RT 2016 Convention: A Real-Life Love Story

Tim  Tanya pose in front of a fountainIt’s no secret we love a good story (especially a romance!), so when we heard that one super awesome husband gifted his wife with a trip to RT Booklover’s Convention, we had to know more!

Tim Chadd surprised his wife with the a trip to #RT16 so that she could meet her favorite authors in one of their favorite vacation destinations — Vegas, baby! Tim was kind enough to answer our questions, and to remind us that true love really does exist beyond the pages of a book …

How long have you been married? 23 years this upcoming April 8th.

How did you meet? We met on Saturday, February 13, 1993, at a nightclub in Atlanta, GA. I was serving in the U.S. Army and stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia, out with some friends. She originally was not planning to go out that night, but a few of her friends talked her into going out as well. We were introduced by a girl that neither one of us knew and neither of us has ever seen again. We went out on a date a few nights later, then I started driving the 230 miles round trip to see her virtually every night. Seven weeks later we were married.

Why does your wife deserve such a treat? We both work very hard to place each other first, and she loves to read her books and we both love going to Las Vegas, so it just made sense to plan a trip around this event at a location we both enjoy.

Has she always been a big reader? Tanya has not always been a big reader. She really just started around November 2013. Now she reads a book a day on average and has about 1,000 e-books just on her Kindle Fire, plus her many hard copy books. Tanya loves to read historical romance and erotica, mostly. 

Who does she most want to meet? She really enjoys Rachel Van Dyken, Kristi Bromberg, Eloisa James, Marie Force

Will you be joining your wife?Tim  Tanya on the waterfront I’m coming to Las Vegas as well and will most likely just be with her for a few events (Giant Book Fair, RT Roundup Meet Greet Book Signing, Cirque Du Punk and Vintage Vegas Romance Casino). Tanya has picked out some of the workshops she wants to attend and this will be a good chance for her to meet some other fellow readers as well.

If so, what are you most looking forward to? As far as events, I’m looking forward to seeing the managed chaos of the Giant Book Fair with over 600 authors and fans all at once in a short time period. Other than that I’m just looking forward to Vegas. In my opinion, it’s the real “happiest place on earth.” 

Tim  Tanya’s love story totally made our hearts melt! For more news and information about the RT Booklover’s Convention, click here. And for more romantic reads, be sure to stop by our Everything Romance page!

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