Midnight, Texas Recap: 1.5 "Unearthed"

Lots of plot movement and resolution in this episode, so get yourself a mug of tea and settle in for a visit to Midnight … (Apologies for the long recap, tell your boss you’re reading a very important memo?)

We open as Manfred hears a knock at the door, only no one’s there, just a strange-looking Jack in the box, out of which pops a scarred Jack. There’s a note that Manny has to meet at the train station. Manny and grandma figure it’s Hightower who sent the message. Grandma apologizes for getting Manny into this mess, but Manny says he wanted the money as much as she did. 

Fiji and Bobo are making out when they hear a roar of motorcycles. The gang throws flaming bottles at the pawn shop. Lem and Olivia are still inside the burning shop, so the residents of Midnight work quickly to put out the flames. The cat comes to tell Bobo that the fire was a distraction to grab Fiji. Aubrey’s husband calls, he wants the money and weapons. Bobo says yes, definitely, but this is only the beginning of the episode, so we’ve got to wait — and so does poor Fiji. 

Manfred asks Creek if she maybe wants to leave town? No reason. Creek tells him maybe he has a reason to stay. These two. 

Fiji wakes up, disoriented. They’ve drugged her to keep her from using her powers to escape. 

Lem’s awake and mad that he and Olivia were almost killed in the fire. He wants answers from Bobo. Bobo takes him to the underground bunker we’ve seen in previous episodes. It’s filled with serious weaponry and money. Bobo said he’s on the run from his family — who are white supremacists like the gang. (Now I have a lot of questions! Did he just happen to marry Aubrey? Is the gang after Bobo specifically and not because he was with Aubrey? GOOD TWIST, SHOW.)

Creek asks Olivia to help Manfred. 

Manfred heads to the train station with Bobo’s cash. Olivia shows up to help him. She’s going to front him the extra money so that Manny can pay back Hightower in full. Except there’s a dead body dressed up in a wedding gown (sure!). It’s Hightower’s daughter, Violet, whom Manfred left at the altar. Olivia, ever the professional, tries to keep the negotiations on track. Except Hightower does black magic and grabs their guns, hurling broken glass at them while they run. Like, dude, things that might have been helpful to tell Olivia when she showed up and offered to loan you many, many dollars. 

Hightower shows off his powers.

Bobo will now answer some of my questions: his family had big plans for the money and weapons, so Bobo took it and ran. Legend spread, and when the local gang discovered Bobo, they sent in Aubrey to woo him — except she fell for Bobo because he is handsome. Lem assures Bobo they’re going to get Fiji back. 

Manfred at last tells us his backstory, and it does not leave him looking great. Ready for a visit to Exposition Point? Let’s go! Hightower wanted to be magical, but he had no magic left in his family tree. (The hurling glass magic he can do, he paid for with his eye, so you know he’s committed.) So he paid Zelda and Manfred, so that Manfred and Violet’s babies would be psychic. Only Manfred and Zelda never planned on going through with the deal, and as soon as they got paid — right before the ceremony — they skipped town. Violet killed herself soon after. Creek’s disappointed face says it all. 

Bobo drives a huge truck to the meet-up point. There’s a lot going on in this episode! This recap is going to be 7000 words long. Apologies in advance to your day’s productivity. The gang beats Bobo up while Lem listens under the truck, biding his time. 

Hightower jumps Olivia, but Olivia’s smirk is super Buffy reminiscent as in, THIS GUY THINKS HE’S GONNA BEST ME? Warms my supernatural-lovin’ heart. Olivia takes him to an abandoned room and then jumps him. Manfred helps her shackle him, presumably so he can’t do his magic. Creek shows up to eavesdrop — as one does. Manfred tells Hightower that they both lost someone, his grandma got sick as soon as they pulled the con. They blew all the money on chemo, and she died anyway. But Hightower points out that Manfred still gets to hang out with his grandma, while Violet is lost to him. GOOD THING THERE’S A PSYCHIC IN THE ROOM. 

Manfred expels a ghost, smoke plume style

Hightower says he gets peace or Manfred’s dead. Violet’s ghost appears. She didn’t kill herself over Manfred. Alas, she doesn’t have well wishes for her pop, instead she hopes he rots. Manfred tries to counsel her but she’s not having it, so she takes over his body. She/Manfred yells at Hightower for trying to marry her off like chattel. She/Manfred attacks Hightower. Manfred spits her out before she strangles Hightower. Then Hightower kills himself. That was … unexpected. 

The truck, gang members, Bobo and a still-hiding Lem arrive at gang headquarters. The gang members tell Fiji about Bobo’s white supremacist past. They are weirdly still blaming Bobo for Aubrey’s death. They lock them both up, like who didn’t see that coming.

Fiji and Bobo in a bubble of protection.

Lem arrives to wreak havoc. Go Lem go! The gang shoots at Lem as he strolls along. Then he starts biting. He saves Fiji and Bobo and warns them that they sun’s almost up. Bobo prepares to blow up the weapons when he’s jumped by Aubrey’s husband. They fight over who killed Aubrey. Bobo kills him and blows up all the weapons as they drive off. 

Bobo tells Fiji about his past. She needs time to think. 

Creek and Manfred kiss and make up. She even told her dad about him! 

Does this feel like a season finale to you? It feels like a season finale to me. (But I just checked and we’re only halfway through! WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE, CHARLAINE?)

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