Hump Day Excerpt: Loving You Easy by Roni Loren

Loving You Easy by Roni LorenWe’ve made it to Wednesday! Surely we deserve a steamy excerpt break, no? Well we’ve got a treat for you — a peek at Roni Loren‘s Loving You Easy that may well fog up your monitor. You’ve been warned! Let’s get to know computer security specialist Cora and then two men fascinated with her, recently released from prison Hayes and his partner in their gaming ventures, Ren. 

Ren kissed down her neck, making her thoughts splinter again, and then he turned her in his arms to face Hayes again. Ren’s hands trailed up her rib cage and cupped her breasts through her T-shirt, sending sensations straight downward. “Be bold, Benning. Tell him what you imagined us doing to you. Own it.”

Cora could barely lift her gaze without wanting to hide her face.

Hayes was watching her with his full, stoic attention, his presence somehow calming in the storm of arousal. He gave a nod. “Go ahead.”

She swallowed past her constricted throat. “I’ll tell you, if y’all tell me what you two did that night.”

“Ah, look at you. You can’t hide that voyeur streak. I love it,” Ren said against her ear. “Deal.”

He said it so easily. Like he’d have no trouble detailing what he’d done with this man. And Lord, did she want to hear. But there was a price. She took a deep breath, gathering her courage. “I imagined that you two wouldn’t let me leave work until I took care of you . . . both of you.”

A pleased sound rumbled through Ren. “Nice. And what did we make you do?”

“Ren . . .”

“No shame, Cora. I promise. Nothing you can say will out-dirty us. Believe me.”

She wasn’t sure about that. Her real-world experience wasn’t extensive but her filthy mind was a shameless slut. “You bent me over the desk and fucked me while I went down on Hayes.”

Hayes groaned and closed his eyes, agony moving across his features. As subtle as could be, his hand shifted up his thigh and he pressed a hand over his erection, squeezing it.

The sight made her toes curl in her Doc Martens. Seeing such a hard-to-crack man struggling to keep himself in check because of her was a heady rush. It made her feel sexy. Invincible.

“Fuck, yes,” Ren said after pressing a kiss to her shoulder. “I knew you had a dirty mind.”

Cora closed her eyes. “Your turn.”

Ren’s thumbs grazed over her nipples, slowly, back and forth, making her clit pulse like there was a wire attached between the two zones. “That night, I submitted to Hayes. He made me suck his cock and then he held me down and fucked me like a man who’s been celibate for four years. Made me come all over my nice clean sheets.”

The words were like gasoline on an already burning blaze, the visuals behind her eyelids overwhelming her. Hayes’s big broad body over Ren’s, wrists captured in his hands, hips pumping hard. She didn’t know why the thought of them together excited her so much, but goddamn, it did.

“She likes that, Fox,” Ren said. “You should feel how fast her heart is beating, how hot her skin is.”

“Show me,” Hayes said, his voice full of gravel. “Take her shirt off and touch her.”

Cora tensed but only for a second because Ren’s warm hands cupping her breasts drained her of cogent thought.

“Lift your arms, gorgeous.”

She probably should’ve thought about it more. She was about to expose herself to these men. At the office. And there was no hiding under these lights. But she was too far gone.

All she wanted to do was obey.

“Good girl.” Ren grabbed the hem of her T-shirt and tugged it over her head, leaving her in her plain cotton Calvin Klein bralette. Her nipples were hard points beneath the fabric and her chest flushed pink. He stepped in front of her and ran the back of his hand over the swell of her breast. “Perfect.”

“I would’ve bought something prettier if I’d known you’d be seeing it,” she said, a little breathless.

His brows dipped and he leveled a gaze at her. “Don’t you dare. Not on my behalf, at least. Wear what you like. In fact, I can’t think of anything hotter than you standing here in your white cotton and those combat boots.”

The words surprised her, dragged her out of her erotic haze for a second. “You have a tomboy fetish, Muroya?”

Ren smirked. “I suspect it’s just a Cora fetish.” He drew a circle over her areola, sending goose bumps along her skin. “What turns me on is seeing you—the woman you are when no one’s watching. No act. No pretending to be something you’re not comfortable being. That’s what I want. Plus, this cotton is mighty thin. I can see all the shades and secrets of you in this. Bonus.”

She braced her hands on the desk behind her as he went for the button on her jeans. The look he was giving her, the hungry way he was gazing at her body made this seductive impulse bubble to the surface, one she’d never had before. She wanted to tease him, to be playful. She wiggled her hips slowly, letting the denim work down her hips, revealing the top band of her underwear.

Ren groaned and tugged her pants the rest of the way down. When she ventured a peek over his shoulder, she found Hayes watching, his hand still over that thick erection. She could see the intensity in his expression. He wanted to do more than watch, but she had a feeling there’d be no convincing him to join in. She had to trust them with her body. That was a lot. But the trust he’d have to put in her to take it further would be monumental. Too much. He didn’t know her. She could lie about him just as easily as the other woman had. And God only knew what he’d think if he found out who her mom was. But in that moment, seeing the want on his face, she wished she could take that burden off him. Convince him that it was okay. To let go for a minute.

