Eye Candy Recap: Episode 1.6 — "ICU"

The less-creepy-than-normal night opens with a young man being wheeled into the operating room by a Sketchy Nurse Man for a brain surgery in which he’ll be awake during the whole thing. (No, thank you, I say.) We know this isn’t going to end well, so I wish we could skip past the un-pleasantries. Suddenly, the doctors begin passing out, leaving our poor patient fuh-reak-ing out.


Meanwhile, Lindy’s failing at cooking, which stinks because she’s attempting to woo Jake. When she answers the door, she finds Tommy, who’s checking in on her because he’s worried. (Tommy, she doesn’t want to hang out with you right now, she has a date!) It’s important to note that Lindy doesn’t tell him it’s Jake she’s seeing. Speaking of, he calls and cancels. Anywho, turns out Tommy’s friend, Dr. Wells, is the neurosurgeon who was operating on the young man and Tommy wants Lindy’s help in figuring out why all the doctors passed out. The equipment was hacked, which is where Lindy the Super Hacker comes in! She figures out it was an inside job and Tommy enlists her to go undercover. *cue Mission: Impossible music*

Tommy and Lindy have a secret meeting with Dr. Wells, who Tommy used to date, and Lady Doctor gives Lindy a key card that’ll get her inside the hospital’s server room. There, she determines the hacker is accessing the system from the ICU. Instead of going back to Tommy, Lindy takes matters into her own hands by guzzling energy drinks and doing some exercise to get herself admitted under the guise of having a fever and a high heart rate. George is outside in his truck, messing with her blood results to get her into the ICU. But to ham it up, Lindy fakes a fainting spell.

On her way to her new digs, Lindy meets Erica, a young patient who is actually sick and makes Lindy regret her current actions. Later, Lindy tracks the hacker’s signal in the hospital. As she does, she runs into Erica again — and her angsty British boyfriend, Mark — and they have a heart-to-heart.


As Lindy continues tracking the signal, she finds the router hidden in the chapel. But uh oh, Sketchy Nurse Man shows up and escorts her out. Back in the doctor’s care, Lindy’s about to get some spinal fluid removed for testing. Tommy shows up and tries bailing her out, but their playful banter doesn’t solve anything. Thank heavens for Lady Doctor because she swoops in to save the day. Well, mostly she’s concerned with not losing her job.

George calls to tell Lindy the signal traces back to Sketchy Nurse Man’s log in and tablet. Just then, an alarm goes off and we learn that Erica’s passed away. The weird thing? Her ventilator was on the fritz and her boyfriend was tampering with it before the nurses show up. Suspicious? I think yes.

Tommy wants to interrogate Sketchy Nurse Man, but Lindy realizes anyone could have used his tablet to hack into the system. Later, Lindy offers her condolences to Mark, who they think could be the culprit. Just as George confirms Mark works for a software company, a timer on the server goes off and the entire system crashes, sending the hospital into a Hunger Games-like panic.

Not wanting anyone else to get hurt, Tommy and Lindy confront Mark, and he reveals he and Erica designed the virus that crashed the hospital’s systems, and that she was the one who activated it to give herself a mercy death. Mark’s been busy looking for the bypass code, but is failing miserably in finding it. After reviewing the security footage, we learn Erica swallowed the kill switch code.

Tommy and Lindy race to the morgue and George asks what we’re all thinking, “Are they going to do what I think they’re going to do? Gross.”

Lindy comes across a Jane Doe she thinks could be her sister, but it’s not. Phew! Tommy finds Erica and George begins walking them through the steps of cutting into a body. Poor Tommy, he’s super wigged out — and it’s adorable. Luckily, Lady Doctor comes in and does it for them


But when Mark, Tommy and Lindy go to enter the code, it doesn’t work. As Lindy tries the name of the drug that affected Erica’s liver, she receives a text from her stalker, who’s been watching her via the security cameras. He offers his assistance and tells Lindy to try the drug’s chemical name. (Um, thanks, stalker?) The password works and the hospital is saved from becoming the setting for the next great dystopian novel.

Lady Doctor’s super grateful for A) not losing her job and B) for Tommy’s help. As they sort of flirt, Lindy says goodbye to Mark and then stares down her stalker via the camera. He voiceovers that they make a good team.

When Lindy goes home, she finds a present waiting for her at the door. Inside is a coffee table book from Jake, apologizing for cancelling. Cute!

Final Creep Count: 0, for once.

Bottom Line: How will this small display of teamwork between the stalker and Lindy play out in the future? Also, Tommy is still adorable.

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