Hump Day: Holly S. Roberts’s Like a Girl

Whenever we hear a person say, “you did that like a girl,” our immediate response is always, “you mean we did an amazing job?” This mentality makes author Holly S. Roberts a woman after our own heart. Better still — Holly will be joining us at the 2018 RT Booklovers Convention in Reno! This will be Holly’s 13th RT Convention and we can’t wait to welcome her. Her latest contemporary romance, Like a Girl, is available now and follows the ambitious daughter of a former football great as she falls for one of her father’s teammates. We know. Though Aiden and Jordan know that theirs is a love that can never be, the two find themselves inexplicably drawn to one another, and neither is strong enough to deny the attraction …

“This is such a bad idea,” I murmur as I pull her into my arms.

Her gorgeous lips halt a breath from mine. “It’s a horrible idea,” she responds breathlessly.

We stay like that for several seconds as I try to convince myself that I’ll regret what’s about to happen. I’m too damn old to be led around by my dick and I need to find some control. “Hell, just one taste,” I whisper. I lower my mouth to hers and lick her lips in a slow, wet sweep. The taste goes straight to my cock and an electrical pulse charges to my balls, completely bypassing my brain. She’s a cross between sex and the sweetest candy on the planet. It’s the damn lipstick, must be.

I lift my right hand and slowly thread my fingers through her hair. I circle her waist with my left hand and pull her against the ache building in my cock. My fingers touch just a bit of bare, soft skin at her hip. Her hands clench my upper arms and she exhales when I stop licking her lips. I deepen the kiss, twirling my tongue as I gain entrance to the secrets she holds.

Her taste and scent fill me—she’s fresh air, dirty sex, and…all Jordan. This attraction started the first moment I laid eyes on her. That’s nothing new. There are plenty of women I’m attracted to at first glance. But this…what she’s doing to me is new. I want to lose control with her and that’s something I never do. This entire situation is screwed up and I’m about to make it worse.

I turn us so her back is to the door and I pull slightly away. Her lips are puffy and wet, smeared now with that damn pink lipstick. My thumb slides over the corner of her lips and I wipe a small bit away. I glance back into her eyes before the tip of her tongue pulls my attention lower. Her tongue travels slowly across her bottom lip before she bites it. I almost come in my fucking pants. My gaze flashes to hers. She has sleepy, sensual, bedroom eyes begging me to finish what I’ve started.

She starts to speak. I move my hand from her hair, cup her jaw, and run my thumb over her lips, stopping her. She licks the pad of my thumb. “You’re such a bad girl,” I growl. She bites my thumb, making me pull it away. Her lips draw mine again and her right leg moves up and she circles my hip. I grind against her so she feels exactly what she’s doing to me. I’m barely able to break the kiss long enough to whisper, “I should have told you to wear a goddamn skirt.”

“Do you have protection with you?” she whispers.

My heart hammers against my ribs. “Yes.”

“Take me against the door,” she orders. With a sensual smile, she drops her leg and peppers kisses on my lips and jaw while toeing off her sandals. At last her fingers move to the top of her jeans and she unzips them. I help pull them down and then lift her so she can kick the material aside. Her hands go to my shoulders and I press her back against the door again while lifting her up so her legs circle my waist. I skim my fingers down her side until I reach the top of her panties. They’re a white, sheer, barely-there material. My fingers slip beneath the silk. With a gentle bite to her lower lip, she opens for me again. At the same time, her slick, wet heat registers on my fingers while they slide between her thighs. I want a taste so fucking bad.

This is wrong. Very, very wrong.

I use my finger to circle the swollen wet lips of her pussy while stroking her tongue with mine. She lets out a disgruntled sigh and grinds against my hand. I smile into the kiss. Her smell reaches me. It’s beyond her taste. This is dirty and musky and so damn perfect I can’t think straight.

Her arms circle my neck and I’m able to reach down and fish out my wallet from my back pocket. I slide out one of the two condoms I keep there. This is accomplished while kissing her because I can’t make myself pull away. With her legs around my hips it isn’t easy but I somehow manage to unzip my shorts and pull myself out.

“Please,” she breathes into my mouth.

It’s such a simple word, but when she says it my cock grows impossibly harder. Every second it takes to get the condom on is a waste of our time. I mutter a curse because I need to feel my cock inside her heat. Hell.

She breaks the kiss when my dick presses for entry. She’s so damn tight. One of her hands runs up the back of my neck and she grabs my hair. Her teeth sink into my shoulder and I can’t help thrusting forward so I’m seated to the hilt. She’s wet and perfect and so damn hot. I rock her up and down on my cock while she makes small noises that drive me absolutely insane.

“Right there, right there,” she breathes urgently when I hit just the right spot. My balls constrict and my cock nearly explodes. I thought I got over the sixty-second orgasm as a teenager, but Jordan is testing my willpower to its fullest. She nips at my shoulder again and I know her teeth will leave bruises. I don’t give a fuck, I’ll take her marks any day. “Please,” she sighs.

I thrust my hips harder and her legs squeeze tighter. One of my hands splays over her ass to lock her against me. I use the other to grab her hair and tilt her head so our lips meet again. She clenches repeatedly around my cock and I feel her orgasm all the way to my soul. Small moans release into my mouth as she comes undone. After two more thrusts, I follow her into oblivion. The world around us stops as my balls unload and I fill her with everything I have.

We ride out the euphoria until our bodies are replete. I kiss her gently before lifting my gaze to hers. Wild hair, smeared lipstick, and swollen lips. Beautiful and so damn sexy. I could do this all over again right now.

“We’re so screwed,” she whispers, breaking the spell.

“We are.” I won’t lie. What just happened shouldn’t have. My cock stirs and by the look on her face she feels it too because her eyelids lower and the same dreamy expression from earlier crosses her face again. No, this can’t happen again no matter how bad I want it. Can it?

Like a Girl is available in digital and print right now. Digital copies start at $2.99, grab yours here: Amazon | BN | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo. And if more Hump Day excerpts is what you crave (who wouldn’t?) we’ve got you covered.

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