Hump Day Excerpt: Sex Becomes Her by Regina Cole

Happy Hump Day! Today we’ve got a scene from Sex Becomes Her by Regina Cole. Liza and Chandler cross paths while on their way to a mutual friends wedding in Hawaii. The trip couldn’t be timed any better, as Liza is escaping a life filled with nasty rumors, and Chandler is recovering from a divorce. Neither of them is ready for anything serious, but life doesn’t always work out as planned. In this scene, Liza receives a present from Chandler and the two quickly have some steamy fun over a Skype call. Enjoy!

Chandler was in his kitchen when his laptop began to trill the alert for an incoming Skype call. His heart quickened the pace of its beating as he dried his hands on the dish towel that hung on the front of the oven door.

Eliza. Had to be. Nobody else would Skype him out of the blue, right? Of course, this wasn’t exactly out of the blue.

His surprise must have arrived.

He clicked the green Accept button as soon as he sat down at his computer desk. It took just a moment for the video call to connect, and then there Eliza was on his screen.

He wished she was in his office with him, but he’d settle for this for now. Just a few more days, and they’d be together again. Hopefully it would be as wonderful as Hawaii had been. Who was he kidding? Of course it would be.

“Hi,” Eliza said, pushing her wet hair back from her shoulder. Her T-shirt was damp where the ends had rested. She looked completely delectable.

“Hi. You look good enough to eat.”

She shook her head and cut her gaze at him. “I look like death warmed over. Don’t lie.”

“I’m not lying. You look great. Like, good enough to strip and fuck the brains out of.”

“And there’s your problem. You shouldn’t look with your cock.”

He laughed, adjusting the lean on his desk chair and rubbing his hands on the arms. “It’s the smartest part of my body, after all.”

“Smartest? Hardly. But it’s not bad. I’d give it an A for effort.”

“Now you’re just being mean.” He gave her his best lost- puppy imitation. She shook her head and adjusted the box in her lap.

Oh yeah, the box!

He raised one eyebrow at her. “So I see you got my little gift. Ready to open it now?”

Eliza looked down at the box in her hands, her brows lowering slightly. “I don’t know. It’s not something that’ll make me want to throttle you, is it?”

Hardly, but he wasn’t above teasing her a bit. “Maybe. How do you feel about live reptiles?”

She shrieked and dropped the box. Chandler just laughed.

“I’m kidding you. Come on, open it. Nothing alive. But it will move if you treat it right.”

“Oh yeah?” She shot him a distrustful glance as she picked up the box and began to remove the brown packing paper. “I will kill you if something jumps out of here and scares me.”

“You’d be totally justified. But I didn’t do you like that. I promise.” He waited, anticipation prickling the hairs on his arms as he watched her methodically remove each bit of packing paper until the plain white box inside came into view.

“More and more mysterious. Unlabeled box.” Eliza pulled it free and pushed the brown cardboard aside. Picking at the tape that sealed the side, she frowned. “Is this a gift, or is it Fort Knox?”

“I couldn’t risk a nosy postal worker checking out your goods. Get some scissors.”

She did, and her disappearance gave him a second to breathe. He’d done the right thing, he knew it. Was it super-kinky? No, he hadn’t been able to come up with something that far into left field on such short notice. But it was unique enough to give them a good time tonight, and that was all he wanted. A little reminder for Eliza of what it would be like when he got there, when they were together again.

 “Back,” she said, and ran the scissors over the sealing tape. “There.”

Chandler held his breath as she lifted the lid off the white box and examined the objects inside.

“Well, obviously I know what this is,” Eliza said wryly, pulling the sleek blue and white vibrator from the box. A small protrusion on the top side of the shaft held a secondary vibrator, the shape reminiscent of a jackrabbit. It was soft, modern, and completely charged. He had been thoughtful enough to do that before he’d dropped it into the mail.

He folded his arms and grinned. “There’s a little more to it.”

Eliza set the vibrator down and looked in the box. “Well, the lube is obvious.”

“Got to ensure your comfort.”

“Naturally.” And then she pulled the small plastic square from the depths of the box. An auxiliary jack extended from the narrowest side, with an empty port on the other. Eliza turned it around and around in her hands, fumbling with the wheel atop the box, examining the jack. “Okay, you’ve got me. I’m stumped. What is this supposed to be?”

Chandler rubbed his hands together to deliver the sales pitch he’d been practicing for the past couple of days.

