Mystery Overview: January

Whether you’re a dancer, actor or even a manager of a theatre, you probably know the world of art can be a little … well, cutthroat. Jealousy arises easily and stress can lead to disasters. In this month’s mystery overview, we take a look at a handful of exciting new January books that feature the dangers of treading the artful waters. So let’s raise the curtain and get on with the show!

First up is Joelle Charbonneau’s A Chorus Lineup, in which Glee club coach Paige Marshall must keep her students safe at Nationals when someone begins sabotaging costumes and sets. Even though her team has yet to be affected, Paige is still on edge, especially when the woman who accuses her of being the culprit winds up dead. Will Paige be able to shine the spotlight on the murder, or will the murderer get an encore?

In The Fire Dance by Helene Tursten, 15 years ago, Irene took her first case investigating a house fire in Sweden that killed a man. The man’s stepdaughter was a suspect, but there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest her. Now, the stepdaughter is an accomplished ballet dancer who is found dead, possibly due to arson. Irene finds herself interviewing the same people from before only this time, the victim’s selfish mother is the prime suspect. Will Irene be able to connect the dots and solve the case before it’s too late?

Meanwhile, Bram Stoker is the manager of London’s Lyceum Theatre in Cursed in the Act by Raymond Buckland. As the theatre prepares for the opening night of Hamlet, the star and owner Henry Irving is poisoned. His understudy, Peter, is ready to take his place, but Henry rallies and graces the stage. The next day, Peter is run over by a carriage. More fatal accidents befall the theatre’s employees and Stoker believes a rival theatre is to blame, so he sends his assistant to investigate.

Things take a psychological turn for the worse in Charlotte Williams’s The House on the Cliff. When therapist Jessica Mayhew takes on a new client, suicidal actor Gwydion Morgan, she soon becomes entangled in his famous family’s dangerous past, placing her in the middle of a public scandal and an unsolved mystery. 

And finally, in Tapestry of Lies, Carol Ann Martin delivers a riveting tale about Della Wright, hired by celebrity designer Bunny Boyd to provide fabric to redecorate the mansion of a millionaire. When Della attends a party at the mansion, she quickly becomes involved in a murder when a local coffee shop owner and photographer is killed. Della must work against the clock to stop the murderer before she becomes a target.

To find out how these electrifying new mysteries unravel, purchase these books in stores or online today! And for more mystery buzz, visit our Everything Mystery Page!



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