James Dashner on the Maze, the Movie and More!

The Fever Code by James DashnerWe’ve been James Dashner fans since we got our book-loving hands on 2009’s The Maze Runner. Now there are movies for us to obsess over (hooray) and a new prequel, The Fever Code, out later this month, which will finally tell us how the maze was built. CAN’T WAIT. We chatted with James about his book, the movie and more! 

What made you decide to write a prequel?

This prequel was something I had been planning since the very beginning, even before the first book came out. The nature of the series really lends itself to a prequel, I think, with the main characters having had their memories wiped and all the mystery and intrigue involved in the story. When it actually came time to write the prequel I had envisioned, my editor had a different vision, which is where The Kill Order came from a few years ago. The Fever Code is finally that book that I’ve been thinking about for so long.

We have always wanted to know how the Gladers ended up in the maze. We weren’t the only ones, right?!

My readers ask me all the time about things that happened before Thomas and the others were inserted into the Maze. So much of it has resided in my head that it was fun to finally get it out and onto the paper. I really think fans of the series are going to have fun seeing all these crazy things come to life.

Do you have a certain book that you’ve always wished the author would write a prequel for?

Hmmmm. What a great question! Let me think. I’ll have to say It by Stephen King. It’d be cool to see the entity behind Pennywise the Clown haunting something like 17th-century New England.

You talk a lot about the books you read on Twitter. What has been your favorite book of 2016 so far? What was your favorite read of 2015?

Crazy that an author loves to read so much, right? This year I really enjoyed The Fireman by Joe Hill. It was really fantastic. He’s definitely a chip off the old block. And last year … I’ll say Winter People by Jennifer McMahon. She does such a good job with atmosphere and chills.

Fans (us included) are super excited about the next movie, The Death Cure. What update can you give us?

All plans are full speed ahead for the movie, with filming to take place sometime soon. The scheduled release date is January of 2018. It’s going to be one insane movie, I can promise you that.

What do you most want to tell your fans?

I just want to thank all of my readers, who’ve shown so much passion for this series that it never ceases to amaze me. Yes, they’re all a little crazy and I love them for it. It’s been a fun journey.

You can preorder your very own copy of The Fever Code, out September 27 here: Amazon | BN.com | iTunes | Kobo | Googe Play. Digital copies start at $10.99. For more YA reads, check out our Everything YA page! 

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