Midnight, Texas Recap: 1.2 "Bad Moon Rising"

We’re back for episode two of Midnight, Texas and this was an episode full of action! Tigers! Demons! Kissing! What more could you ask for? Let’s get to it! 

We open as Manfred and Creek are on the run from something roaring in the dark. They make it to the RV. He’s got a giant scratch on his side, but still has time to make eyes at her. They try to kiss but the roaring monster rocks the RV. Manfred asks his dead grandma and she says what we’re all shouting at the screen, which is: RUN! 

24 Hours Earlier

Manfred’s house is still full of screaming ghosts, so he’s in the RV with his ghostly gram. He questions her suggestion to head to Midnight in the first place. She tells him Hightower, whom they owe money to, has been calling. Manfred recalls his grandma’s saying, “When the going gets tough, we live on a house with wheels.” She says that was before she died, and that she’s not really available to him anymore. He needs people — and she thinks the population of Midnight is it for him. After all, he can be his own self. 

Town meeting: the townspeople are discussing Bobo’s plight. Manfred arrives with his poltergeist infestation news, and they do take it pretty well and offer to help. 

Bobo’s in jail, professing his innocence. The police take him and put him in the room with the gang members who know Aubrey’s husband. They pass along a message (which means they try to beat him up). Except Bobo wins. 

The Revered climbs into his cellar and Olivia locks him in, shapeshifter protection style. 

The rest of the crew heads to Manfred’s house, which is now freezing and filled with flies. Aubrey is also still there, gurgling and slightly terrifying me. Manfred does the obvious thing, which I am so grateful for, and just straight out asks her who killed her. He lets her borrow his body. We see an array of startling images, including a biker with a skull mask, and then she drowns. 

Manfred wakes up at Fiji’s, she gave him something to sleep. She states the obvious for us, which is that medium’s don’t stay very long in Midnight, on account of the restless spirits. She tells him he has to go the police with the information about Aubrey’s murder. Meanwhile Fiji’s going to prepare for an exorcism. As one does. 

Manfred tells the police chief what he saw, with Jason Lewis along for the ride. We see the chief resume the search. He also suspends his deputy for setting up the jump on Bobo and then laughing about it. 

The Rev is dealing with his change, which looks very unpleasant. 

Exorcism time! Fiji is pretty calm, but also she can’t see the ghosts. She sends Manfred outside. 

The scorned deputy heads to Midnight, hand on her gun. She hears the reverend banging against the cellar door. AND FOR SOME REASON SHE CUTS THE CHAIN. She goes downstairs … and sees a TIGER. She tries to run but, yannow, hungry tiger. 

Manfred hears her screams and heads out to investigate. He sees the deputy’s dead body hanging from a tree. (No one ever questions how the tiger got the body up the tree, so I’m just going to go with it.) He realizes Creek is working at the gas station, adorably dancing as she is the female love interest, as the tiger stalks her. Manfred runs. Run, Manfred, run! He’s side swiped by the tiger. Creek manages to drop a car on him, but the tiger gets out. 

They run to the RV … and we’re back at the top of the episode! 

Lemuel comes to see Olivia. He smells blood. Midnight’s two resident bad asses head out to find out what’s up. They see the tiger and take some shots, but Olivia realizes she needs ammo. Olivia is willing to kill the reverend with silver bullets to save someone else — she knows it’s what he would want. 

Meanwhile, over at the exorcism (told ya a lot happened during this episode), Fiji’s working on it, but lights are flashing, the fire is flaring and smoke is billowing. But then it calms down. Except Fiji’s dead catcher is dripping blood, and the demon under the floor is calling her name. Manfred is shoved out of the house as the demon says it wants FIJIIIIIIIIII. 

Manfred breaks back in as Fiji is thrown around the room by an invisible force. The demon is feeling around Fiji’s skirts. MANFRED HELP. He goes to get his great, great, great grandmother’s skull. He summons his ancestors. The skull turns to ash, but Fiji is free. She wants to go home and take a bath, but Manfred breaks the news about the Rev. 

They find a bloody trail and a dead deer, and … there’s the tiger, stalking through the forest. Olivia and Lemuel arrive. Lemuel and the tiger fight in an effort to not have to shoot and kill him. Lemuel manages to restrain the animal. I’m not going to lie, there’s some cheesy dialogue I think we’re all above. 

Olivia, Fiji and Manfred watch as the tiger transforms back into the Rev. Manfred covers him with his coat, which is quite neighborly. The Rev knows he killed the deputy. 

Bobo is free! The chief says they found a gang jacket near the murder scene with one of Aubrey’s hairs. 

The Rev presides over the deputy’s grave. Olivia assures him it’s not his fault, but he feels remorse. He also confides that he was much more ravenous than usual last night — something is changing in Midnight. Olivia knows. 

At home, Fiji hears the demon’s voice. So that’s not good.

The police chief gets in his car to go home and BOOM! His car explodes. We see the gang members watching from on high — this is their retribution for his letting Bobo go. 

Creek comes to see Manfred, and at last they kiss! 

Joe the angel is worried about all the evil brewing. He knows that last time the veil tore, a millennia ago — demons rose, people died, and so on on and so forth. But there’s a prophesy: an army will rise, led by a man with the gift of sight. 

“The new guy?” Joe’s partner asks doubtfully. 

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