Midnight, Texas Recap: 1.6 "Blinded by the Light"

I will say one thing for this show — this plot moves! More big reveals this week, so let’s head on over to MIDNIGHT! 

We open on a group of kids — I mean I say “kids” because I am an old lady, but I am pretty sure these actors were cast under the “meddling kids” banner. Aaaaand this recap is going to be super long again if I keep going off on these tangents. FOCUS, BONGIORNO. Onward!

So the kids are running through town, rabble rousing (as they said in my day, sorry, I’m going to do better), howling and trashing stuff. Fiji comes out to scare them off, and they call her middle-aged. FEEL YA, FIJI. The kids spray paint graffiti and then run for it — leaving their token girl behind. She tries to wave down a truck, until she realizes the truck is gunning for her. 


We open on an ill-looking Fiji dreaming of demon hands grabbing her. She thinks it was just a dream until she sees the scratches on her legs. NO THANK YOU. 

Manfred and Creek are snuggled up in bed, enjoying their out-in-the-open relationship, until Manny sees a ghost  through the window and pops some prescription pills. He tells Creek the ghosts give him a hangover. 

At the diner for breakfast, Manny’s popping more pills. The Rev stops by to tell Manfred that his were-self (a word spell check does not approve of) is hungry, and Manfred says he’s seeing more and more ghosts. 

Creek sees her brother Connor at the diner, turns out her dad fired her from the gas station when she fessed up about seeing Manfred, and now her brother is stuck covering all her shifts. He’s also overly involved in his sister’s love life and reiterates that he doesn’t like Manfred. Like worry about your own self, BRO. He’s got a bruise on his arm, and Creek asks if it was their dad. Connor storms off. 

One of the teens comes back to Midnight ask about the girl from the opening sequence, whose name is Erin. She didn’t make it home and he’s worried — not worried enough to cop to the vandalism or ask the Midnighters for help, so, like semi-worried. 

The Midnighters meet up to look for the girl. Fiji confides in the Rev that she thinks a demon is after her. They hug. 

Just looking for a dead body, NBD

Creek tells Manfred about how her brother’s arm was bruised, but swears her dad never hurt her. They happen upon a dead girl, but it turns out this girl has been there for awhile, so it isn’t who they’re looking for. Manfred tries to talk to the ghost of Tiffany (she was the willing human blood donor hanging with the vampires a few episodes back). Manfred can’t find her spirit, she’s already moved on. Bobo’s worried Aubrey’s killer is responsible. They decide not to call the cops and deal with the killer themselves. 

The Rev and fallen angel Joe talk. The Rev wants to tell everyone what Joe said, about the veil thinning and an apocalypse brewing. But Joe insists they stay quiet, because news of a fallen angel would travel fast and bring more trouble. He assures the Rev all will become clear soon enough. 

Creek and Manfred go to check on her brother. Her dad is there, drunk. He punches Manfred. Yikes! They find Creek’s brother Connor wandering in the fields. He passes out. When he wakes up he says he was looking for the girl and got hit from behind. 

Taking care of Connor

Fiji finally fesses up about the demon as Joe fidgets. The Rev comes into the meeting and spills about the veil thinning. The Midnighters are concerned. 

Lem and Manfred go out searching. They find the girl, with Creek’s dad looming over her. WHAT! Twist! 

Manfred goes home to break the news to Creek as the rest of the crew interrogates daddy-o, except he’s not talking. Manfred heads back to Creek’s house to confront whatever ghost he heard lurking the bedroom. There’s a lot of terrible screaming coming from a shoe box. Inside is a skull mask. It’s the mask Manfred saw in the vision of who killed Aubrey. (This show makes me type weird sentences, but you are with me, yes?)

Okay, so I caught onto this upcoming plot twist quickly, do you want me to tell you? I’m just going to tell you. Manfred shows the girl a picture of Creek’s dad and Connor, and asks “Is that him?” She nods and tells them how she was hit with a pipe, and then how she fought back. 


Connor wants to run. (DO YOU GET IT NOW?) Creek goes with him. Manfred frets. (Creek still doesn’t get it.) 

Creek’s dad is fessing up, saying what we all know: CONNOR IS THE KILLER. He tells his sad tale: they could never have pets because Connor would kill them, they moved to Midnight because of its isolation and powerful residents who could protect themselves. 

Creek tries to answer Manfred’s call as Connor throws the phone out the window and Creek starrrrrts to get a clue. Manfred freaks out as they try to make a plan. Joe takes off his shirt and sprouts his wings. He says he’ll find them. Bad ass in a slightly alarming way! 

Creek is the last one to join the reveal party. Connor tries to say he’s like the other Midnighters, but Creek isn’t having it. Connor tries to ram the truck into a road block but Joe saves them as Lem heads out to deal with Connor. Lem snaps Connor’s neck and it’s honestly a little too much. Coulda used the cut to black there, NBC. 

Yes, I am a fallen angel

Creek, Joe and Lem return home. Lem’s expression says it all. Creek and Manfred embrace. 

Fiji has healed Alex, the girl from the opener in case this large cast of characters has you confused, I got you. Alex promises to keep the Midnighters’ secret. 

Creek tells her dad Connor is gone. He apologizes but Creek isn’t having it. She tells him she never wants to see him again — he chose Connor over her. 

Fiji burns Connor’s murder mask and blesses the spirits he killed. 

Creek cries in Manfred’s arms. 

Joe tells the Rev that he’s going to be hunted now that he saved Creek. 

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