Gilmore Girls Revival: We Are So Full of Feelings

Let me begin by saying that I have been impatiently awaiting a Gilmore Girl‘s revival for nine years. After the original series ended, ABC Family (now Freeform) announced that they would be airing a “new” season, and I was so excited I cancelled plans to visit my ex-boyfriend because I HAD TO WATCH. He was angry and I was just disappointed when it turned out that ABC Family simply meant they would be airing the show’s final season for the first time. Le sigh …

Nearly ten years later and almost a full week after the Gilmore Girls revival, I still have a lot of feelings. The one thing that is gnawing at me is Rory’s relationship with Logan. Seriously, this has been keeping me up at night! I was so ready for a Rory/Jess HEA (#TeamJess forever) and I had to battle a serious case of heartburn as I watched Rory muck up her life with Logan … again. Join me as I navigate this rocky relationship road and examine all the reasons why Logan needs to get lost and Jess will always be the best boyfriend. 

Logan is engaged!

Ugh, Amy and Dan why did you have to put us through this again? Was the Dean incident in season four not enough? Don’t worry, I’m plenty mad at Rory too, but writers, WHY? This terrible, destructive choice is of course followed by a heartbreaking moment when Jess stares longingly at Rory while visiting Stars Hollow.


Rory turned Logan’s proposal down almost ten years ago.

Sure, people grow and change, but this arrangement makes it pretty clear that Rory hasn’t changed at all. She still cares about Logan, maybe even loves him, but she won’t ask for commitment. Don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s out of respect for his fiancée — it’s not. Just like when she turned down his proposal in season seven, Rory is too driven by her career to settle down, and that’s ok! But you can’t always have both. Having an affair with Logan shows Rory wants it all and she doesn’t care how she gets it. In short, Logan brings out the worst in Rory.


Logan’s connections may help enhance Rory’s career trajectory, but he will never inspire her.

Remember the Life and Death Brigade news story in season five? Yeah, that was pretty much the last time Logan inspired any of Rory’s art. Jess on the other hand pushed Rory to return to Yale in season six (did we forget Logan is part of the reason she left?), and he was the one to suggest that she write the Gilmore Girls book. Also, Jess works for a publisher. Could they be any more perfect for each other?


Has anyone else noticed that whenever Rory is feeling lost in life, she’s also always connected to Logan?

Stealing the boat, dropping out of Yale, working for the DAR, sleeping with a random Wookie, going to a job interview without a pitch prepared — Logan was in the picture for every one of these cringe-worthy moments.


Logan’s family has always been horrible to Rory.

Remember when Logan’s mother told Emily that a Gilmore would never be good enough for a Huntzberger in season six? This feeling hasn’t gone away. When Mitchum Huntzberger sees Rory with Logan in London he is clearly warning her off. Don’t think that offer to call Condé Nast was out of the kindness in his heart. The comment about Logan’s fiancée was a warning, and the offer to help with her career was a payoff. This is not new. Mitchum is all about using his influence to his advantage. After his wife insulted the Gilmores, he offered Rory an internship, which of course ended horribly. Meanwhile, we all know how much Jess’ family positively adores Rory. Luke served as her surrogate father figure for years and Liz would be over the moon to hear that both Gilmore girls are officially a part of her family.


If Logan will cheat with Rory, isn’t it likely he’ll also cheat on Rory?

Yes, I remember that this is not Rory’s first time with a married (or almost married) man, and she gets a serious side eye for that as well. That said, Rory never once cheated when she was in a relationship. No, once that girl is committed to you she is faithful all the way. She may have struggled to let Dean off the hook when she first fell for Jess, but she never cheated. Logan, on the other hand, pounced on the first girl he saw after he and Rory fought and separated. He said they were on a break, she said she didn’t know they were on a break, and then things got hella awkward at Logan’s sister’s wedding.


Logan offers his family’s vacation house to Rory for writing.

On the surface this may seem like a sweet goodwill gesture, but don’t be fooled, this is another way Logan can keep Rory in his life. Yes he cares for her, yes he wants to help her, but this offer is still incredibly selfish. Why? Because even if Logan isn’t present, spending time in his family’s home keeps Rory connected to him. He has his girlfriend tucked away in one house and his fiancée tucked away in another. Bottom line — it’s a selfish offer and Rory is right to refuse it.


And now, the entire Year in the Life is over and I am left with these feelings. At least I have Sookie to help me through the five stages of grief … 


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