Eye Candy Recap: 1.3 — "HBTU"

Tommy McHotpants kicks open a door, gun up, calling out for Reese. Lindy tags along behind him and together, they scope out Reese’s rather fancy shmancy apartment. Instead of finding Reese, they find two mannequins, and teeth hanging from the ceiling.


Creep Count: 6 (Teeth are gross.)

Back at the station, Lindy and Sergeant Lady examine the teeth and ponder Creeper Man’s possible motives. Turns out, the teeth aren’t Reese’s, much to Lindy’s relief. She doesn’t want him to die despite being a bit creepy. The teeth belong to Julia Becker — remember her? She was the first victim in the pilot. Strange thing is, there was never a report filed for Julia’s disappearance.

Meanwhile, Connor gets schooled by his Reconnoiter boss, who threatens to fire our fledgling gossip blogger if he doesn’t come up with better content for the site. Well, it’s a good thing Connor snooped around the station last week and took photos of the crime board, huh?

Tommy and Lindy visit Julia’s mom, who claims she did in fact file a report. Tommy breaks the news that Julia is dead and as Mrs. Becker sobs, Lindy recalls her sister Sarah’s abduction.

While that’s all going on, Sophia flirts with the detective who’s in charge of keeping an eye on her by bringing him lunch.

While Lindy undresses and gets ready to shower, Creeper Man watches from a window across the street. During her shower, she hears the front door close. She calls out for Sophia, but no one answers. She gets out and throws a robe on to investigate and just when we think Creeper Man is about to grab Lindy, Sophia pops up. Lindy’s BFF wants to get out of town for a while to get away from the madness, but Lindy refuses to stop living her life “because of this freak.” So instead of skipping town, they plan a girl’s night.


Later, Lindy checks the mail and first finds a card from her father, which she promptly throws away. Then she opens a mysterious envelope that ends up containing a photo of her and her sister collaged out of cut outs of murder victims.

Creep Count: 4

At the station, they examine the WTF-collage using high-tech software that I’m pretty doesn’t exist to figure out where the clips came from. Sergeant Lady thinks there’s a hidden message in the photo, compared to the original of Lindy and her sis. In the original, Sarah’s wearing a bracelet, in Creeper Man’s replica she’s not. Sergeant Lady wants Lindy to stay away from Jake while they continue looking for Reese. Tommy interrupts to tell them he found the original crime scene photos — and boy, are they gruesome. Like, I’m actually surprised MTV can show them and now I’m going to have nightmares. The three homicide victims all were on Flirtual — surprise, surprise — and Sergeant Lady orders their cases to be reopened.

Creep Count: 3

Sophia and Connor go on a shopping outing, with Sophia’s not-so-stealthy detective in tow. Sophia spills the beans about the teeth to Connor, which undoubtedly gives him more to work with for the gossip blog. Later, while Lindy and Sophia get ready for girl’s night, Tommy tails Jake.

The next day at work, George is freaking out. Why? Because Connor’s post has gone live and guess what? Lindy’s not too happy about it, neither is Tommy. So what does our feisty heroine do? She shows up to Connor’s work-related self-defense class and knocks him on his ass. This scene is so epic … until Connor’s arrogant boss shows up and taunts Lindy. (I really, really wanted her to punch this guy. He deserves it; he’s so smug. Ugh.)


George and Lindy reconvene at the office, and together they examine the creepy collage. George deduces the background is an image of static, which Lindy realizes must have come from Reese’s TV, which was playing static when she and Tommy found the mannequins and teeth. The dynamic duo breaks into Reese’s apartment to check out the TV and Lindy realizes the DVR listings spell out a message: “My perficio.” (My perfect and my end … )

At the station, Lindy reveals to Tommy and Sergeant Lady that the killer is punishing his Flirtual dates for being imperfect and the ways he kills them centers on their imperfections. Later, while Lindy picks up takeout for girl’s night, Jake pays a visit to the station to file a report about finding spyware on his phone — Lindy’s spyware! Uh oh! Tommy goes to warn Lindy and tells her to tell him first if she wants to break into a crime scene again. As they walk into the apartment, they’re greeted by Sophia and a bunch of their friends who yell, “Surprise!” Surprise, it’s Lindy’s birthday! And, like all good YA/NA-ish heroines, Lindy didn’t want people to know.

During the party, Sophia flirts and George buddies up with Tommy, who’s glowering in the corner. Lindy broods and misses Ben. Sad face. We miss him, too, Lindy. Suddenly, Jake shows up. (Oh, hell no. Then again, he’s stupid hot and has an accent.) Turns out, Sophia invited him. Jake gives Lindy a book of his favorite takeout menus, which is pretty cute and creative. To make matters worse, Connor shows up. Sophia disinvites him in the hall and has the hunky detective from earlier escort him out. Tommy gets a call about Reese’s clothes and leaves for the station.


Lindy gets dizzy and it’s pretty clear she’s been drugged. Jake offers to get her a glass of water. Sophia and hunky cop have to put out a fire in the bathroom and Tommy races to get a hold of them to tell them that Reese’s bloody clothes were found in Jake’s apartment building. Creeper Man walks in, or has he been there the whole time?!, provides a creepy voiceover and catches Lindy as she falls unconscious.

Creep Count: 2

We come back from commercial with Sophia looking for Lindy, but she’s nowhere to be found. (Didn’t anyone notice a shady McShadester walking out with an unconscious Lindy? Girl needs new friends.) Tommy finally shows up and arrests Jake.

Meanwhile, Lindy wakes up in an abandoned basement, disoriented, and she stumbles onto the killer slitting Reese’s throat. As Lindy races toward Reese, a small gift box falls from his lap.

The next day, Jake is released, Lindy’s back with Tommy and they realize Jake was set up. Tommy regrets leaving Lindy alone at her party and feels responsible. She’s worried Tommy might be next and wonders why the killer let her live.


The end nights with Creeper Man providing yet another shudder-ific voiceover congratulating Lindy on solving his riddle and claims she’s the only who can truly “know” and “challenge” him. Lindy finally opens the gift box and pulls out Sarah’s bracelet.

Final Creep Count: 15 … yikes!
Bottom Line: Surround yourself with friends who will notice if a creepy person is leaving your party with you passed out in their arms.
Second Bottom Line: Tommy is hot.

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