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A PLAYER FOR A PRINCESS by Tia LouiseWe are all about discovering new-to-us authors. How else can we keep our TBR pile ever growing? We were first introduced to the lovely Tia Louise through RT Review Source, our all-inclusive review service, and after that we were hooked! So today we’re pumped to host an exclusive excerpt and giveaway for Tia’s upcoming contemporary romance A Player for a Princess. A Player for a Princess will be with us tomorrow — and we have three signed copies to giveaway!

After a tumultuous start to their romance in The Prince The Player, Prince Cal and Zee Wilder are finally enjoying some much deserved RR (rest and romance, obvs) in the Caribbean. But as the Bard himself said, the course of true love never did run smooth — there’s a killer on the loose!

Prince Cal

The sun wakes me, streaming through the open French doors, and I blink a few times at the white wooden ceiling, the dual fans moving ocean breezes around the airy room. The sound of soft laughter brings me completely around. I sit up and see Zelda’s on her side watching a movie on the large, flat screen television.

Sliding in behind her, I wrap an arm around her bare waist and kiss that place where her neck and shoulder meet. It gets me a little squeal.

“Tickles!” she cries, turning to kiss my lips briefly before returning to whatever is holding her attention.

“What is this?” I say, leaning on my hand.

“I don’t want to hear it, MacCallum.”

I watch a moment as Matthew Perry grabs a young Salma Hayak and kisses her deeply (as if). “You gave me shit for You’ve Got Mail, and you’re watching Fools Rush In?”

“This movie is a million times better than You’ve Got Mail,” she says in that sassy voice, and I can’t resist.

Pulling her shoulder toward me, I pin her against the mattress. “I’d love to hear your justification for that incredible statement.”

“For starters, what self-respecting man…” (love how she emphasizes the word) “…watches You’ve Got Mail?”

“You might recall I was trying to lure you back into my bed.”

“Second, two words: Salma Hayak.”

“We have a little girl crush, do we?”

Her eyes roll. “She’s fun to watch, now let me up!” She struggles, and I kiss that little hollow at the base of her throat before releasing her.

She giggles, and with her back to me, she scoots her back against my chest, her ass right at the level of my cock. Needless to say, it’s a few minutes before we’re watching any more of the movie, and I’m far more relaxed with my morning wood gone.

“I missed my favorite part!” Zelda pushes to a sitting position, and her blonde hair is standing nearly on end. 

I can’t help it, I laugh out loud. “Your sex hair is insane.”

She blinks and tilts her head to the side. “I worked on it all night just for you!”

Something hits me right in the gut, and I know I can’t put this off one more second. Zelda sees my expression change and her teasing disappears.

“What’s wrong?” she asks.

Sitting up beside her, I grab her waist and pull her across my lap in a straddle. Her hands are on my shoulders, and I reach up to hold her cheeks in both my hands.


She does a little smile. “MacCallum?”

“I want you to marry me.” Fuck. Yep, I said it. “I don’t have a ring yet, but there are several jewelry stores in Road Town. We have to go back to Monagasco, but I’ll talk to Rowan about us living here—in Tortola—once things are resolved, of course…” Her eyes blink faster the more I speak, and I see the glisten of tears in them. “What’s the matter, beautiful? Did you think I wouldn’t ask?”

“What are you saying?” she whispers.

“I’m saying I want you to be my wife, Zelda Wilder. We’re fucking made for each other, and if you can’t see it… well, I won’t believe you. You’re too smart not to see it.”

She pushes off my lap to sit beside me. “But what will you do? I know you’re a prince and all, but you must have some job—”

“It’s true. Sadly, I can’t lie around all day fucking you and drinking champagne, but they have French Virgin Islands.”

“They do?” Her forehead wrinkles.

“Technically, they’re called the West Indies, but Martinique, St. Garth, Guadalupe…”

“But… what does that mean?”

“I don’t know exactly, but I’ll discuss it with Rowan. I’m sure we can figure out some diplomatic reason for me to be here. We’ll work it out.” She’s quiet, looking at me with her lips slightly parted. I exhale a laugh, and shit. My stomach is tight with nerves. “Just say yes, beautiful.”

Her mouth closes, and she blinks down to her lap before she starts shaking her damn head. “No,” she says softly.

My jaw tightens. “Why the devil not?” I don’t mean to be sharp, but god dammit.

She looks up fast, blue eyes round. “Not yet.”

Okay, that response eases my temper slightly. “Go on…”

“I can’t marry you with dirty hands.” She slides to the edge of the mattress and stands. “I have to meet with Seth today and settle our accounts. Let me…” she looks around before pulling that silly penis tee over her head. “Let me end things with him, separate. Then…”

Her breath catches, and I’m out of the bed standing in front of her. She’s so small without her shoes; her head is only at the center of my chest. In a sweep, I lift her, her legs going around my waist, her arms around my neck.

“Then?” I say, looking up at her worried expression.

She exhales a nervous laugh and covers her mouth. “Then… yes?” Her voice is so small, but my insides explode with satisfaction.

“YES!” I shout, and she really laughs then.

“You have no idea what you’re getting into.”

Lowering her to standing, I cup her face in my hands, lifting it to mine. “I’m getting everything I never knew I always wanted.”

Her eyes go wide, and she does a little shriek. “You just quoted Fools Rush In! You love that movie!”

I laugh and kiss her smart mouth. “I love you.”

“I love you,” she says, all joking aside. I kiss her again, and she struggles free. “Let me get this over with, and we can meet for lunch.”

I sit back on the bed watching as she discards the tee and takes a halter-top denim sundress from the armoire. “Where are you meeting him?”

“Road town,” she says, lifting the top over her breasts and tying it around her neck, leaving her lined back exposed. She grabs a brush and begins pulling it through her wild hair. “He’s staying with some guy he knows from South Beach. I’ll give him his money, and then we can meet for lunch at Bomba’s!”

“As much as I love that place, we’ll meet at the Sugar Mill Restaurant.”

Giving up, she twists her hair into a cute little bun. “That’s a very fancy place.”

“This is a very important moment.”

She leans across the bed to peck my lips. “See you in a few short hours.”

“I have a better idea.” Throwing the blankets back, I’m across the room and pulling a pair of jeans over my hips. “I’ll drive you.”

Her full lips twist, and she shakes her head. “Seth is too paranoid.”

“I don’t like that guy.” I pull on a thin navy sweater.

“Don’t worry. I can handle Seth.” She disappears into the bathroom and I hear running water and the sound of her brushing her teeth.

Reaching up, I rake my fingers through my hair before following her into the luxury space and doing likewise.

“Then I’ll drive you into town and pick you up when you’re done.”

We’re finished, and I get a minty kiss. “Deal,” she says with a little grin.

I catch her before we leave in a long hug, closing my eyes and memorizing the feel of her small body against mine.

My fiancée. My Zee. It’s perfect.

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