Reading 101: Danielle Learns Some Life Lessons

We at RT read a lot, and in addition to the swooning over love stories and yearning for our book boyfriends, we learn things, too! RT’s Editorial Assistant Danielle Valente has garnered some life lessons from her TBR pile this year, across a variety of genres! Let’s learn with her, shall we?

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth WareIn a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware
The Genre: Mystery
The Story: Who would’ve thought that a weekend hen would’ve resulted in utter mayhem? Gunshots, death and hospital visits abound when Nora’s ex-best friend’s bachelorette party takes a turn for the worst. When Nora first found out about the event, her immediate inclination was to say no. She hasn’t seen these people in 10 years —why revisit a history she chooses to keep in the past? Flo (aka maid of honor from hell) incessantly pleaded with Nora until the reclusive author ultimately succumbed to a weekend in the woods — and look how that turned out. 
The Lesson Learned: Don’t say yes when you want to say no.

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Love and Miss Communication by Elyssa Friedland
The Genre: Mainstream Fiction
The Story: Evie is an Upper West Side attorney determined to have it all. But when her tech obsession causes a rift in her career and love life, she chooses to focus on her life sans Internet. When she unplugs, she starts realizing what’s important. And of course, she has the guidance from her hoot of a grandmother, Bette, to help her every step of the way.  
The Lesson Learned: Unplug every now and then — and listen to your granny.

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All I Want by Jill ShalvisWhite Collar Girl by Renée Rosen
The Genre: Historical Fiction
The Story: Jordan promised herself and her late brother that she’d end up on the city desk. But it’s 1955 and her editors believe she’s barking up the wrong tree. When she ends up with certain information, things begin to change as this female journo is seen in a new light. Historians and journalists alike will appreciate Rosen’s latest.
The Lesson Learned: Don’t be afraid to play a man’s game.

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All I Want by Jill Shalvis
The Genre: Contemporary Romance
The Story: Zoe is a no-nonsense kind of lady. She agrees to let her brother’s friend Parker, a USFW agent, stay with her while he is in Sunshine, Idaho. She mistakenly believes Parker is her blind date and plants a smooch on him the moment he arrives. Then there’s that time she got a peek at him in the shower … Despite the issues that each character faces, they’re still into one another. Everyone has serious things in life to deal with, so why not tackle them together? 
The Lesson Learned: It’s okay to let your guard down.

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And there you have it! We hope you learned something … Maybe that you want to head over to our Everything Romance page for more book fun?

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