Men Of RT: Author Nico Rosso

It’s Valentine’s Week here at RT, and we are feeling the love — more so than usual! We’ve been talking about the RT Convention for a while now, but this week we want to focus on one very special aspect of the event: the Men of RT! It’s takes a special kind of man to not only attend a week-long affair dominated by women, but to make a mark of their very own. Readers, meet the Men of RT!

Today we’d like you to meet Nico Rosso, a romance author with a knack for writing tales that keeps us in suspense! Let’s get to know Nico before we see him in Vegas …


What trope most mirrors your own life? I think the Beauty and the Beast trope best fits my life. I can be a little rough around the edges, but my wife, Zoe Archer (AKA Eva Leigh) sees past the spikes on my hide. 

Astrological sign: I am a Taurus. Very much so. Stubborn and committed. And I like to eat.

Favorite book of all time: If I had to pick a book I’ve returned to several times, it would be I Ching. It’s different every time you open it because it’s a reflection of what you bring at that moment.

Give us your best publishing industry anecdote. One thing I love about the romance publishing business is how open and available people are. I remember being at a conference and ambushing Carina Press’ Angela James while she was returning to the hotel from dinner with her family. They all understood that business was business and walked ahead as I pitched Angela my latest idea. She dug it and a month or so later I sent her the proposal for the Demon Rock series. 

Tell us about your dream author dinner party. My dream author dinner party is a congregation of the authors who have become our friends over the years. Because everyone lives in different corners of the continent, it would be such a pleasure to have people like Tessa Dare, Rebekah Weatherspoon, KB Alan, Victoria Dahl and Lauren Dane around one table. Of course, we’d be eating a huge tray of my lasagna. And the conversation would be whatever the food and wine inspired. 

What’s your dream date? My dream date is February 30th. I mean, the 29th only comes around every four years, could you imagine what the 30th would be like?


Tell us about your first RT convention. I got a day pass to my first RT convention because I was helping man the table for the local RWA chapter. Zoe had already attended other conventions, so I had an idea of what went on, but I finally had my eyes truly opened after my shift when I got up to the bar and saw all the awesome people attending.

RT 11 Archer Signing

What should a newcomer attending RT know? RT newcomers should know that even though it seems like everyone else already knows each other and has the convention on lock, that they’re there to talk and meet new people, just like you are. And they might be a bit nervous about the socializing as well, so introducing yourself is always a good place to start.

We can’t wait to see you in Vegas, Nico! For more on the Men of RT, click here. And for all the convention news you can use, we’ve also got ya covered.

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