Mystery Overview: November

Nobody said it quite as profoundly as the cast of High School Musical when they said, er, sang the words, “we’re all in this together.”= The power of teamwork should never be underestimated and this month’s selection of noteworthy mystery reads all feature characters who rely on others for help, whether they be partners, mentors or simply good friends. Ready to solve some mysteries? Take a look!

Let’s start with Judith Rock’s The Whispering of Bones. In this latest Charles du Luc mystery, Charles and his mentor stumble upon a recently murdered body. The scene is too horrifying for his mentor to handle and his old friend unfortunately dies from shock. Determined to seek justice for his mentor and the victim, Charles sets out to uncover who’s behind the killing and finds himself more involved than he could ever imagine.

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have churned out another thrilling tale with White Fire, in which criminal law student Corrie thinks she’s found the perfect research project, but soon finds herself in jail after the town’s wealthy citizens try to stop her from investigating the deaths of several Colorado miners in the 1800s. Lucky for her, her mentor arrives to assist with the investigation and the two of them discover a link to a Sherlock Holmes story that may solve everything.

Meanwhile, in Charles Finch’s An Old Betrayal, Charles Lenox is dedicated to his new Parliament job, but misses the thrill of being a private detective. To help ease his restlessness, he often helps his protege, Sir John. Soon Charles finds himself knee-deep in a case and he must make a decision that will change his life forever.

In Fixing to Die by Elaine Viets, newlyweds Josie Marcus and her new husband are eager to buy a home and make it their own. When Christine, Josie’s husband’s veterinary partner, suggests they buy her fixer-up that she’s looking to sell, they jump at the chance to finally settle down. But when they begin construction, they discover Christine’s sister’s decomposed body in the attic.
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