Hump Day: Shelly Bell’s At His Mercy

AT HIS MERCY by Shelly BellWhat would you do if you found yourself At His Mercy? Perhaps you’ll be able to answer that question after reading a decadent Hump Day excerpt from Shelly Bell’s upcoming erotic romance, which earned an RT Top Pick!

Before Isabella heads off to college, she just has to take a taste of the BDSM lifestyle. How could she ever know that the mystery man who rocks her world would also become her college professor? If that surprise wasn’t jarring enough, a dark and dangerous figure from Isabella’s past follows her to campus. Only Tristan, her lover and educator, can keep her safe …

There wasn’t a spot on Angel’s body that he didn’t want to see, touch, and taste. Fucking her in the dark would deprive him of what he craved, and deprivation was the last thing on the menu. Tonight was all about indulgence.

His hunger for her growing stronger by the second, he stalked toward her, loving the way her eyes widened and her chest rapidly rose and fell. He slammed her back against the door, his mouth coming down on hers with brutal intensity. She tasted just as she smelled—like a vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting. He’d never smell vanilla again without his dick getting hard. His tongue met hers in an erotic dance of domination and submission in which he led and she followed. He was starving for her.

Little gasps and moans flew from her lips, her body growing soft and compliant under him. He twisted the lock on the door and palmed her thighs, lifting her off the ground to take her to the bed. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her to the bed and laid her down, his body falling on hers.

Checking in, he nipped her ear and whispered, “What color?”

“Green.” Her tongue darted out as if searching for his. “Now fuck me,” she demanded, a beautiful blush staining her cheeks and neck. No matter how confident she purported herself to be, her innocence cut through her facade.

Holding back a laugh, he smiled against her cheek. Even though she was trying to top from the bottom, he loved her eagerness.

Bucking up her hips, she attempted to grind against him, no doubt to get pressure on that swollen clit of hers. “So what does a girl have to do to get you to properly fuck her?”

Unconsciously, she was testing his dominance and engaging him in a power struggle. The submissive inside her required a firm hand, and it was just her luck that he had one.

“Who’s in charge here?” he asked, dropping the timbre of his voice in censure.

She lowered her lashes. “You are.”

“Exactly. I’ll fuck you when I’m ready.” His cock was demanding entry into her heat, but he wanted to savor the short time he had with her. He slid down her body, settling between her thighs and going up on his knees. “Which I’m not.” Those breasts of hers were begging to be marked first.

He lowered his head to her breast and sucked a nipple into his mouth, enjoying the shiver that wracked her body. He wanted to give her something she’d never forget. Teach her more about the pleasure that could be found in pain. He released her nipple and gently bit the creamy flesh of her breast.

“Ow!” she cried. “You bit me.”

“Nothing gets by you.” She probably wasn’t aware of it, but when he’d bit down, she’d arched her body up toward him, rather than try to retreat. The way she’d responded to the flogging had all the indications that she was a bit of a masochist. He soothed the bruising skin with his tongue, laving it with careful attention.

He brushed his thumb over her nipple, loving those breathless little gasps she made with every pass. “Don’t fight the pain. Surrender to it. Every time you change your clothes for the next few days, you’ll see these bruises and think of me.”

Her tongue darted out, moistening her lips until they glistened. She reached up and laid her hand on his cheek. “Like I’d ever forget you.”

Fuck, she undid him.

He kissed her palm, then returned to his mission. Over and over, he bit and sucked the flesh of her breasts, leaving behind bruises as tiny souvenirs. Her breathing accelerated as she writhed beneath him. Seeing his marks on her sent a sense of satisfaction through him that he hadn’t felt in years, making his balls ache with the need for release.

But still he wasn’t ready, the driving desire to taste her pussy outweighing his own need to come.

He slid down her torso until he was up close and personal with the red curls between her legs. His fingers combed through them, becoming sticky with her arousal, and his eyes almost rolled back into his head. She was drenched, wetness coating the top of her inner thighs. Using two of his fingers, he separated her labia, exposing her pink folds and the swollen bundle of nerves at the apex of her pussy.

Fucking gorgeous.

“Hold on, Angel.” Driven by his insane hunger for her, he bathed his tongue inside of her, lapping up her sweetness.

Her thighs tightened around his ears as her hands plunged into his hair, her fingers digging into his scalp. “Oh my God. That’s…” The rest of her words were cut off by her moan.

If he didn’t know better, he’d almost think no one had ever done this to her before. Either way, he’d leave her with a memory she’d never forget. Working her clit with the flat of his tongue, he slowly inserted a finger. Holy shit, she was tight, her walls gripping him like a hot, wet glove. Sweat beaded on his forehead and his cock throbbed, his restraint nearing its breaking point. Pressing down on her belly with one hand, he slipped a second digit into her soaked channel and crooked them, finding the sensitive spot that would light her up from the inside and rubbing.