Ren had her step out of her boots and then stripped off her jeans and bra. He was crouched down in front of her and lined up with the perfect view of the damp state of her underwear. He slid his hands up the outside of her thighs and then leaned forward, pressing his mouth and nose to the cotton of her briefs and inhaling. The touch made her groan in both relief and frustration, his nose and lips nuzzling the spot desperate for attention.

“Lie back on the desk, Cora. I need to taste you.”

Some nonsense word slipped past her lips, but there was no stopping herself from obeying. If that meant Ren was going to put his mouth on her, she’d do a goddamned backbend if that was what he asked of her. She scooted fully onto the desk and braced herself on her elbows, unwilling to give up the view of Ren and Hayes.

Ren shrugged off his jacket and tossed it to the side. Then he kneeled in front of her and dragged her underwear down her hips. In three hot seconds, she was bared and exposed to him in the most vulnerable of ways. Up close and personal, under full lights. She had a flash of self-consciousness, but it didn’t last long because Ren pressed his hands to the back of her thighs and opened her to him fully. The rapt look on his face was enough to chase away any doubts. That couldn’t be faked.

“You’re so fucking sexy, Benning,” he groaned and ran a finger over her slit, the slick heat of her arousal beyond obvious. “Look how ready you are. I’m losing my mind thinking about you touching yourself that night, thinking about us. I wish I would’ve known how wound up you were. I would’ve never left you that way.”

He kissed her inner thigh and ran his tongue along the crease were leg met hip, making her moan and arch. Her eyes fell shut but then the light shifted against her lids, making her open them again.

Hayes had walked over and stood a few feet away, gazing down at her face. Not her body, not her spread thighs or Ren’s tongue along her skin but her face. “Tell him how you did it. How do you like getting yourself off?”

She swallowed hard at the rumble of Hayes’s voice, a powerful command wrapped in his brand of quietness. Shyness tried to overtake her, but she couldn’t look away from him, couldn’t ignore the need in his eyes. This was costing him something, too. He was putting aside armor just like she was, trusting her to see that private side of him, the side that craved her submission.

She found her voice. “I used my fingers, but it wasn’t enough so I grabbed a toy.”

Hayes’s jaw flexed, the only indication the words had gotten to him. He reached out and palmed the back of Ren’s head. “Taste her, Ren. And use your fingers.”

Ren grunted beneath the touch but his eyes flashed with heat. “Best directive I’ve gotten at work all day.”

Ren caught her gaze, hot promise there, and then lowered himself between her thighs to take a long, languid lick.

Her heels dug into his back as her body instinctively reacted, her head tipping back and sensation racing up her spine. “Fuck.”

It’d been so long since she’d had anything but her own hand. And there was no toy that could mimic the hot, wet feel of a skilled tongue. Ren went to work before she could catch her breath, licking and sucking and kissing every tender part of her, his stubble scraping her inner thighs and making everything acutely aware and sensitive. She rocked into the touch and tried to hold back the moans that wanted to slip out. They were in a locked office, not a soundproof room. But it was a fight with every sweep of his tongue.

And when he tucked two fingers inside her, curling them just right, she almost levitated off the desk. Her head tapped against the wood.

But she didn’t want to miss a minute of the show, so she forced her head up, bracing herself on her elbows, and watched Ren’s dark head move between her thighs, Hayes’s hand still in Ren’s hair as if puppeteering the whole thing. The view was mesmerizing, like watching an erotic movie made just for her. And it was almost as if she was floating above it all, seeing herself spread along the desk and watching these men overtake her, but the pleasure rippling through her was far from distant.

Her head lolled to the right, the sensation too overwhelming, and her attention landed on the erection in Hayes’s jeans. The zipper looked to be screaming for mercy. She wanted to touch, to reach out and drag him closer, to taste. But that was off-limits. “Can I . . . make a request?”

The words came out choppy, her breaths too quick.

“Of course,” Hayes said, a hint of a dimple showing. “Doesn’t mean you’ll get your way, but you can always ask.”

She let her gaze dip then looked back to him. “You asked me how I get off. I want to see how you do.”

His eyebrow arched and Ren lifted his head for a second, his mouth slick and his eyelids heavy. “I knew I liked you, Benning. She wants to watch you, Hayes. Give the lady a peek.”

Hayes’s lips pressed together and his Adam’s apple bobbed, like he was having a vicious debate behind the cool mask, but he gave a little shake of his head. “Not today. I’m getting enough pleasure just watching the two of you.”

Cora frowned, could feel the restraint in his words, but she wasn’t going to push. This was about stretching her boundaries but not crossing his. “Something to look forward to another day, then.”

He gave her a humorless half smile at that, but didn’t confirm or deny. Instead, he reached out and pushed hair away from her forehead, a gentle brush of a touch that sent a shimmer of heat over her. “Make her come, Ren. Give her what she needs. I want to see her let go.”

Ren didn’t say another word, and the heat of his tongue landed on her like a shock after its absence. Hot against cool. But it didn’t take long for her race to orgasm to kick back in. He pumped his fingers inside her and didn’t hold back with his mouth, feasting on her like she was the finest meal he’d ever had. Her arousal and his tongue making everything slippery and noisy and lewd and hot as fuck.

