Hump Day: Meredith Wild & Helen Hardt’s MISADVENTURES OF A GOOD WIFE

We at RT are in love with love! We devour romance novels daily and we delight in sharing the steamy bits with our friends. Generally, we get the privilege of watching a couple fall in love with one another for the first time. It’s exciting and scary and oh so addictive to read. But what about established love? You know, the couples who still inspire butterflies in one another’s bellies years after they’ve said, “I do.” Meredith Wild and Helen Hardt introduce us to a couple just like this in Misadventures of a Good Wife and they add a tantalizing twist. Due to incredibly dangerous circumstances, Price Lewis disappears after a plane crash, leaving his beloved wife Kate to believe that he is dead. Their eventual reunion is rife with emotion, and now Kate must make a choice — go back home alone, or disappear with Price forever.

The falling sun marked the nearing end of a perfect day. We swam and snorkeled. We stopped into a little beach shack on the opposite side of the island for the best kalua chicken I’d ever tasted. We drank beers and remembered stories from our old life together. We laughed, and every time I heard that sweet music, I thought my heart would break from sheer joy.

I wanted Kate back in my life for my own happiness, but the promise of restoring hers took hold of something deep inside of me. It made me want to strip her of the choice and demand she stay, for her sake and for mine.

We sailed on to a tiny remote beach with the most beautiful blue-green waters I’d ever seen. She laughed when I chased her across the sand, finally reaching her only to haul her into my arms and kiss her breathless. We must have kissed for an hour under the shade of a smattering of palm trees whose umber trunks bent as they reached for the sea. I would have made love to her there too, but I didn’t want to wipe her out before we’d finished our day.

If only every day could be this way. If only Kate could see this as our future. The two of us. An endless horizon.

My skin felt warm and tight from the hot sun on us all afternoon. Underneath, my muscles were relaxed, satisfied from the day’s exertions. I wasn’t quite ready to head home and let sleep take me, though. We were still a couple miles away from the place where I’d anchor Katherine for the night. Ahead of me, Kate was perched on the bow, her chin rested on her folded arms as she gazed out at the sea. Her legs were tucked under her, giving me the perfect view of her ass.

If nothing else, today completed the visual fantasy I’d had about this life with her. She didn’t know yet that saying yes would mandate her to wearing bikinis for the foreseeable future. The same way I never wanted a moment to go by without touching her, every minute not being able to see and appreciate her physical beauty was a wasted one.

I slowed the boat to a stop, turning us so we faced the setting sun. I joined her a few minutes later, sinking into the cushion beside her.

“Hey, beautiful.”

She moaned softly, leaning her head to one side. “Today was so perfect. It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

I trailed the back of my fingers along her arm. She didn’t know heaven yet. Heaven was our bodies coming together while the sun sank into the horizon, nothing but the waves and the ocean breeze kissing our bare skin like a fine warm silk.

When our eyes locked, I cupped her cheek and led her lips to mine. I still hadn’t tired of her mouth or the way our tongues stroked and dueled, a sensual dance we both knew well. As we kissed, I let my hands roam. Unhurried, I grazed over the pale pink triangles covering her full breasts, up the smooth column of her throat. When I found the tie of her bikini at her neck, I pulled it, baring her breasts for me.

She covered herself with her hands. “Price, we can’t.”

I slipped my hand between her thighs, dragging the tip of my thumb along the front center of the bikini bottoms. “Why not, sweetness?”

She released a small sigh and looked toward the island. Any curious humans would be the size of ants from this distance.


“It’s just you and me, Kate.” I took one of her hands away and wrapped my mouth around her nipple, enjoying how it beaded almost instantly under my tongue. I licked and nipped, plumping her breast in my hand, thanking God once again for creating the perfect woman for me.

“Are you sure?” Her voice was light, almost getting lost in the breeze that billowed over us. She bucked her hips to the rhythm of my teasing strokes against her clit.

I could make her say yes to anything right now. I licked the underside of her breast and blew a puff of air over her nipple. Her skin pebbled with gooseflesh.

“You want me to stop?” I slid the small scrap of her bottoms to the side, and before she could answer, I slid two fingers inside her. She was so ready for me, her cunt gloving me like wet velvet.

“No,” she whimpered. “Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.”

Her eyes were half-mast, her breaths coming fast and shallow through those perfect lips. She reached for my shoulder as if to straddle me. Slipping out of her, I rose before she could. With my hands on her hips, I levered her forward. She took hold of the metal railing that framed the bow and spread her knees apart a few more inches.

I suppressed a groan of anticipated pleasure at the invitation. Straight ahead, the sun was a pinpoint of white light dropping toward the iridescent water. I made quick work of her bikini ties and positioned myself behind her. Releasing my cock from my trunks, I dragged the tip up and down her slit. The slow journey was the best kind of torture. My blood ran hot from my sun-scorched chest to the head of my aching cock as it met her clit, dipped along her drenched opening, and trailed all the way up to the star of her ass. I bit my lip, lingering. I’d have her there again. Soon, but not tonight.

Instead, I sank into her pussy the second the sun disappeared from view, its legacy a warm orange and pink glow stretching across the heavens. When she cried out, I thrust again, skimming my palms over every inch of my own personal heaven. The elegant angles of her shoulder blades as she held on through my thrusts. The narrow river of her spine flowing down to her tailbone. Those two perfect little dimples that fit my thumbs as I hauled her hips back, driving our bodies together in the most intimate way.

“So beautiful,” I rasped.

I knew the slopes and valleys of this woman’s body by heart. She belonged to me, the same way I’d always belonged to her. The thought of another man ever having this view, or having already had it…

Fuck. That single thought cut straight through the haze of my pleasure. I sank my fingers into her flesh and punched my hips forward until I felt the resistance of her cervix against the head of my cock. Her knuckles whitened around the rail, but she didn’t stop me.

My next thrusts were hard and fast. Possessive and fevered. Love, jealousy, regret, despair fueled each one. Her cries degraded into throaty moans and breathless curses, echoing and disappearing over the water until I could feel her nearing climax.

Stay with me. Be with me. Let me love you this way forever.

Every minute since I’d given her the offer, I’d wanted to get on my knees and beg her to stay. I couldn’t get the words past my lips, though. Only one sentence would form, one plea that held all the others.

“I love you.”

I said it over and over, under my breath, through gritted teeth as her velvet cunt tensed and tightened around me. My own release took me under, and I jetted inside of her, claiming her in the only way I could for now.

Misadventures of a Good Wife will be available in digital and print on October 3. Digital copies start at $4.99, grab yours here: Amazon | BN | Google Play | Kobo | iBooks. And if more Hump Day excerpts is what you crave (who wouldn’t?), we’ve got you covered.

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