“That vibrator is controlled by sound. So you plug it into the speaker of whatever you want. Your MP3 player, or phone, or maybe your computer. And then the vibrator moves according to what it hears.”

Eliza’s eyebrows climbed nearly to her hairline, and her smile was one of bemused pleasure. “Oh. Okay.”

“So if, for instance, your boyfriend was a few hundred miles away, and wanted to make you feel extremely good, you could connect it to your computer. And then my voice would do the delicious, dirty things to your body that my hands, mouth, and cock really wish they could.”

Eliza stared directly at him. “That’s brilliant.”

Chandler grinned. “I know. So plug it in, baby. We’ve got all night, but I don’t want to waste a minute.”

As Eliza stood and began to plug the receiver into her laptop, Chandler pulled off his shirt and loosened the button on his pants. Even just watching her move was good to him. Her nipples were hard beneath her T-shirt, and every time they pressed against the thin fabric he longed to reach out and touch them. But he couldn’t. So he told her.

“Your breasts are calling to me, Liza. Your nipples look amazing.”

In response, she stopped moving and pulled her shirt tight over her chest. Chandler’s hand slipped into his underwear and he palmed his cock as she teased him.

“God, yes.”

“Move your camera,” Eliza said, her voice growing a bit husky. “I want to see you touching your cock.”

He tilted the laptop screen down a bit until he could see what was going on in the preview window. Eliza’s eyes darkened as she saw his hand moving up and down on his hard erection.

“It makes me crazy to watch you touch yourself.”

“Then get ready to be insane, baby. Take your shirt off.”

She did, and then replaced her earbuds. She turned the receiver and the vibrator on, jumping and smiling when the blue vibe started to pulse in her hands. But then it went quiet, and she frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

Chandler grinned evilly. He’d tested out some things before letting that little gem leave the house, so he had some plans for her.

“Eliza, I want you to remove your panties and put the head of that vibrator against your clit.”

With each of his words, the vibrator jerked and rumbled in her hands. Eliza let out a delighted laugh.

“Oh God, you’re going to enjoy this way too much.”

            “And so are you,” he said, rubbing his cock faster as she stood and shimmied out of her panties. She’d moved the laptop to her living room, and when she placed it down on the coffee table he was right at eye level with her beautiful pussy. It was a bit shiny, as if she’d been getting wetter and wetter over the past few minutes. He closed his eyes, imagining he could smell her body, taste her skin, plunge his hard cock into her wet, hot depths. Shit, he was going to come soon.

“Okay,” Eliza said, nudging her beautiful lips apart so the blunt head of the blue shaft was barely penetrating her. “Now what?”

“Now, listen to me. And this.” And then he pressed Play on the bass-heavy playlist he’d crafted over the weekend. Quiet storm? This was more like a category-4 hurricane.

“Ohmygod,” Eliza moaned as the vibe kicked into high gear. “Oh God.”

“Now listen to my rhythm as I fuck you from here, okay? In. Out. In. Out.” Chandler timed the strokes of his cock to the strokes of her vibrator. Her hips were twisting, her mouth opening as she gasped and writhed on her couch. He could see all of her, her legs spread wide, her hand moving between her legs as she thrust the toy inside her, the smaller shaft on top bumping against her swollen clit.

If only he was there, his balls smacking hard against her as his cock filled her. Chandler’s breath was loud and ragged, but he had to keep talking. His voice was his direct connection to her hungry body, and he didn’t want to deprive either of them.

“In. Out. Fuck yourself harder for me, Liza. Your body is so hot, so beautiful. I can’t wait to fuck you again. Your mouth is so hot, I love the way your pussy walls grip my cock. I want you to come for me, Liza. Feel that vibration inside you? That’s me. That’s mine. You’re all mine, and I’m going to fill you with my cum. So don’t wait. Don’t you want it? Show me. Come for me. Now.”

He shouted the last word, and her hips lifted clear off the couch. The vibrator was so far inside her he could only see the white handle jutting out of her. Her scream was loud through the microphone, but he didn’t care. She shuddered, moving slower and slower. And then he let himself go. Spurts of hot white cum covered his hand and dripped onto his shorts.

They stared at one another through the screen, both out of breath for several long minutes.

“Holy shit,” Eliza said, wincing slightly as she withdrew the toy from her body. “How long till you get here again?”

“Not nearly soon enough.”

Sex Becomes Her is available digitally and in print June 30th. For more steamy excerpts visit our Everything Erotica page.

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