Eye Candy Recap: Episode 1.4 — "YOLO"

A party girl named Amy gathers her friends to party it up on a good old-fashioned party bus, driven by a really hot, potentially sinister driver. These rambunctious teens are celebrating their last night of high school, except one guy, Max. He’s kind of sullen and handling the role of the Party Pooper really well. George Banks would be impressed. After blacking out, Max wakes up shirtless and covered in blood and broken glass. The bus is empty and parked in an abandoned area of town. His friends are nowhere to be found.


We finally meet up with our hacker heroine, who’s examining Sarah’s bracelet for potential clues before heading to the station, where everyone’s abuzz with the party bus incident. Lindy offers to help make sense of everything they know about the missing kids. Using her tech skills and New Adult sensibilities, Lindy recreates the night and makes some crazy deductions by “quilting” together information from the teens’ social media accounts. Afterwards, Tommy grills Max about the fateful night, including how Max supplied his friends with drugs.

Max isn’t very talkative and Sergeant Lady suggests Lindy should try and talk to him. Before she butters him up, she swipes his phone from Tommy’s partner, which she promptly gives back to Max. Why? What are you up to, Lindy? Max texts Amy and we cut to Amy’s dead body, washed ashore.

Lindy being smart.

Later, after learning of Amy’s death, the gang goes over what they know and realize Amy’s wearing a GoPro camera around her wrist, which belonged to the sketchy-hot driver, who had it installed in the bus. Lindy breaks the news to Max, who’s once again interrogated by Tommy. Fed up with the accusations, Max rushes out. Turns out Lindy uploaded her handy-dandy spyware to Max’s phone, which means they can track him. Sergeant Lady planned this all along so Lindy and Tommy would have to team up.

After commercial break, we flash back to Max and his friends gorging on pizza and paying for a psychic to come on the bus to dole out some fortunes. Max is filming the whole thing on his phone and it’s clear Amy is up to something. The psychic might be the real deal, though, but when she reads Amy, she starts spouting things like “Let me out!” before wailing like a banshee.

We cut to the psychic being questioned by Tommy and Lindy, where she reveals that Amy paid her to freak her friends out. But Max’s video shows her warning Amy to stay away from the water. The psychic insists no one paid her to say that particular tidbit. Lindy’s convinced something unexplainable is going on, but Tommy’s not convinced. (We’re not on The Vampire Diaries, Lindy. Get a grip.)

Tommy’s partner pulls up the video from the driver’s camera, showing Amy making out with the sleazy driver. Suddenly, a creepy man starts popping up in the window and Amy claims “the Stowaway” is there. The driver leaves and then a person in a super creepy mask shows up and attacks Amy. “Still think Max killed Amy?” Lindy asks Tommy.

Creep Count: 1

Turns out, The Stowaway is an “internet ghost story,” which Amy apparently retold to her friends. The Stowaway is a mummified teen who died during a prank. He attacks/eats other teens as revenge. Max insisted they go looking for the ghost on the ship where he supposedly died. (That’s certainly not my idea of a party game, but okay.) Lindy thinks they need to go find the ship, but Tommy doesn’t want to waste money on the “chupacabra of the sea.” But Lindy convinces him by showing him that the driver runs a sketchy website where he uploads videos from his party bus. The police track him down using his IP address. When they bust him in his seedy apartment, he insists he left the kids on the boat because the ghost tried to kill him. After he was attacked, he ran and insists someone else uploaded the video to his website. The video shows Amy alone on the ship, freaking out while the Stowaway screeches around her. Suddenly, she’s knocked off the boat and drowns.


Commercial break ends and we find our hot police force storming the ship. As luck would have it, they find the missing teens, alive and freaking out. Back at the station, they describe how they kept hearing the Stowaway screeching and chasing them, and how they ended up locked up in a room. We learn that Amy and Max became friends when they met at rehab, and after hacking into their patient records, Lindy cleverly deduces the pair created the Stowaway as a way to scare their friends and become Internet famous. Turns out, Max was the one dressed up as the ghost.

When Tommy and Lindy go back to the ship, they figure out Amy tripped, hit her head and fell as she was filming herself. Max shows up, distraught, and blames himself for Amy’s death. He runs off — again.

Determined to “finish what he started,” Max locks himself in the engine room and breaks one of the gas valves. Tommy insists Lindy leave to stay safe and plays the Ben card to get her to leave. She ends up running off, but only because she has an idea. While Tommy tries to break into the room with a crowbar, Lindy fixes the PA system using Sarah’s bracelet and plays an old voicemail from Amy about how much she liked Max. Then Lindy talks him up, saying it’s his duty to make sure Amy is remembered. Finally, Max comes out, but when he does, the crowbar drops, creates a spark and the engine room explodes. But don’t worry, Tommy McHottie and Max make it out okay. Lindy’s relieved, Tommy smolders.


Later, Tommy brings the psychic in to sign her statement papers and asks her about Sarah. She tells him she’s alive and insists he tell Lindy that he likes her. The night ends with Tommy and Lindy possibly flirting.

Final Creep Count: 1 — The Stowaway mask was pretty creepy.
Bottom Line: Some psychics are legit. Also, Lindy should really patent her spyware. Tommy has great smolder game, but needs to be shirtless.

Here’s a gif of Tommy’s smolder. You’re welcome.

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