Reader, I Married Him: Author Spouses Tell All: Sabrina Jeffries

Valentine’s Day is our holiday, when everyone’s thinking fragrant bouquets, intimate dinners, sexytimes … you know, romance. Which got us to wondering, what’s it like to be married to a romance author? Is it all lingerie and drama? Or more … take out and Netflix marathons? This week we’ve be meeting some romance author spouses who are telling it like it is. Readers, get ready to swoon. 


Last, but certainly not least, to round off our “Reader, I Married Him” feature, we have Sabrina Jeffries‘s husband, Rene!

What’s the silliest thing anyone’s ever said to you about having a romance author for a spouse?

Honestly, no one really talks about it. They just know that’s what she does and they ask how many books she has written.

What’s the biggest misconception about having a romance author for a spouse?

That I actually read romance novels.

What’s the biggest perk that comes from having a romance author for a spouse?

It makes my life more interesting.

Has your spouse ever put you in a book?

Some of her heroes will display an aspect of my personality, but none have ever been completely me.

Brag about your spouse, what are you most proud of them accomplishing in this difficult industry?

She is creative, a hard worker and dedicated to her profession. No matter what life has thrown at us she always pushed to accomplish her goal of being a good writer.

Does everyone in your life know what your spouse does for a living.

Yes, everyone.

If you ever had to write a book, what kind of book would it be?

I could write an autobiography, but it would be so dull nobody would want to read it.

What’s your coping mechanism when your spouse is on deadline?  

Hide in my man cave and listen to tunes.

And there you have it! We told you you’d swoon. We hope you enjoyed celebrating those bravest of souls — the romance author spouse — with us all week. You can see all of our spousal interviews here. And for more love stories, be sure to visit our Everything Romance page! Happiest of Valentine’s Days, dear readers!

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