How Awesome is JD Robb, Let Us Count the Ways

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Oh, hey there! blinks rapidly stumbles Sorry, I’ve been in a cave, reading J.D. Robb books. Did you guys know how awesome these books are? Oh, you did? Working at RT, I really only get to read new or upcoming books (I know, boo hoo). But when the first six In Death titles recently went on sale, I snapped them up. I love romance, I love mysteries, I love Nora. What could be better? Turns out nothing. So in honor of the fortieth In Death title, Obsession in Death, out tomorrow, let us count the ways that Eve Dallas and her tales reign supreme. 

1. Eve. Dallas. Is. Awesome. She’s got a horrifically dark past, but she isn’t ruled by it. She’s amazing at her job and has the respect of her peers. She’s incredibly well developed, from her perfectly chosen name to the way she stops to catch a bomb in a bodega while trying to stop a serial killer and brushes off the bruise on her cheek as no big deal … it’s awesome. And her relationship with Roarke, well …

2. Eve and Roarke, sitting in a tree … The way Robb develops their relationship is really wonderful. Roarke’s not the kind of man to take no for an answer, but he’s still respectful of Eve and her issues, to a point. Basically, he’s a billionaire alpha, but not an alphahole. Which I totally appreciate. Reading the earlier books in the series, I was surprised by how quickly their relationship develops and they get hitched. In other long-running series there’s a bunch of will-they, won’t-they, OMG-can-they-just-please-already, and I loved how Nora just lets them get to it already. 

3. The World. Robb’s futuristic society is fascinating to read about. We’re 20 years out from when she published Naked in Death in 1995, and her predictions still seem rather spot on for a 2051 full of scarce resources. Sure, we don’t have flying cars yet (C’mon, hovercraft! We’ve got 30 years — make it happen!), but as the planet warms and the populations grows, it’s not so terribly difficult to imagine that at some point, coffee could be only for the very, very rich. shudder

4. The Mysteries. Listen, we all know Nora can tell a tale. Her straight romances are a thing of beauty. But the mysteries Eve solves are intricate and well plotted, and though I’ve guessed the villain here or there, I’ve also been taken by surprise. 

These reasons and more make me super excited that there are forty titles starring Eve — lots more reading for me to do! Roarke, get my coffee ready! Which J.D. Robb mystery is your favorite? Have you read all forty? Sound off below, and for more mysterious tales, head to our Everything Mystery page!

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