And before long, her toes were curling against him and her breaths were coming hard and fast. She forgot to be quiet. “Oh, God.”

“Let us have it,” Hayes said. “Let it all go and take what you need.”

Ren’s tongue lashed at her and then he sucked her clit between his lips. The pressure and sensation exploded all into one and her head tipped back, a loud cry bursting from her. It was too noisy, too much for discretion. She rocked against him, and grabbed for him. Her hands landed over Hayes’s on Ren’s head. Their fingers linked and together they guided him against her, letting her wring every ounce of pleasure from his mouth.

When she couldn’t bear anymore and felt turned inside out, she collapsed onto the desk and let her hand fall away. All that was left were the sounds of her breaths sawing out of her.

Ren gently guided her legs back down and pressed a kiss to her hip. “Beautiful. Thank you.”

It was a period at the end of a sentence. Not acceptable.

She reached for him. He was going to go the route of this was just for you, but screw that. She didn’t know what would happen when they walked out of this room. She didn’t know how reality would filter this scene once the erotic fog cleared, and she didn’t want to walk away without having this man, without seeing what he was like when all the self-control went away.

She grabbed hold of his T-shirt, dragged him down, and kissed him. Her taste was still on his lips and that had her libido kicking into second gear. Ren resisted for a second but when she hooked her leg around his hips and pressed against him, he groaned and melted into the connection.

They kissed full and deep, desperate, and her own need ramped up again.

He broke away, breathless. “Benning, I’m trying to be good. But you’re not helping.”

“Good.” She shifted up and reached for his belt. “You have a condom?”

He made a pained sound. “Hayes, get my wallet out of the drawer in my desk, outside pocket.”

Hayes moved swiftly into action and handed Ren the foil packet. Ren’s stare burned into her. “Tell me you want this, Cora. Tell me this isn’t too far.”

She unzipped his fly and slipped her hand over his erection, the soft silk of his boxers hot against her palm. “I want you, Ren. Have since the party. And I want Hayes to watch.”

“Fuck. Yeah, I’m not that noble.” He yanked his pants down and rolled on the condom.

Cora watched the latex roll over that beautiful curved erection, her tongue pressing to the roof of her mouth, and then she turned to see Hayes. The man was focused on the same thing–Ren’s adept fingers sheathing himself. So fucking hot.

Before she could process it all—the sight of Ren between her thighs, her spread naked across a desk, and Hayes watching—Ren gripped her under the knees and the head of his cock pushed into her. They both moaned and her short nails dug into his shoulders at the full feeling of having him inside her. God, yes. She’d definitely forgotten how good this could feel. The heat of a man, the need rolling off him.

Unlike the kiss they’d first shared, Ren didn’t ease into things. She’d pushed him past the point of patience. This was his control fraying at the edges. She loved it. He pumped into her with long, deep strokes, the angle just right and his tattooed arms flexing beside her.

“Is this what you want?” he asked, voice full of grit and his eyes full of challenge. “Hard and fast?”

“God, yes.”

His pants weren’t even off, just hanging loose on his hips, and his T-shirt was still on. It was dirty, urgent fucking, and she wasn’t sure she’d ever felt anything better. There was nothing nice or relaxed or friendly about it. He grabbed her knee and hooked a leg around his hip, angling deeper, the head of his cock teasing at her entrance in a way that felt altogether new. Vaginal sex had always been pleasant but not intense. But right now, she could feel the shape of his cock, the head, the smoothness right at her entrance every time he fucked into her, lighting up nerves she didn’t know she had. And before long, she felt another orgasm knocking at the door.

Sweat beaded his brow and that messy hair was falling in his face. Ren Muroya, undone. She wished she had a photo of him just like this. She’d never need porn again. But when he tucked his hand between them and found her clit, there were no more thoughts of photos or anything else. Light exploded behind her eyes and she cried out, the climax rolling over her.

Ren wasn’t far behind and his thrusts became harder, more urgent until he was gasping and cursing, pushing her across the desk with the force of it all. Her head slipped off the edge, but before it tilted all the way back, two big palms clasped it, cradled it.


The thought was enough to send her into hyperspace. She let her thoughts go and just enjoyed the ride, fell into the bliss. Ren deep inside her, her head in Hayes’s hands, and both men watching her fall apart beneath them.

She would be ruined. How would she ever top this?

But she wouldn’t worry about it now.

This was living in the moment. She’d hold on to it as long as she could.

And not until Ren was sliding out and covering her with his jacket did she open her eyes. Hayes was gazing down at her, still cradling her head, some unreadable expression on his face. She figured she should say something, but before she could, he bent down and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead. Inhaling deeply, like he was trying to breathe her in.

We’re guessing you’re going to need to read the entire book now, huh? Loving You Easy will be available in stores and online September 6, and you can preorder your copy here: Amazon | | iTunes | Kobo | GooglePlay. Digital copies start at $9.99. And if it’s more Hump Day excerpts you’re after (we don’t judge) click away!

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