Eye Candy Recap: Episode 1.9 — "FYEO"

Warning: Major spoilers ahead regarding the killer’s identity! Read with caution.

The revealing night begins with a pair of gravediggers discuss how many dead bodies they’ve buried as they bury yet another group of Jane and John Does. Old Man says the babies are the hardest to bury and morbidly waxes poetic about them as they continue piling up numbered crate-like coffins. The camera zeroes in on one coffin in particular and reveals a girl’s body is inside.

Sophia’s club is in need of a plumber thanks to a rather foul smell coming from the basement. The plumber goes in to check and comes running back out screaming his face off. Cautiously, Sophia goes in and finds a decaying body. Later, after the police have arrived and done their business, we learn it’s Oliver, Connor’s fleeting flame.


At her home, Sergeant Lady Catherine gets ready for the morning. Lindy shows up — I’m pretty sure she broke in — and confronts her about Sarah. Sergeant Lady opens up about the abduction case, which involved her own niece, Mary, who claims there was a seventh girl with the group named Sarah. Sergeant Lady reveals she broke the law to try and solve the case and claims she truly believed it was a dead end when they didn’t find Sarah. She says she found Lindy through her own search. Before Lindy leaves, Sergeant Lady gives her Mary’s phone number so they can talk.

Tommy calls Sergeant Lady to update her on the situation at the club. As she hangs up, she realizes the killer is behind her. She tries to fend him off and attempts removing his stereotypical serial killer ski mask. A few more punches are exchanged and she escapes through her garage, signaling to an oncoming truck for help.


We come back to find Tessa, who we last saw going on a date with the killer, very much alive, but totally freaked out about something. She lies and tells Sophia she’s just battling a hangover. While she sleeps, Sophia lurks on her phone to see whom all Tessa’s gone on dates with, presumably to see if there are any more Lindy overlaps.

When Lindy meets up with Mary, Mary recounts her tragic tale. The girls were kept in dog kennels and she and Sarah would comfort one another. They all self-tattooed their names on their wrists and their captor gave them painkillers to stay quiet. Mary escaped after their captor left his keys by her kennel after rushing to Sarah, who died, presumably from saving her painkillers to take all at once. When Mary brought the police back, Sarah and their captor had vanished. Despite all this, Lindy’s still holding out hope that Sarah’s alive.

When Lindy comes home, Sophia spills the beans and theories about Tessa. They deduce Tessa has a sort of death wish and is obsessed with the person who’s obsessed with Lindy. Sophia has Lindy download a tracking spyware on Tessa’s phone. Just then, Tommy calls: Sergeant Lady’s in the hospital and the killer left a note: “I did this for you, Lindy.” Tommy pleads for Lindy to help them finally catch the killer, but she’s more concerned with her sister and doesn’t trust Tommy or Catherine anymore.

Later, Lindy meets up with Jake (YAY JAKE!) and reveals the police had buried a Jane Doe on Hart Island who had died due to painkillers, the same body we saw in the opening. Lindy needs to find out if the body is Sarah and Jake offers to use his lawyer skills to grant her access to the otherwise off limits island. Suddenly, Jake is run over by a cyclist in what may be the shadiest bicycle accident ever.

At the station, Tommy grills Connor and reveals Hamish, Connor’s creeper boss, basically owns the Babylon Portal. Connor reluctantly agrees to help Tommy get Hamish to shut down the site.

Jake and Lindy go to check out the island’s burial records. “They say not knowing is the worst part, but this feels worse,” Lindy quips as the two get to work. (Side note: Jake is looking super dapper again.) Lindy realizes the Jane Doe’s photo is missing from the report. Dun dun dun. (As my roommate pointed out: Why do they only have paper copies?) Turns out their only options are trespassing to grab some DNA from the body and potentially getting fined $800, or petitioning the state to dig up the body. Then they kiss. (Not my idea of a romantic conversation, but hey, whatever floats your boat, I suppose.)

At work, Connor gets Hamish to let him work on a story after office hours. When the boss man leaves for the night, Connor sneaks Tommy in to snoop around the server room.


Meanwhile, Sophia finds strange pills in Tessa’s aspirin bottle. The Internet tells her they’re for bipolar disorder.

Jake and Lindy decide to hit up a retired gravedigger who might know the exact location of Sarah’s potential body. Turns out it’s Old Man from the opening scene and he stops his bingo game to draw them a map. Poor guy, he just wants to play bingo, Lindy! We flashback to him burying the body and we see the name “Sarah” is tattooed one of the body’s wrist.

Sophia confronts Tessa about the pills and her wildcard bestie finally reveals the truth: she’s not bipolar, she’s dying . From a brain tumor. (Apparently the pills are also used to treat seizures.) She makes Sophia promise not to tell anyone, which means she’s still hiding something. Obviously.

Back at the office, Hamish unexpectedly returns with food for Connor. In the (empty) server room, Tommy finds himself locked in the basement. Hamish has known all along that Connor was up to something.

Meanwhile, Jake’s car breaks down, stranding him and Lindy at a somewhat creepy bed and breakfast. As they get ready to tuck in, he divulges he moved to Australia to live with his aunt following a car accident that killed his folks. He then assures her that whatever they discover about her sister, it’s not her fault. They get smoochy, but Jake’s stomach is too beat up from the cyclist to get too personal. Lindy leaves to grab some ice.


Connor confronts Hamish, who reveals he “curates” the Babylon Portal and he’d be the killer “if only I had the time.” Um, who says that kind of thing?! He then takes Connor’s phone to talk to Tommy. Hamish has found a clue about the killer and offers to shut down Babylon for good if he gets to walk free. Tommy complies and is given a USB drive in exchange. Still, Hamish isn’t a happy camper.

Back at the BB, Jake lies shirtless as Lindy ices his stomach wound. His injury doesn’t hinder them too much, though, and before we know it the ice is on the floor and their sexy time begins. (Jake has really nice arms, guys. Really, really nice arms.)

At home, Sophia suddenly becomes the star in a bad horror film as the killer shows up while she hops in the shower. Tessa returns and is unsurprised to see the killer. “I knew it was you,” she says. “Please don’t kill her. Kill me instead … I’ve been looking for you. You’d be doing me a favor. Please.” She pleads and pleads as the killer circles her. Finally, he slashes her throat. It’s heartbreaking and I take back any and all snarky comments I’ve ever made about Tessa.

Lindy wakes to find Jake gone, but then he shows up to tell her the car’s been fixed. She says she feels hungover, even though they didn’t drink. Fishy? Maybe. Drunk on (or in) love? Possibly.

On the USB drive, Tommy and Connor learn that Reece had offered his murder up on Babylon. Remember, Reece was murdered during Lindy’s birthday party, which is where Jake was arrested. Tommy and Connor are convinced that Jake really is the killer and they recount how Jake got away with it all at the party by hiring someone else to kill Reece while he drugged Lindy and got her out of the apartment.

As Lindy and Jake get on a boat, Yeager visits Sergeant Lady, who’s awake. Unable to speak, she writes down the killer’s name:


The night ends with Lindy and Jake boating over to the island.

I guess this ship has sailed. Heh. Get it? I’m so funny.

Creep Count: 0

Bottom Line: Honestly, having Jake actually be the killer is a bit too convenient and easy. It also doesn’t make complete sense. And wouldn’t Sophia have seen his profile show up on Tessa’s Flirtual account?

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