Hump Day Excerpt: Rina Gray’s IT’S BEEN YOU

It's Been You by Rina GrayWell, we’ve made it to Hump Day! How about we take a sexy excerpt break as celebration? Today we’ve got a steamy scene from Rina Gray‘s upcoming It’s Been You. Out early November, Rina’s latest Crush on You title stars Tiana and her coworker/nemesis Nathan. They make a friendly wager — and then the competition heats up. Happy reading! 

With his hand behind her neck, he tilted her head. Her mouth parted at his sudden intensity, giving him an opening to latch his firm lips onto hers and, with his tongue, coaxed a moan that was beyond physical … It was a surrender of something deep within her soul.

“I need to shower.” Breathing hard, he stepped away and held out his hand. “Join me.”

Palms still open, Nathan patiently waited for her answer. Tiana licked then trapped her bottom lip between small, even white teeth.

C’mon, baby.

This was the final and most important step she had to take. To trust him. To trust herself.

The fragile mask she wore slipped and crumbled. Flecks of browns and greens and golds shone brightly from her eyes. Her hands shook as she drew closer, hovering just above his palm. A battle raged in her pretty head as long silky lashes fluttered shut, barring him from her soul-baring resolution.

His heart ka-thumped. A protest. A revolt. No secrets and no lies and no fears would be squeezed shut and hidden beneath her eyelids.

“Open your eyes, Peaches.”

Long seconds elapsed before her hazel beauties fluttered open.

“Do you trust me, Tiana?”

Chest heaving, she nodded. She’d made her decision.

“Then strip for me.”

Her eyes flashed, and she smiled. Confident. Gorgeous. Mine. The most beautiful woman in the world.

She turned her back to him. “Unbutton me, please.”

A long row of buttons blocked his entrance, imprisoning her tempting curves. Body thrumming with adrenaline, his heart surged into overdrive at the silent challenge her clothes presented.

Challenge accepted. He grinned, gripped the top, and yanked. Buttons flew and rolled on the floor.

“Nathan!” she gasped, grabbing at her falling dress.

“I’ll pay for damages.” He pushed the silky material down.

His hands splayed across her chest and panties. The purple heap around her legs reminded him of the painting The Birth of Venus.

But way sexier. Venus hadn’t worn a sheer purple lace strapless bra, matching panties, and garters.

“Dammit, woman. Please tell me you don’t wear this stuff on a regular basis.”

Tiana shrugged with a half-smile. “Now you know my secret.”

Blood rushed from his head and funneled to his throbbing erection. His hands itched to yank, tug, and rip.

“You have five seconds to take it off. Otherwise, add it to my tab.”

Tiana smiled and instead took her sweet time, bending over and unsnapping her garters. She sashayed away, propped her leg on the bed, and unrolled the stockings. Giving him a cocky smile, she arched her back as she reached behind to unclasp her bra, freeing her breasts. Grabbing the flimsy material, she flung it in his direction.

He caught the bra and growled.

Stalking over to the bed, he removed his vest and shirt. In a rush, he shoved off his shoes and pants and underwear. “No more teasing. Can’t wait.” He grabbed her panties, slid them down her endless, banned-weapons-list legs, and then tossed the lingerie on the bed beside her. Blood rushed and double dutched in his veins, skyrocketing his blood pressure from Daaaaamn, girl! to Oh shit!

Gripping her legs, he placed the chocolate wonders on his shoulder and lowered himself inch by inch, stretching her limber limbs until his chest touched her breasts.

“Nathan.” She sighed, her warm breath caressing his cheek.

Like a siren’s song, her voice and sweet whimpers compelled him to spread her legs wider and conquer. But no, he would savor this moment. I’m a man with infinite patience, after all. Sweat beaded across her eyebrows as he repeated the mantra in his head. Rocking back on his heels, he trailed hot, sensuous kisses—touching and tasting. Dominating and devouring her heated skin.

Her eyes widened, and she writhed beneath him. “I … I need you inside me, Nathan.”

His dick jerked. Tiana, naked and spread in front of him, moaning and aching for his touch, was a fantasy come true. Sliding her leg off his shoulder, he stretched and tossed the pillow near the headboard where he’d hid the condom earlier in the day. He rolled and adjusted the rubber while his eyes remained focused on his dessert.

Tiana’s eyes glinted. “Cocky much?”

He didn’t reply because he was too far gone and well past his patience to care. After crawling between her legs, he reared back and thrust inside her tight core.

She gasped. “Y-yes.” Tightening her legs around his waist, she scratched his back. An explosion of wetness and warmth spurred him on as he drove hard and deep. Her head fell back. “Don’t stop.

He stared into her gorgeous golden eyes, scorching him with passion. He’d always wondered how it would feel to burn in her eyes. This beautiful woman was his. Mine. His blood surged, and heart soared. This was more than sex.

“Nathan,” she whispered, her hands now gripping his ass, forcing him to drive deeper. My girl likes it hard and rough.

Shoving his face into her neck, he breathed deep and thrust harder, shivering from the light scratches on his back. Tiana’s fingers skimmed and gripped the back of his neck. Angling her hips, she ground herself harder and deeper. Her soft folds pulsed around him, gripping him as if she didn’t want to let go.

Damn, she was trying to own him. The thin slip of his control snapped and shattered. Filling her to the hilt, he brought them both to climax. With one last thrust, he groaned and released. I’m ruined.

It’s Been You will be available digitally November 7, and you can preorder your copy here: Amazon | | GooglePlay | iTunes | AllRomance | Kobo. Digital copies start at $3.80. If it’s more Hump Day excerpts you require, we’ve got ya covered

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