Hump Day: Rhenna Morgan’s Claim & Protect

CLAIM  PROTECTby Rhenna MorganIt’s no secret that we at RT have a massive crush on Rhenna Morgan’s Men of Haven. Both Rough Tumble and Wild Sweet earned Five Star Gold ratings, and they were considered for Seal of Excellence awards in March and April, respectively! Now it’s finally Trevor’s turn to find love and we are so onboard for this story. Claim Protect, an RT Top Pick!, is available right now! But before you break your finger trying to one-click purchase, we highly recommend losing yourself in this sultry excerpt …

After escaping an abusive ex, Natalie wants nothing more than a fresh start. What she doesn’t count on is cowboy Trevor Raines barreling into her life. Though they fight their attraction at first, when Natalie’s ex returns promising danger, Trevor discovers he will do anything to keep this woman safe.

He shut the door behind them and pressed her back against it, resting his forehead on hers and savoring the press of her body against his. He’d been with beautiful women. Fit, shapely women who turned heads even when they strolled out of the house in sweats and T-shirts, but none of them felt like Natalie. Everywhere he was solid, she was soft, molding against him in the most welcoming grasp of his life. Christ, he hadn’t even kissed her yet and his cock was hard enough to be a skyscraper’s cornerstone.

“Trevor?” She tightened her arms around his neck and her fingers tangled in the band that kept his hair back. “You okay?”

Perfect. Outstanding on a scale he didn’t dare pause to evaluate. “Left okay way behind when you opened your front door in your pajamas.” Just the idea of her tooling around without a bra on had given him a semi and all kinds of sly ideas on how to cop a feel. Feeling her natural and unbound next to him on the couch had been a sick but delicious torture.

Sliding his hands out from under her ass, he gripped her hips and eased her feet to the floor. “Only get once to have you the first time. Not gonna screw it up by rushing through it.” Keeping his body close to hers so she couldn’t slip away, he smoothed his hands up her arms and let out a slow breath. Only the barest glow from the parking lot lights trickled through the dark room, leaving her tiny form mostly in shadows. “I want to see you.”

Her muscles tightened, and her breath caught. “I’m not so sure that’s a good idea to start with.”

Like hell it wasn’t. He toyed with the thin, soft straps holding her top in place, sorely tempted to tug them down and fill his palms with her breasts. “Imagined you, Nat.” He skimmed his fingertips beneath the straps and down along the edge that covered her chest. “Felt you against me that night and filled in the blanks with so damned many dirty scenarios you’d blush for weeks if you ever saw them.”

She hesitated and her fingertips dug into his shoulders. “I’ve had a kid. It does things to a woman. I doubt I’m anywhere near what you’re used to.”

“You trust me?”

Another pause, this one ending with a cautious “Yes.”

“I want to build on that. Want you to see with your own eyes what your body does to me. Kinda hard for you to mark my appreciation in the dark.” He cupped the back of her neck and let his fingers tangle in her hair. Fuck if it wasn’t as soft and slick as the sexy pajamas she had on. “It make you feel better if I go first?”

A shiver moved through her, and her voice came out thick and raspy. “Okay.”

Damn, but he liked that sound almost as much as he liked her acquiescence. Come to think of it, the only words he’d like hearing more were yes, sir and harder.

He forced himself back a step, circled her wrist with his fingers, and pulled her against him the same as he would for a casual two-step. “Then relax. We’re just going to play and have fun. Only what feels good, remember?”

She splayed her hands high on his chest and angled her face to his, easily following his lead as he slow-danced her toward the bed. “Easy for you to say. You’ve done this in the last few years.”

Meaning she hadn’t, and fuck if that knowledge didn’t make him want to knock tonight out of the park even more. The backs of her knees hit the mattress, and he lifted her onto the bed. “Sweetheart, you might think you’re rusty, but the way you kiss, you were born for this.” With one hand holding him propped above her and his knees caging her on each side, he dipped low and teased her lips with his. “Now give me your mouth, darlin’. Time to get you back in the saddle.”

“You’re bad,” she muttered, a little playful but a whole lot breathy.

He palmed the back of her head. “Not yet, but I’m working on it.” He slanted his mouth over hers, swallowing her gasp and savoring the press of her plump lips against his. God, he loved the taste of her—honey-sweet yet unique to her alone. Loved the way she opened for him and tangled her tongue with his, as easy and natural as breathing.

She whimpered and dug her fingers into his shoulders, urging him to close the distance he kept between them.

“Easy,” he murmured against her jaw, licking and kissing his way down the line of her neck. “Got all night to give you what you need.”

She angled her neck for better access and fisted his shirt. “How about if we do a quick run the first time and explore later?”

He chuckled and nuzzled the sweet spot behind her ear. “The only thing quick happening tonight is me getting my mouth on your pussy.”

Rolling her hips, she moaned and speared her fingers in his hair. “Trevor.”

Fuuuck. The only thing better than a sexy firecracker like Natalie when it came to fooling around was a sexy firecracker who got off on dirty talk. Damned if her response didn’t leave him cranked and ready to muddy the waters. He grinned against the delicate skin of her neck, slid his hand down her spine and gave her butt a quick squeeze. “Now slide higher up the bed and let me shuck my clothes. I’ve got work to do.”

“Ugh.” She dropped her hands to the bed with a melodramatic flair. “You ever heard the term cruel and unusual punishment?”

Oh, yeah. Playful Natalie was going to be a whole lot of fun. He rolled away from her, perched on the edge of the bed and toed off his boots. “I’m not much into pain, but if that’s a sly way of you asking me to spank your sweet ass, I’m game.”

Her soft giggle sounded behind him and the bed shifted, but instead of scooting back toward the pillows like he’d asked, she moved in behind him, snagged his ponytail holder and pulled it free.

He smiled into the darkness and tugged his socks off. Outside of the tentative touch she’d started their little dance with on the couch, it was the most aggressive move she’d ever made with him. He liked it. A hell of a lot. He stood, tossed his billfold on the nightstand and switched on the bedside lamp. “Feelin’ frisky, are you?”

For a second, she blinked against the sudden light, then zeroed in on his hands working the buttons on his shirt. She bit her lower lip. “Maybe.”

Maybe his ass. More like way past go and ready to pounce if the gleam in her eyes was any indication. He peeled his shirt free, tossed it aside, and crawled onto the bed. Stretching out beside her, he tucked his hands behind his head and crossed his ankles. “You want to play, then do your worst.”

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