New in the RT VIP Salon: 9/6/2016

RT VIP Salon members enjoy exclusive access to 200-plus advanced reviews and ratings, articles, Publishers Previews, over thirty books given away per week — and so much more every month! This week’s October content is now live! Here’s what’s coming up in the RT VIP Salon for the week of September 6th:

What better way to wrap up the summer than with a giveaway of the season’s hottest books? One lucky winner will win a copy of The Hating Game, The Girls, The Woman in Cabin 10, Sweet Little Lies and You Know Me Well.

But if you’re not that one lucky winner, fear not. Thirty readers have a chance to win a copy of the mainstream Top Pick, Fractured by Catherine McKenzie.

In addition to fun giveaways, we have some great content lined up!

If you’re in the mood for a good YA, pick up Melissa de la Cruz’s Something in Between, the start of the Seventeen Fiction imprint. Senior Editor Danielle Valente takes a look at the launch.

But if you’re in more of a paranormal mood, you’re in luck. Be sure to check out Senior Editor Emily Walton’s spooky roundup that will get you ready for Oct. 31st! Nothing quite like Halloween if you’re a PNR fan, right?

On a serious note, author Alyson Santos tackles emotional topics and discusses her release, Night Shifts Black.

And lastly, if you’re not in New York and able to attend Lady Jane’s Salon, the monthly romance reading series is brought to you — right from the VIP Salon!

When your long weekend ends, and you’re feeling blue with the departure of summer, we’ll be here to provide you with a ton of fun content and enticing giveaways. We’ve got your back, readers!

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