admit, if nothing else, is an arrow straight through my fragile ego.

“Nothing’s wrong, Soph. It’s just you’re my friend.” He continues shuffling the cards, his attention on them and not me and my breasts. “I don’t want to fuck that up.”

“Why do you think you’ll fuck that up?”

“If we have sex, it will only complicate things.”

I think on this for a moment, then remove the cards from his hands and straddle him. I place the cards next to us on the couch. “It doesn’t need to complicate anything. We’ve got a month left together here. If we become…” Become what? Not boyfriend and girlfriend. Not with only a month left here. A fling? “…Friends with benefits. It won’t be complicated at all. This only has to last while we’re in Finland.”

There will be no strings attached, no hearts at risk of being broken. It will only be about having fun. And fun is exactly what the doctor prescribed for the new and improved me.

Something deep inside me cheers on this sudden burst of confidence. A month ago, I never would have considered doing something like this.

“You sure about this?” he asks, his gaze taking in everything about my face. My eyes. My lips. My desire.

“Positive.” Please say yes.

He doesn’t say anything, but there’s no missing the want in his eyes. He needs this as much as I do.

Instead of saying it with words, he shows me. His hands cup my breast, and his thumbs draw dizzying circles around the hard nipples. He lightly pinches one. The nerves between my legs go berserk with need. “Oh God,” I groan.

Then his mouth crashes against mine. His kisses become frantic, filled with the same need coursing through my body. His hands—large, strong, warm—caress and explore my exposed skin. Every part of me he touches begs for more. I beg for more.

His thickness, straining in his shorts, presses against my super-charged center. I moan against his mouth, the sound barely heard over my pounding heart and the distant rumble of thunder.

He pulls away. “If you’re sure about this…” he says, giving me one last chance to change my mind about what we’ll be after this.

“I am. Do you have any condoms? I-I have some in my bag.” Because that doesn’t make it look like I was planning to have sex with him this weekend, even though we were staying here with five other people.

His lips curl into a sexy, one-sided smile. “Didn’t think I could resist your magnetic attraction for long, huh?”

Heat rises in my cheeks. Not the look I was going for. He’s used to confident, experienced women. I’m not exactly the poster girl for that.

“There’s nothing about you, Sofia, I can resist. You had me the first day in the sauna, when you blasted me with the water.” He threads his fingers through my hair and pulls me to him. His lips gently kiss me, setting free a crate of butterflies in my stomach. I want this moment to be perfect, but what is that exactly? Hot sex? Knowing all the positions and being adventurous? Or pouring everything you have inside you and hoping it’s enough?

Even though I don’t want to leave his embrace for even a second, the condoms are in the bedroom and I can’t exactly levitate them over here. I scoot off his lap and offer him my hand. He takes it and I pull him off the couch, then lead him into the bedroom as I mentally go through the steps of how to put the condom on him.

I retrieve several foil packages from my bag and with shaky fingers, place the condoms on the night table. Kyle places the hurricane lamp next to them.

Okay, now what?

Kyle answers that for me. He comes up behind me and wraps his arm around my waist. His mouth blazes a trail of hot, wet kisses along my shoulder, and with his free hand, he nudges my hair back, exposing the skin on my neck.

The kisses continue along my neck to the shell of my ear and he nips it between his teeth. My panties grow damp.

As his tongue tastes and explore the outside of my ear and my jaw, his fingers do some walking…to the waistband of my sleep shorts. They slip beyond the elastic waistband and travel south, teasing my skin with their light touch.

They continue over my satin underwear, the ones Maija had recommended that I get, until Kyle reaches the throbbing part between my legs that has been cheering him on, remembering what happened last time he touched me here. Begging for an encore.

Kyle groans loud against my neck, sending an erotic hum through me. My body jerks back, pressing my butt against his hard length. Unable to help myself, I wiggle against him, tormenting him like he’s tormenting me. His answering moan makes me grin.

He removes his hand from my shorts. The throb between my legs pouts and cries no fair. But it changes its mind when Kyle shifts focus and slowly peels my shorts and panties down my legs. If he coaches half as well as he’s seducing me, his players are bound to become great hockey players once day.

Once my shorts and panties are around my ankles, I kick them to the side and turn around. I’m naked. He’s not. I plan to level the playing field. With clumsy fingers, I unfasten his shorts and slide them and his boxer briefs down his legs. There’s nothing seductive in my movements. Kyle doesn’t seem to care. He peers down at me, his eyes dark in the dim light of the hurricane lamp.