Her legs trembled as her pussy clenched around his fingers. What are you doing to me?” she asked, her head whipping back and forth on the pillow. On a long, keening cry, she climaxed, her body growing rigid as her delicious pussy clenched and released, over and over again, and her ecstasy spilled around his fingers. He eagerly drank her up like a man who’d been lost in the desert, the spice of her orgasm bursting on his tongue. When her body softened and her legs collapsed on the mattress, he withdrew his fingers and lifted his head.

He started rocking into her mouth.

There were so many things he wanted to do to the body laid out before him, but he couldn’t wait another moment without sinking into her. He stripped off his shirt and jumped from the bed, taking off his boxer-briefs along with his pants and retrieving a condom from his wallet. It was his only one, but he had no doubt his friend stored plenty more, as well as other sexual aids, in the nightstand beside the bed.

Sprawled out on the bed, with her red hair fanned out on the pillow and her legs slightly spread, Angel glowed in satisfaction. She watched him through hooded eyes.

He rolled the latex down his length and climbed onto the mattress, seizing her by the ankles with the intention of flipping her over and taking her from behind, as was his usual way when his submissive wasn’t restrained. But something stopped him, a silent voice that whispered she deserved more—and so did he.

“Eyes on mine, Angel,” he demanded as he moved between her thighs and notched his cock to her opening. “You close them and I stop.” He inched his way in slowly, letting her grow accustomed to his size. “And trust me, you do not want me to stop.” Her lids began to shut, but at his threat, they flew open. Dominance wasn’t about whips and chains or fancy sex toys; it was about assertion of power. Angel had tried her hardest to test it, possibly to even usurp it, but right now, with her soft body underneath his, she yielded to him completely.

Fully seating himself inside her without any resistance, he realized he’d aptly named her Angel because he had truly found heaven in her pussy. Heat traveled from the tip of his cock to his balls as he slid his length back and forth, pumping shallowly. “Wrap those gorgeous legs around my waist and hold on, Angel. I’m about to take you on the ride of your life.”

She clung to him as if he were her life raft, her thighs squeezing his hips as she planted the heels of her dainty feet above his tailbone, and her fingertips gripping his shoulder blades. She surrounded him, every part of her touching him, inside and out. He wanted to bury himself deep and take her hard, slam against her over and over again until they both exploded and collapsed in a sweaty heap of tangled limbs. Instead, he fought against his urges, slowly and steadily rocking into her as if they had all the time in the world.

In between her gasps caused by his pelvic bone brushing against her clitoris, Angel’s brows crinkled in confusion. “I thought you were going to take me on a ride.”

“I am,” he said, continuing to fuck her at a leisurely pace that would drive them both out of their minds. “Fast and hard will get us both off, but where’s the fun in that? Some rides are meant to be savored.” He wasn’t in the mood for a quick fuck. Not with her. He kissed her lips with tenderness, mirroring their lovemaking. “Submit to me, Angel, and let go.”

She nodded, her lashes fluttering as she fought to keep her eyes open, and her nails digging into the skin of his back. Little by little, he was stoking the fire, letting the pressure build, and careful not to let it burn out of control.

When her gaze skittered away, he forced his hips to stop moving, an action much harder on him than her. But she’d broken his demand to look into his eyes. As her Dom, it was his role to set and enforce the rules or she’d never submit to him. Bracing his weight on one arm, he grabbed her chin and coaxed her eyes back to his. “It’s not supposed to be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. But the reward…” He swiveled his pelvis and drove his needy cock inside her. “The reward will be worth it.”

He took her hands in his, lacing their fingers, and brought them above her head. They stared into one another’s eyes as he moved inside her, their bodies intertwined, turning two into one. Seduced by the unguarded sensuality reflected in her emerald irises, he lost himself in her innocence.

It was as if she was an endless well and he was falling into her.

He’d gladly drown.

Her moans floated in the air like a symphony in a room filled with rock music, unique and lovely. Her inner walls tightened around him and her legs trembled.

“Tristan?” she half asked, half cried, her limbs tensing.

“Fall, Angel,” he whispered. “I promise to catch you.”

She repeated his name, but this time, she shouted it. Moans spilled from her lips and tears slid from her eyes as her pussy clenched and released around him, over and over. Through it all, his little submissive’s eyes never left his. Not once.

It was too much for him. As much as he wanted to remain buried inside her for hours, he’d reached his limit.

Electric sparks skated down his spine and wrapped around his balls. Heat blasted through him, tearing away his control. He came and came hard, harder than he’d ever come before. And still he couldn’t stop himself from slowly pumping himself into her, not nearly ready to leave the oasis of Angel’s body. Not yet. Maybe not ever.

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