Mystery Overview: February

Kids say — and do — the darndest things, and in this month’s mystery overview, we’re taking a look at some chilling cases where the adults aren’t the only ones getting in on the action or drama. Today’s youngsters are smarter than we sometimes give them credit for, and this month’s recommendations prove they have what it takes. So let’s get started, shall we?

William Shaw kicks off our overview with his latest, She’s Leaving Home, in which Detective Sergeant Cathal Breen struggles to prove himself to his fellow officers after becoming ill at the scene of a murder. When he identifies the victim as a young Beatles fan camping outside Abbey Road Studios, he’s joined by Helen Tozer, a young policewoman who may be connected to the victim. Will they solve the case before it’s too late?

In J.A. Jance’s Moving Target, Ali Reynolds makes use of her time in England to investigate the decade-old murder of her friend’s father, in addition to looking into the violent attack on a juvenile offender back in the United States. Turns out the boy, who was incarcerated by Ali’s fiance and partner, has an enemy within the detention center and is danger of being attacked. With two cases on her hands, Ali must work against the clock to save the boy’s life.

Meanwhile, in Runner, Patrick Lee delivers a suspenseful read in which Sam Dryden quite literally runs into a young girl, Rachel, who’s being chased by armed men. As a retired special ops agent, Sam’s defensive maneuvers come in handy, and he manages to get Rachel to safety. He soon learns she can only remember the last two months of her life — and that she can read minds. 

In Murder in the Afternoon by Frances Brody, maison Ethan Armstrong mysteriously vanishes while working after hours to finish his latest project. His young daughter claims to have seen his body at the quarry, but now there’s no trace of it. His wife, Mary Jane, turns to Kate for help, but prejudices against Ethan and his participation in labor organizations cause Kate to waver in her decision to help. When she discovers she may be connected to Ethan, she knows she must investigate.

And finally, Isabele Allende returns to the scene with Ripper, an enticing mystery about Amanda Jackson, daughter to holistic healer Indiana, who has recently gone missing. As a player of an online mystery game called “Ripper,” in which users have shifted the game’s focus to try to solve local murders, Amanda and her friends rally to find her mom. Will they find her before she becomes the next victim?

If you’re dying — pun sort of intended — to find out how these mysteries unravel and how the adults must rely on kids for help, be sure to purchase your copies, in stores or online today! And for more mysteries and thrills, sleuth your way over to our Everything Mystery Page!



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