A sudden shyness overcomes me at seeing him naked. It’s not like I’ve never seen a naked guy before, but right now it feels like my first time.

Before I can do anything else, Kyle’s arms are around me again and he’s kissing me. The shyness and nervousness melt away at the touch of his lips against mine.

He walks me backwards to the bed and the next thing I know, I’m laying back on it with Kyle leaning over me. He traces his lips against my jaw, tasting me with his tongue. His thumb strokes my cheek then his hand drifts to my shoulder and slides to my chest. It stills over my rapidly beating heart. “You’re so beautiful, Sofia. So, so beautiful.” His voice is both husky and filled with warmth.

I spread my fingers over his heart, and relish its equally rapid beat against my hand. I’m affecting him the same way he’s affecting me. That thought gives me a confidence I haven’t felt since Ian’s cruel words. Even before that. Kyle makes me feel like the woman I’ve wanted to be.

Kyle’s fingers slide away from my heart and dip to an aching nipple that pleads for him to touch it again. Echoing what he did earlier, his thumb circles it, the circle growing smaller with each rotation. He pinches it again, and once more the nerves between my legs go berserk. I groan. Every cell in my body screams for more. My teeth gently sink into his shoulder, something I’ve never done before, but with Kyle it feels so right. So good.

“Fuck, babe,” Kyle groans, and I’m more turned on than I ever thought I would be at his words. “That feels so fucking good.” He kisses me once more. “I want to taste you again, Sofia. I’ve been wanting to taste you again since the first time.”

I nod, unable to talk. I want that, too. I want everything.

Craving to touch every part of him, I wrap my fingers around his warm length. Kyle sucks in a sharp breath but doesn’t say anything. He lets me continue to stroke his velvety hardness.

His fingers engulf my wrist, stilling my movements. “You need to stop now,” he husks, “before I lose control. I’m not ready for that yet.” I love that I have this effect on him.

He doesn’t give me a chance to miss the contact. His hands brush against my inner thighs and spreads them apart. He plants kisses along my skin until he gets to the throb between my legs. His tongue swirls around the swollen flesh and I gasp. Then he sucks on it and my gasp becomes a moan.

He slides a finger between my folds. “You’re so fucking wet for me.”

God, I never thought someone talking dirty to me could be such a turn on. I almost come right there.

His finger pushes inside and presses against me, setting off a new round of fireworks in my nerves. I grab hold of the sheet with both hands, afraid if I don’t, I might explode.

Another finger joins the first and I’m beginning to think holding onto the sheet won’t be enough.

“Babe, I want you to let go. I want you to come against my mouth.”

I grip the sheet tighter. “No, I want you inside me.”

He laughs against me and I swear I’m dying from the feel of it against the throbbing. “Don’t worry. I’m not missing out on it this time. But I’m perfectly happy giving you multiple orgasms.”

He sucks on the ache again and I can’t hold back even if I wanted to. I scream, “Oh, God, Kyle,” as I let myself go. Never. Ever. Did it feel this way with Ian.

The thought is barely out of my mind before Kyle kisses me, deeply. My tongue greets his and I explore his mouth as much as he explores mine. And my tongue isn’t the only one doing its own exploration. My hand reunites with his hard length, and from the erotic sounds he makes when I touch him, it won’t be much longer before he’ll hopefully experience what I just did.

Still kissing him, I grope around the nightstand with one hand, blindly searching for the foil packages. Once I find one, I stop kissing him and I push myself up to sit. He lies back on the bed, watching me with hooded eyes.

I’ve never put on a condom before, but I’ve watched Ian do it. I rip open the package, careful not to damage the condom. Then with shaky hands, I slip the rubber onto his tip and begin unrolling it along his length. Sensing my nervousness, Kyle covers my hand with his and helps me guide it down.

And then I do something I’ve never done before…I lower myself onto him and let his width fill me. I rock back and forth, and Holy of everything hot does it ever feel good.

With his eyes open, watching me, Kyle grabs my hips and helps me find the rhythm that will push us both over the edge. It doesn’t take long before I tighten around him and call out his name, the intensity of the climax as powerful as the last time.

Kyle comes seconds later.

I sag to the bed, boneless and drained, knowing I’ll never been able to settle for less again. 

Heat It Up will be available in digital and print on June 14. Grab your copy: Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks | IndieBound. And if more Hump day Excerpts is what you crave (who wouldn’t?) we’ve got you covered.

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