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The Betting Vow by K.M. JacksonWe love reality TV, we cannot lie — we watch while we read, of course! Which is why we’re so excited K.M. Jackson’s upcoming The Betting Vow! We’ve heard from the author about Insert Groom Here and we’ve examined her amazing covers — and today she’s talking about her latest  … 

Those that know me, know I’m a total pop culture and reality TV junkie. The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, the Not So Real-Real Housewives, as I like to call them, my list of favorites go on and on. That said, I immediately fell in love and was inspired by the TLC show Married At First Sight. The idea of total and complete strangers, interviewed and put together by a team of experts and then married the moment they meet. The exact moment, right there in front of the officiant, had me captured with its off-the-hook, crazy premise.  

Sure, the chances for these couples, being on TV, inundated with social media stresses, in my opinion, have very little chance of making it through the long haul. But I’m a romance writer and luckily with my job I have the option of flipping the script and writing my version as I see fit. 

In The Betting Vow, my pair — model/wannabe-taken-seriously actress Leila Darling and smart, handsome and surprisingly impetuous Carter Bain — meet at a Vegas vodka launch party. There’s an immediate attraction. There is also instant controversy when Carter, an up-and-coming television executive who is starting a new primetime network, lets it be known he’d like Leila for an upcoming comedic role. But Leila sees straight through the role Carter is offering. She knows it would essentially cast her as nothing more than sexual eye candy and Leila’s not having that. She has hopes of deeper roles, more in line with where she wants her career to go. Soon Lila’s quick-talking manager, Jasper, steps in with a proposal the two can’t refuse. 

Being a tad bit more of a realist, in The Betting Vow I channeled my TV inspiration but took the in-house cameras away, and instead of having my strangers put together by TV experts, I had them paired by my own modern matchmaker Jasper — in hopes of seeing true love sparks fly for my fictional couple. 

Now Leila, who has been knows as a bit of a wild child in the industry, could use an image makeover and Jasper knows that Carter, a man with a reputation for being a bit of a player, could use a PR tweak too. So, Jasper proposes a final hand of poker that could be a win-win for all of them.Will they bet it all on a game of poker, with walking down the aisle with a stranger as the stakes — the prize a hit TV show? We shall see. The reality TV loving maven that I am says no way, but the HEA-loving romance writer in me knows that anything is possible. 

The Betting Vow will be available in stores and online next week! You can grab your copy here: Amazon | BN | Kobo | GooglePlay | iBooks. For more romantic reads, go here

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