Mystery Book Recommendations: March 2013

On the hunt for a mystery tale that has a great hook? Get ready to find your thrills in the following RT recommended books that include big doses of the occult, politics and conspiracies — oh my!

Love reading about scary villains? There is nothing that will give you the heebie-jeebies faster than characters dabbling in the occult. For some truly suspenseful action, we suggest A Dying Fall by Elly Griffiths, which features a protagonist stumbling onto the “White Hand” — a secret society that may be sacrificing people by burning them alive. What Darkness Brings by C.S. Harris should also be on your radar. This historical tale pits the hero up against a dangerous group that may use the occult to assist in their nefarious plans. However, not all tales of the paranormal have to be frightening. Take Jennifer Harlow‘s new release What’s a Witch to Do?, which features high priestess (and amateur sleuth) Mona McGregor who is on the lookout for a coven member who has done her wrong.

As the saying goes, nothing’s fair in love or war … or politics. This month there are two great historical tales that delve into the secrets and lies at the heart of English governments. Carol K. Carr‘s India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy has bordello owner, and part time spy, India, working for Prime Minister Disraei in order to learn more about anarchists looking to tear London apart. While the Top Pick! rated The Chalice by Nancy Bilyeau has an unexpected protagonist — novice nun Joanna Stafford — fighting to end King Henry VIII’s war on the Catholic Church.

If a dangerous conspiracy never fails to grab your imagination, then get ready for some sleepless nights because we have some gripping reads for you. First up, a newspaper reporter must solve the cover up of a police officer’s murder in The Good Cop by Brad Parks. Next, CJ Lyon‘s heroine in Black Sheep attempts to exonerate a family friend twenty-five years after he is wrongfully sent to prison. And finally, in Jo Bannister‘s Deadly Virtues, Officer Hazel Best is assigned to investigate a murder that the victim knew was coming, yet nobody was able to stop. 

You can pick up all of these titles, available in stores this month. Looking for more thrilling titles? Click here to visit RT’s Everything Mystery Page



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