Mystery Overview: October

Is your favorite TV crime show Cold Case? Do you love the thrill of discovering whodunit in a long ago case, when victims and their family finally get closure after decades or wondering? If so, then this month’s mystery recommendations are just for you. Take a look at these titles, featuring cold cases, and enjoy!


First up is Sara Paretskey’s Critical Mass, her latest V.I. Warshawski novel that delivers yet another suspenseful tale. This one features a complex missing persons case and a drug deal crime that has ties to a family in Vienna during World War II — and the first atomic bomb.

Meanwhile, in Peter JamesDead Man’s Time, a pocketwatch is the only clue to the 1922 murder of Gavin Daly’s father. Years later, in 2012, Detective Grace is investigating a murder and discovers a pocketwatch missing from the scene. When Gavin gets involved, he and Grace race to solve the case.

In Scott Turow’s Identical, a wealthy businessman is desperate to finally track down the killer of his sister, who died 25 years prior. He enlists the help of an ex-FBI agent and a private investigator. The two team up, but soon find themselves sinking deeper into the complexity of the case.

And finally, in Sandra Brown’s Deadline, journalist and PTSD-sufferer Dawson Scott receives a call about a 40-year old story — a story that could make his whole career. Heading to Georgia, it isn’t long until Dawson discovers more twists and turns than he ever expected.


If you’re ready to see how these cold cases finally get solved, join in on the wild chase by picking up these titles in stores or online today! And for more books to satisfy your inner Sherlock Holmes, scope out our Everything Mystery Page!



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