Hack This: Meredith Wild on Self-Publishing and Hard Love

Fans of our Self-Publishing Bestseller column (so … all of you?) are already familliar with Meredith Wild, the self-publishing success whose Hacker series hit No. 1 on the NYT bestseller list before moving over to traditional publishing for the fifth and final title in the series. Hard Lovean RT Top Pick!, follows Blake and Erica’s epic relationship to a drama-filled conclusion, and is out today! We talked with Meredith about the series, her success and self-publishing. 

What was it like writing the final book in your Hacker series?
Finishing the Hard Love manuscript was definitely bittersweet. I’m looking forward to telling more stories outside of the series, but Blake and Erica have been with me through this whole crazy publishing journey, so it’s a little emotional sending them off into the sunset. I hope that fans of the series feel a sense of closure the way I did when I typed “the end” to Hard Love.

You are truly a self-publishing success story — hitting number 1 on the NYT list! If you could pick one thing to attribute your success to, what would it be?
If I could pick one thing to attribute my success to, it would be having an incredibly supportive partner in my husband. He embraced my idea to write a book without hesitation. As I finished Hardwired, he became really passionate about marketing the Hacker Series and finding new readers who’d enjoy it. I can’t imagine being where I am in my writing career without his unfailing support.

Sometimes I can’t believe that it’s been two years since I hit publish on Hardwired. I thank all my readers for making this such an incredible journey!

You’ve run your own software company and worked in the tech industry. How has your experience informed the Hacker books? Has Erica ever faced situations similar to your own?
Having a background in the tech industry made writing Erica’s startup world much easier. Clozpin was based on a site that I’d built with my team a few years ago and a few characters from Erica’s staff were inspired by my former coworkers and their colorful personalities! The storyline around the business is fictionalized, but I think most of the events are plausible and the setting is realistic in terms of tech culture. Erica’s relationship with her business has always felt very personal to me.

What advice do you have for authors interested in self-publishing now?
I always give aspiring self-published authors the same advice. Once you decide you want to write a book, whatever you do, make sure you finish it! Once you do, always hire an editor. Once your book hits the marketplace and you begin to immerse yourself in the business of selling your books, never give up! Innovate and don’t be afraid to push the envelope with strategies that no one has tried before. When in doubt, keep writing books. Writing is always the answer.

You’ve since moved over to traditional publishing, why did you decide to make that move? Embarking on the traditional publishing experience was a matter of accepting the right deal with the right publisher at the right time. While I was content self-publishing the Hacker series, I had always been curious about what a traditional opportunity would do for the exposure of the books and my reach as an author. It’s been a learning experience for me and while it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who reads my books, the biggest challenge for me has been relinquishing control of many aspects of the publishing process. I think the biggest thrill has been seeing the books published in so many foreign markets and knowing that Blake and Erica’s story is finding new audiences around the world.

You can pick up your copy of Hard Love today! Buy it on Amazon, Barnes Noble, Kobo or iBooks, or find a copy at your neighborhood bookstore on IndieBound. And for more sexy reads, be sure to visit our Everything Erotica page. 

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